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"Hey, Mr. Shinnosuke and Go!"
―Professor Harley's greeting to Shinnosuke and Go while delivering the completed version of Shift Deadheat[src]

Harley Hendrickson (ハーレー·ヘンドリクソン Hārē Hendorikuson) is an old yet lively American scientist who invented Mach's Rider System, which includes the Signal Bikes and Mach Driver Honoh, as well as being the mentor of Krim Steinbelt.


Since Go's arrival to Japan, Harley had asked Mr. Belt to take care of Go, since the Mach Driver Honoh is still a very dangerous weapon, despite that the Driver can be considered "complete" while being concerned for Go's safety. Why Won't My Brother Put On the Brakes?

Later on, he instructed Rinna Sawagami to modify the latest Shift Car, Dead Heat, which she wasn't able to complete after getting obsessed with finding her ideal man. Thus, the professor went on a global motorcycle trip all the way to Japan to complete it. With his help, Shift Deadheat was completed, allowing Go to use it for a longer time and granting him the ability to use its Sudden Burst function and its Full Throttle. Afterwards, he consoled Rinna over the loss of her boyfriend, and gifted her with a mysterious checkered box before riding back to America. Who Will Control Deadheat?

His gift would turned out to be his six-packed home made Bedfordshire clanger-styled pies called Harley Pies. Rinna ate the pies while trying to search for clues that would help her in completing the Trailer-Hou, until she realized that the packages had formula listings that she then used in completing said weapon. How Can I Use the F1 Body to Fight?

After the Kamen Riders' final battle, while Go was wandering alone in the roadside, Harley meets him in his sidecar motorcycle as Go takes over the driving and Harley rides in the sidecar half.Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?

Behind the Scenes


Harley Hendrickson was portrayed by Ulf Ōtsuki (大月 ウルフ Ōtsuki Urufu), who had previously played Professor Henry in Kamen Rider Super-1.


  • Harley often gives a thumbs up gesture, similar to Yusuke Godai. However, the particular style he has for his thumbs up sign, where the back of his palm facing outwards, can be found in the DX Drive Driver when inserting Shift Deadheat and all the Signal Bikes that are out currently.
  • As the inventor of the Signal Bikes and the Mach Driver Honoh, Harley's first name is a reference to the American motorcycle company Harley-Davidson. Fittingly, Kamen Rider Super-1's main motorcycle, the V-Machine, was a Harley-Davidson, with Harley being portrayed by Ulf Ōtsuki, who had last appeared in Kamen Rider Super-1.
    • Harley riding a motorcycle with a sidecar is a reference to Shift Deadheat. The motorcycle he rode in, however, looks like the model the V-Machine was based on.
  • Despite being an actor who had throughout his career, mostly portrayed characters of Caucasian or mixed parentage, due to being of half parentage himself, Ulf Ōtsuki himself is actually much more fluent in Japanese than in English.



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