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Harumi Fukushima (福嶋 ハルミ Fukushima Harūmi) is the granddaughter of Fumi Fukushima, and the current owner of the takoyaki stand Fumin upon the passing of her grandmother.


Harumi's parents died when she was young, and so she was raised by her grandmother, Fumi. Fumi encouraged Harumi to take up art, teaching her that "Drawing has the power to move people's hearts", and that she should help to teach people that.

After her death, Harumi took over her takoyaki stand, putting on hold her career as an artist. She taught Alain to cook takoyaki, before discovering his past with her grandmother. She was told the truth about Alain, and was happy to learn that he was happy in the Ganma World.

Several years later, Harumi is married with a child.

Behind the scenes


Harumi Fukushima is portrayed by Kaya Hioki (日置 かや Hioki Kaya).

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