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The Guard Chaser (ガードチェイサー Gādo Cheisā) is G3's personal motorcycle which stores his primary weapons, based upon the designs of Kuuga's TryGouram/BeatGouram bikes.


Aside from being Kamen Rider G3's personal bike, it can also store various of his equipment on board, which includes the GM-01 Scorpion (front left), GG-02 Salamander (front right), GS-03 Destroyer (back right), GA-04 Antoures (back left), and GX-05 Kerberos (back of seat).

The Guard Chaser has the following parts:[1]

  • Emegency Signal (エマージェンシーシグナル Emājenshī Shigunaru): A red light that flashes to secure the course in emergency. The front is also equipped with an infrared projection function.
  • Laser Measuring Speed Sensor (レーザー測定式速度センサー Rēzā Sokutei-shiki Sokudo Sensā): A sensor inside the bike that reliably captures the tracking target and measures their speed.
  • High Sensitivity Infrared Sensor (高感度赤外線センサー Kō Kando Sekigaisen Sensā)/Night-vision Camera (暗視カメラ Anshi Kamera)/Projector Headlamp (プロジェクターヘッドランプ Purojekutā Heddoranpu): Usable functional equipment.
  • Air Break Fairing Shield (エアブレイクフェアリングシールド Ea Bureiku Fearingu Shīrudo): A special bulletproof glass is sandwiched between hard resins. It also protects passengers from wind pressures of up to 350 km/h.
  • Hazard Flashers Integrated Mirror (ウインカー一体式ミラー Uinkā Ittai-shiki Mirā): A larger mirror improves the rider's rear view. The design is streamlined to reduce air resistance.
  • Guardaccelerator (ガードアクセラー Gādo Akuserā): Guard Chaser's ignition key. It can also be used as an electromagnetic baton. When the Guard Chaser is not in use it is stored on Kamen Rider G3/G3-X's left thigh.
  • Corvance Seat (コルバンズシート Korubanzu Shīto): A custom-made seat from a British company called "Corvance". Its design is based on ergonomics.
  • Super Radial Tire (スーパーラジアルタイヤ Sūpā Rajiaru Taiya): Also known as as "Magna BTR", it has a structure in which a super Kepler system is sandwiched between high grip rubbers. When the tire is punctured, a system automatically repairs the puncture instantly.
  • Large Capacity Battery (大容量バッテリー Dai Yōryō Batterī): Auxiliary power source when hydrogen fuel runs out. It can also be used as a power supply to G3 in emergency situations.
  • 1300cc Hydrogen Fuel Engine (1300cc水素燃料エンジン 1300cc Suiso Nenryō Enjin): An environmentally friendly non-polluting engine.
  • Air Intake Unit (エアインテークユニット Ea Intēku Yunitto): Sends a large volume of air stably to the engine.
  • Oil Cooler (オイルクーラー Oiru Kūrā): Quickly cools oil that gets hot while driving.



This motorcycle was oftenly ride by Kamen Rider G3 in anti-Unknown operations.


In 2019, a member of the G3 Team took the GS-03 from their Guard Chaser bike to use in the fight against the Another Agito horde. Soon after, an Another Agito threw the bike at Kamen Rider Zi-OTrinity, who used the Saikyo Girade to cut it into halves which exploded. 2001: Awaken, that Agito!

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