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"Haouken Xross Saber!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Xross Saber!"
―Activation announcement (Voice Mode in DX toy)[src]

The Haouken Xross Saber (刃王剣[ハオウケン]クロスセイバー[十聖刃] Haōken Kurosu Seibā, lit. "Blade King Sword Cross Saber/10 Holy Swords")[1][2] is the transformation device and personal Seiken of Kamen Rider Xross Saber. It is formed by uniting all of the Seiken. The Xross Saber is also referred to as the Ultimate Seiken (究極の聖剣 Kyūkyoku no Seiken, Lit. "Ultimate Holy Sword").


"When the one destined to stoke the fire of the first Seiken forged by human hands appears, a Seiken with the power to connect the stars and lead this tale to its conclusion will be born."
Tetsuo Daishinji & Yuri narrating the legend of Haouken Xross Saber

All the 11 Seiken uniting to manifest Haouken Xross Saber

When Touma and his team battling with Isaac, he says that the swords have their own feelings, and after that, all the swordsmen route their Seiken to the sky and unite their powers to form Haouken Xross Saber. Using the sword, Touma transforms into Xross Saber, and defeats Solomon.


The Haouken Xross Saber is composed of the following parts:

  • Haou Sword Grip (ハオウソードグリップ Haō Sōdo Gurippu): The handle. Using the power of the wielder who unites the ten Seiken, it brings a powerful power that shakes the galaxy.
  • Haou Trigger (ハオウトリガー Haō Torigā): The trigger. It plays the role of a starter in various attacks, and activates special moves by trigger operation.
  • Haouken Xross Saber Emblem (刃王剣十聖刃エンブレム Haouken Kurosu Seibā Enburemu, lit. Blade King Sword Ten Holy Swords Emblem): The source of the power of the united Seiken. By sliding the ring Great Cirxross (グレートサークロス Gurēto Sākurosu) located in the emblem, the blade can generate an element of one of the ten Seiken and manifest it as an attack. In addition to taking in and integrating the powers of the Seiken, the galaxy is maintained in harmony by returning the surplus of the released power to nothing.
  • Dynast Archive (ダイナストアーカイブ Dainasuto Ākaibu): The blade's base. It has the memory of the battle related to the Seiken and the power to be familiar with the Great Book. The power of 10 Seiken resides in the three circular parts Haouser Xross (ハオウサークロス Haousā Kurosu): the Kaenken Rekka, Suiseiken Nagare and Raimeiken Ikazuchi in the first Haouser Xross, the Dogouken Gekido, Fuusouken Hayate and Onjuuken Suzune in the second, and the Ankokuken Kurayami, Kougouken Saiko, Eneiken Noroshi and Jikokuken Kaiji in the last. By sliding the Haouken Xross Saber Emblem along the blade and selecting multiple Seiken, it is possible to express an event that interweaves the characteristics of each.
  • Souseijin (創世刃[ソウセイジン] Sōseijin, lit. Creation Blade): The blade. Possessing the brilliance of the galaxy, the blade expresses unparalleled power according to the user's mind. In addition to revealing a huge swordsman by flying the power of the Seiken to a distant place, it also has a powerful ability to rewrite and restore the world.



"Seiba Battou! Haouken Xross Saber! Sōsei no jūji! Kirameku hoshi-tachi no kiseki to tomoni! Kedakaki chikara yo yūki no honō! Xross Saber! Xross Saber! Xross Saber! Majiwaru jū-pon no Ken!

Translation: Sacred blade draw sword! Haouken Xross Saber! Cross of creation! With the miracle of shining stars! Noble power, flame of courage! Xross Saber! Xross Saber! Xross Saber! Ten intersecting swords! (聖刃抜刀!刃王剣クロスセイバー!創世の十字!煌めく星たちの奇跡とともに!気高き力よ勇気の炎! クロスセイバー!クロスセイバー!クロスセイバー!交わる十本の剣!)
―Xross Saber transformation announcement with the Seiken Swordriver[src]

"Seiba Battou! Crimson Saber! Ginga no hate ni hanatsu! Hirogare agare cosmo! Yomigaere world once more! Hikari, shinjitsu, ai, kibō, jikū wa tokkuni! Rock on! Xross Saber Three! Gōka sansatsu!

