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The Armor Machine Gouram (装甲機 ゴウラム Sōkō-ki Gōramu) is a mysterious stag-beetle-like entity formed from fragments found at the original excavation site at the beginning of the story of Kamen Rider Kuuga. After its initial formation, the Gouram assimilated various other metals as it made its way to Tokyo in its search for the current Kuuga.

It assists Kuuga in various capacities such as aerial transportation and becoming Barding for Yusuke Godai's bike, however, after being used for a certain amount of time, it returns back to its shattered fragments until Yusuke revives it by touching its Amadam. It is very maneuverable and capable of a top airspeed of 500km/h (310.69mph). However, since being exposed to the golden power, Gouram returns back to the Police Science Division in a different color and in one piece.

According to the Lynt scriptures, Gouram was known as a Horse Armor, which means that the previous Kuuga used a horse in combat. Sakurako Sawatari also found out from the scriptures that it has a fail-safe program that if the Kuuga it serves lost control of his powers in Ultimate Form, Gouram will self-destruct into ashes.


  • Length: 270 cm
  • Width: 120 cm
  • Length of Mandibular (Horn): 101 cm


Final Form Ride

The Kuuga Gouram (クウガゴウラム Kūga Gōramu) Final Form Ride Card (ファイナルフォームライドカード Fainaru Fōmu Raido Kādo) transforms Kuuga into a creature similar to the Gouram, giving him the ability to fly.[1]


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