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The Great Leader of Destron (デストロン首領 Desutoron Shuryō) was the mysterious leader of the criminal organization Destron and the second incarnation of the original Great Leader.

In the earliest episodes he led directly; later he let one of his generals lead for him. His monsters are patterned after a combination of a man-made object and an animal (such as Camera Mosquito or Bazooka Turtle).

In the last few episodes, he appeared in person for brief periods of time, but he wore a robe with a hood which hid all of his features. In the final episode, he is revealed as a living skeleton with a living heart, and called himself the God of Death. He was eventually destroyed by Kamen Rider V3. However, when V3 cracked his skull open, a tape player was revealed, possibly indicating that the skeletal creature encountered was just a stand-in, and that the Great Leader is still at large.

With his hand in the succeeding Government of Darkness and Geddon over the following year, Goodbye! The Glorious Seven Riders! the Great Leader would eventually re-emerge as the Great Leader of Black Satan. The Secret of Stronger and Tackle!

Video game appearances

Kamen Rider V3 video game

The Great Leader of Destron appears in the Kamen Rider V3 video game. In this game he is equipped with a scythe, while in the TV series he doesn't has any scythe and can't perform any attack.

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