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Real name Yuriko Takayama (高山 百合子), Gon (ゴン) is a girl whom Daisuke Kazama has accompanied, she seems to have amnesia but at the beginning of episode 17, she slowly remembers time before she met Daisuke.


Gon also pictures her mother Junko (順子), but cannot make out who it is. She always completes Daisuke's sentences for him, usually after make-up sessions. She is incredibly mature for her age, often taking initiatives which surprise even Souji. In the end, after remembering her mother's face on the day that they were attacked at the bus by the same Worm that tried to kill her mother, she was finally reunited with her mother.

Drake killed the Worm, and Gon completely remembered her past but unfortunately forgot about Daisuke and treated him as a complete stranger afterwards. However, she regained her memories of being Gon while reading an article on Daisuke in a teen magazine. She also helps Daisuke regain his Drake Zecter from his Worm imitation. She recently discovered the identities of the first five Riders, when they ganged up on Daisuke, who they believed was a Worm. In her latest appearance, she has given the Drake Glip to Souji after stealing it from Daisuke.

She returns to help both Daisuke and Rena with the Hopper Riders by spraying them with a fire extinguisher; however, when Rena gains her Worm memories, she is attacked by Rena. During the epilogue, she is still working with Daisuke, although no longer wearing her trademark hat. She also insists that she now be called Yuriko, not Gon.


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