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HIDEN Manufacturing
HIDEN Manufacturing Building

HIDEN Manufacturing Building

"Take Off Toward a Dream!"
―Company slogan[src]

HIDEN Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (飛電製作所 Hiden Seisakusho) is a new company developed by Aruto Hiden after Gai Amatsu became CEO of Hiden Intelligence. Its purpose is to recover and restore Humagears following Gai Amatsu's recall.


Following the workplace competition between Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Enterprise Japan, which concluded with ZAIA Japan being declared the winner, Gai Amatsu initiated the take-over bid and usurped Aruto Hiden's position as the CEO. Gai's first order as CEO was to recall and dismantle all remaining Humagears.

Unknown to Gai, Aruto had collected the backup data of numerous Humagears and used it to create more Humagear Progrisekeys. Because Korenosuke Hiden left all Humagear and Zero-One technology to Aruto in his will, he is still able to use the Zero-One Driver. Despite this, Gai still makes repeated attempts to forcibly shut him down.

After Izu registered a new company online, Aruto and Izu formed HIDEN Manufacturing in hopes of recovering and restoring the Humagears as well as providing support for those who lost a Humagear during ZAIA's mass deactivations. After leaving A.I.M.S, Isamu Fuwa joins HIDEN Manufacturing as a security guard.

Known Employees

  • Aruto Hiden/Kamen Rider Zero-One - CEO and founder
  • Izu - Secretary and co-founder
  • Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan - Security guard


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