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"From now on...we will together.... "
―Shinji's last words upon his reunion with Ryoko[src]

Grizzly Fangire (グリズリーファンガイア Gurizurī Fangaia): The Grizzly Fangire is one of the few Fangire who betray their kind by falling in love with a human, living with his wife Ryōko (涼子) whom he married in 1985. He has superhuman strength and sharp claws. In 1986, after saving his marriage and planting a silk tree with his wife, Shinji is confronted by Queen, who was on a mission to exterminate Fangires who were in relationships with humans. However, he was unintentionally saved by Otoya Kurenai. His true name is The Funeral and the Carpenter's Secret Pact (葬儀屋と大工が交わした密約 Sōgiya to Daiku ga Kawashita Mitsuyaku) and is of the Beast Class.

By 2008, Ryōko is lying on the death bed in a hospital, on the verge of dying from a fatal disease. As acts of love, Shinji steals various jewelry to give to her as presents. With the help of Wataru Kurenai, Shinji manages to grant Ryōko her final request to see the tree that they planted, learning that she knows he was never human and still loves him anyway.

However, after Ryōko passes on, Shinji goes berserk and faced off against Keisuke Nago as Ixa, who arrived to kill him. In his fury, he attempts to kill Mio Suzuki after she manifests the mark on her hand as the new Queen, assuming that her help was a lie and that she was out to kill him like the previous Queen. A near miss attempt on Mio's life leads Wataru to unlock the true power hidden within Kiva and uses Emperor Form's Emperor Moon Break to mortally wound the Grizzly Fangire. In his dying breath, Shinji crawls to Ryōko's body to see and be reunited with her one last time.

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