Translation: Sacred blade draw sword! Crimson Saber! Unleash at the end of the galaxy! Expand the cosmos! Revive the world once more! Light, truth, love, hope, and space-time long ago! Rock on! Xross Saber Three! Three luxurious books! (聖刃抜刀!クリムゾンセイバー!銀河の果てに放つ!広がれ上がれコスモ!甦れworld once more! 光真実 愛 希望 時空はとっくにrock on! クロスセイバースリー!豪華三冊!)
―Crimson Saber transformation announcement with the Seiken Swordriver[src]

"Seiba Battou! Dra! Dragon! Lion! Senki! Ah! Alangina! Kizuna ga michibiku shōri no yakusoku! Gappei shuppan! Featuring Saber! Sansatsu tokusōban!

Translation: Sacred blade draw sword! Dra! Dragon! Lion! Senki! Ah! Alangina! Promise of victory guided by bonds! Combined publication! Featuring Saber! Three volume special edition! (聖刃抜刀!ドラ!ドラゴン!ライオン!戦記!アー!アランジーナ!絆が導く勝利の約束!合併出版!フィーチャリングセイバー!三冊特装版!)
―Featuring Saber transformation announcement with the Seiken Swordriver[src]

"Seiba Battou! Wonder! Xross! Wonder! Kakeawase! Takamaru nisatsu no chō power! Hy-! Hy-! Hy-! Hy-! Hybrid Saber! Saber! Suisen tosho!

Translation: Sacred blade draw sword! Wonder! Xross! Wonder! Multiply! Two intensifying books of super power! Hy-! Hy-! Hy-! Hy-! Hybrid Saber! Saber! Recommended books! (聖刃抜刀!ワンダー!クロス!ワンダー!掛け合わせ!高まる二冊の超パワー!ハイ!ハイ!ハイ!ハイ!ハイブリッドセイバー!セイバー!推薦図書!)
―Hybrid Saber transformation announcement with the Seiken Swordriver[src]

"Seiba Battou! Shōwa ni hajimari, Heisei o kakenuke, Reiwa o kiri hiraku! Henshin! Kamen Rider! Itsu no hi mo seigi wa kokoro no naka ni... 50-Shūnen!

Translation: Sacred blade draw sword! Beginning in Showa, running through Heisei, and opening the way for Reiwa! Transform! Kamen Rider! Justice is always in my heart... 50th anniversary!! (聖刃抜刀!昭和に始まり平成を駆け抜け令和を切り拓く!変身!仮面ライダー!いつの日も正義は心の中に…50周年!)
―Transformation announcement with any number of Legend Rider Wonder Ride Books in the Seiken Swordriver[3][src]

To transform, the user inserts one to three Wonder Ride Books into the corresponding slots on the belt and pulls out the sword. There are currently three different transformation effects depending on which Xross Saber forms the user choose:

  • Xross Saber: The user is surrounded by the projections of the ten Seikens as Brave Dragon, projected by the corresponding Wonder Ride Book hovers above the user. Brave Dragon then change its color scheme to fit the Xross Saber coloration scheme as the user performs an "X" slash. Both the Dragon and the Seikens projection then become the armor, while the slashes become the visor, thus completing the Transformation.
  • Crimson Saber: The user performs an "X" slash before the projection of Brave Dragon with Xross Saber coloration, a purplish Eagle and a white Kinton cloud circles the user and forms both the armor and visor, completing the transformation.
  • Featuring Saber: The user raises the Haouken as projections of Brave Dragon, Lion Senki, and Lamp do Alangina, all with Xross Saber colorations is summoned from their corresponding Wonder Ride Books, before they merged with the user, becoming the armor and visor.


