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Hakaider is the nemesis of Kikaider. He fights Kamen Rider Gaim and Kikaider in a crossover episode of Kamen Rider Gaim.

Ryoma Sengoku received Hakaider's body from a colleague of his. He briefly transplanted his brain into the robot's body in the episode in a failed attempt to eliminate Kouta and to test its abilities for the evil organization DARK. However he soon returned to his original body after losing control when the robot's destruction program caused him to go insane.

Powers and Abilities

Ability Perimeters:

  • Punching power: 23.7 t.
  • Kicking power: 49.2 t.
  • Maximum jump height: 17 m. (55.8 ft.)
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 5.4 sec.

Hakaider is so strong that he was able to easily defeat a group of Kurokage Troopers, 4 Suika Arms users, defeat Marika and Gaim's Jimber Lemon Arms, and even overwhelm the yet-undefeated Gaim Kachidoki Arms. However, the Hakaider frame comes with a deadly side-effect of driving its wearer insane with its destruction function.

Enhanced Strength
He was strong enough to push away a car along with 2 superhuman-level persons trying to resist being pushed by said car.
Enhanced Durability
Even though he was blown away after getting hit by a point-blank attack from Sonic Arrow, he showed no damage nor ill effects.
Enhanced Marksmanship
He is a skilled gunner. His signature attack is called "Hakaider Shot", a powerful rapid fire blast from Hakaider's gun.
Enhanced Combat
He is a skilled close combat fighter.


SIC Rebooted Hakaider

Caped Hakaider

SIC Gill Hakaider

Gill Hakaider

Hakaider Red Blue

Completed Hakaider

  • Height: 200 cm.
  • Weight: 150 kg. (Completed: 146 kg.)


  • Devil Flute
  • Hakaider Rifle

Behind the scenes


The robot body Hakaider is portrayed by suit actor Eitoku (永徳) in his appearance on Gaim.

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