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Haruka Utsugi (宇津木 遥 Utsugi Haruka) replaces Sarina Sonoda as the homeroom teacher for class 2-B, though she is rather uninterested with the job and always muses about quitting her job as a teacher, even in front of the students. She is a well-trained kickboxer and quite wary of her surroundings. Unlike the sour face she puts on at school, she is shown to be truly happy when she is training. She takes up a teaching job only because she is unsure if she can make a living out of kickboxing. Due to her fighting style, she is set up to look like as if she is the Switcher of the Pegasus Zodiarts.

Gentaro eventually learns the truth while counseling Ms. Haruka, revealing his identity as Kamen Rider Fourze to her. He tells her that she has to stay true to her path in life, suggesting that she should try to balance her life both as a kickboxer and a teacher instead, just like how he is balancing his life both as a student and a Kamen Rider. Eventually she opts to stay at AGHS, forming a kickboxing club and, to Gentaro's chagrin, insists that he take some lessons from her, as his form is rather sloppy and inefficient.

Behind the scenes


Haruka Utsugi is portrayed by Nao Nagasawa (長澤 奈央 Nagasawa Nao). Nagasawa previously portrayed Nanami Nono/Hurricane Blue in Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger (a role she reprised in the first Super Sentai Series Kamen Rider Fourze ran beside, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger), Lily Shirogane in Kamen Rider W, and Ikechiyo in Daimajin Kanon.