While the Xross Saber is used like Kaenken Rekka, some of the movements are new for Saber. Because the Xross Saber is made from other Seiken, there are some finisher moves that are derived from the users of the other Seiken, and performed with the same movements.

It possesses a unique power to restore damage not seen in previous Seiken and it also can summon other seiken that can be used by Xross Saber for its respective ability such as Jikokuken Kaiji's time erasure ability.


"Haou Hissatsu Dokuha!"
―Finisher activation announcement[src]

"Haou Issatsu Geki! Saber!"
―Belt finisher execution announcement with one Wonder Ride Book[src]

"Haou Nisatsu Geki! Sa-Sa-Saber!"
―Belt finisher execution announcement with two Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Haou Sansatsu Geki! Sei, Saber!"
―Belt finisher execution announcement with three Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Seiba Battou! Haou Issatsu Giri! Saber!"
―Sword finisher execution announcement with one Wonder Ride Book[src]

"Seiba Battou! Haou Nisatsu Giri! Sa-Sa-Saber!"
―Sword finisher execution announcement with two Wonder Ride Books[src]

"Seiba Battou! Haou Sansatsu Giri! Sei, Saber!"
―Sword finisher execution announcement with three Wonder Ride Books[src]

―Cycling through elements announcement[src]

―Element selection announcement when returning emblem to its starting position on the hilt[src]

"(Selected elements)! Xross Giri!"
―Attack announcement after selecting elements[src]

"Haou Hissatsu Read!"
―Finisher activation announcement after pressing emblem[src]

"Kidoku San Seiken!"
―Announcement after shifting emblem to first three elements for finisher[src]

"Kidoku Roku Seiken!"
―Announcement after shifting emblem to second three elements for finisher[src]

"Kidoku Juu Seiken!"
―Announcement after shifting emblem to last four elements for finisher[src]

"Sei Retsuzan!"
―Finisher execution announcement after selecting first three elements[src]

"Haou Sei Retsuzan!"
―Finisher execution announcement after selecting second three elements[src]

"Haou Xross Sei Retsuzan!"
―Finisher execution announcement after selecting all ten elements[src]

"Haou iai!"
―Finisher activation announcement with the Hissatsuholder[src]

"Haou Chou Issen!"
―Finisher execution announcement with the Hissatsuholder[src]

Xross Saber

  • Ginga Gouryuu Shuureppa (銀河轟龍蹴烈破 Ginga Gōryū Shūreppa, lit. Galaxy Roaring Dragon Kicking Break):

  • Ginga Yuujou Shuureppa (銀河友情蹴烈破 Ginga Yūjō Shūreppa, lit. Galaxy Friendship Kicking Break): A lightning bolt appears in the air before Saber himself appears, with swirling fire, water, and lightning flowing into his foot. Saber then performs a flying kick covered in red, blue, and yellow energy. When Saber strikes the enemy, the attack is enhanced by water and electricity until he performs a second kick enhanced with fire using the other foot.
    • Haou Souseizan (刃王創星斬 lit. "Blade King Creation Star Slash"): This finisher has three variations.
      • Blue sparkles surround Saber before the emblems of the ten Seiken appear on the Haouken Xross Saber and the sword is surrounded by magenta energy. Saber then swings the sword, creating a slash of rainbow energy that flies around and leaves behind multicolored sparkles. Saber continues performing graceful movements with his sword, creating more rainbow energy that repairs the damages surroundings, with rubble floating and reconstructing what it broke off of.
      • Saber's body is surrounded by blue energy with cyan and magenta stars appearing around him. He then performs a 360 degree cyan and magenta energy slash that destroys nearby enemies, leaving behind rainbow explosions and an energy wave that resembles a galaxy. The energy wave continues traveling outwards and is capable of damaging other enemies that were standing outside the range of the initial attack.
      • Saber launches a silver energy slash with a galaxy trail.

    • Haou Bakuen Gurenzan (刃王爆炎紅蓮斬 lit. "Blade King Explosion Crimson Slash"): Saber flies into the air, slashing obstacles around him before deflecting the enemy's attack. He then charges the Haouken Xross Saber with light blue energy before launching a silver and blue energy slash with a trail of sparkles, which cleaves through everything in its way before striking the opponent.

    • Xross Giri (クロス斬り lit. "Cross Cut"): Saber selects any number of the ten Seiken and performs an attack containing their powers.

    A giant construct of the Dogouken Gekido appears above Saber before he performs a downward swing, causing the construct to mimic his movements and deliver a downward slash to an opponent, destroying it. Saber then points the Haouken Xross Saber upward to the sky, causing numerous copies of Raimeiken Ikazuchi to appear along with lightning. The lightning converges intto a single large lightning strike that shocks a second while the swords rain down on it.

    Saber flies into the air as an energy construct of the Fuusouken Hayate appears above him and converts to its Shuriken Mode. Saber then sends the Fuusouken Hayate flying forward in a burst of green wind, with the weapon leaving behind green afterimages. It then splits into to its Nitouryu Mode and slashes two opponents from behind. An energy construct of the Onjuuken Suzune then appears in front of Saber and converts to its Gun Play Mode. An energy ball appears in front of its barrel before it blasts several enemies with a wide, sustained beam of pink energy.

    This finisher has two variations.

    • An energy construct of Kaenken Rekka appears above Saber before splitting into five copies that encircle him. The swords then start spinning while covered in fire, blocking enemies from attacking Saber.
    • Saber launches a vertical fire slash.

    Saber performs a series of elemental slashes too deflect enemy attacks. He begins with a series of water slashes, followed by a series of green wind slashes. He then performs a slashes covered in multicolored bubbles, and finally a slash covered in ice.

    Saber summons copies of Dogouken Gekido and Onjuuken Suzune for Buster and Slash to wield.

    Saber summons three copies of Dogouken Gekido to block an enemy's attack, then delivers a slash with the Hauken Xross Saber.

    • Sei Retsuzan (星烈斬 lit. "Star Intense Slash"): This finisher has two variations:
    • Saber is surrounded by blue energy before performing a red and blue energy slash with a trail of multicolored stars to counter an enemy's attack. He then summons Kaenken Rekka, Suiseiken Nagare, and Raimeiken Ikazuchi, which push Saber's energy slash forward. When the energy slash strikes the enemy, the Seiken separate and perform their own slashes, with Suiseiken Nagare and Raimeiken Ikazuchi delivering two slashes in an X formation before Kaenken Rekka performs a vertical slash down the middle.
    • Saber summons multiple copies of Kaenken Rekka, Suiseiken Nagare, and Raimeiken Ikazuchi, which he sends flying forward.

    • Haou Sei Retsuzan (刃王星烈斬 lit. "Blade King Star Intense Slash"): Saber summons the Kaenken Rekka, Suiseiken Nagare, and Raimeiken Ikazuchi to perform fire, water, and lightning slashes, then summons Dogouken Gekido, Fuusouken Hayate, and Onjuuken Suzune to perform rock, wind, and musical note slashes.

    • Haou Xross Sei Retsuzan (刃王クロス星烈斬 lit. "Blade King Cross Star Intense Slash"): Light blue energy and multicolored sparkles surround the Haouken Xross Saber before Saber performs a violet energy slash. Copies of the ten Seiken then appear in a line above Saber alongside their respective emblems. Saber then swings his sword again, causing the ten Seiken to fly into the air. Far above the earth, the Seiken line up while images of their users appear behind them before separating. Each Seiken travels to a different part of the world, with Kaenken Rekka returning to Saber. Saber charges the Haouken Xross Saber with rainbow energy and performs a downward slash. At their destinations, the Seiken, with the exception of Kaenken Rekka, destroy their targets while images of their users appear once again and mimic the attacks. Finally, Saber swings the Haouken Xross Saber, causing the copy of Kaenken Rekka to mimic him and deliver a slash to the enemy while an image of Saber in his Brave Dragon form performs the same attack.

    Haou Chou Issen (刃王超一閃 lit. "Blade King Super Flash"): Crimson Saber sprouts light blue energy wings and glides over the enemy while spinning, avoiding attacks in the process. He then lands behind them and turns around and parries another attack with the Haouken Xross Saber and Kaenken Rekka. Finally, he delivers a blue energy slash with the Haouken Xross Saber and a fire slash with Kaenken Rekka simultaneously.

    Xross Saber & Others

    Haou Bakuen Gurenzan/Dokugo Issen + Dai Dandan + Beat Lollipopper/Snack Sound The Chopper: Saber covers the Haouken Xross Saber with blue energy and Kaenken Rekka with fire while surrounded by multicolored sparkles before sprouting blue energy wings. At the same time, Buster enlarges his two Dogouken Gekido with rocks and Slash is surrounded by pink energy musical notation while wielding one Onjuuken Suzune in Sword Board Mode and another in Gun Play Mode. Buster performs a downward slash with each Dogouken Gekido, one after the other. Slash then launches a pink energy slash, followed by a salvo of blue energy blasts that home in on the enemy. Finally, Saber flies toward the opponent and performs an X-shaped slash with the Haouken Xross Saber's slash being light blue energy and Kaenken Rekka's slash being red energy with fire. As a result of these attacks, the enemy is set on fire before exploding.

    • Haou Souseizan + Twokaizer Gold Scramble: Saber charges the Haouken Xross Saber with white energy while Twokaiser charges the Geardalinger with gold, silver, and red energy. The two then spin and swing their weapons, with Twokaizer launching an orange enrgy slash and Saber launching a light blue energy slash with a trail of sparkles. The two slahses strike the enemy at the same time

    Behind the Scenes


    The Haouken Xross Saber is voiced by Akio Otsuka (大塚 明夫 Ōtsuka Akio), who has voiced various characters in Super Sentai, including Hades God DagonIcon-crosswiki.png in Mahou Sentai MagirangerIcon-crosswiki.png and Champ/Oushi BlackIcon-crosswiki.png in Uchu Sentai KyurangerIcon-crosswiki.png. The vocal section is provided by singer Eizo Sakamoto (坂本 英三 Sakamoto Eizou).


    • Xross Saber is the first final form to use the Rider's main form collectible device.
      • It is the first weapon to be introduced alongside the primary Rider's Final Form since the Axcalibur.
    • While Mumeiken Kyomu is used to create the Haouken Xross Saber, it is not a part of the Xross Saber. This is because its position in the Seikens' Sefirot is the equivalent to the Da'at position, meaning that it helps connect all the Seiken to each other, but it is not supposed to exist; it is an additional position that helps connect all the Seiken from this position. [Citation needed]
    • The DX version's announcement for Xross Saber's forms can be accessed by using other books:
      • Xross Saber: Any non-Legend Rider Wonder Ride Book
      • Crimson Saber: Any three random Wonder Ride Books, except for Brave Dragon + Lion Senki + Lamp Do Alangina and three Legend Rider Wonder Ride Books.
      • Hybrid Saber: Any two random Wonder Ride Books, except for two Legend Rider Wonder Ride Books.
    • Xross Saber is the second sword to feature a sliding gimmick, the first one being the Zanvat Sword.
    • Although only 6 combinations have been used as of the most recent episode, there are a total number of 6,235,300 combinations for the Xross Giri attack (i.e. Rekka + Gekido + Kaiji, Hayate + Kurayami, etc).



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