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Goldphoenix (ゴルトフェニックス Gorutofenikkusu) is the Contract Monster of Kamen Rider Odin.


Goldphoenix resembles a robotic phoenix and it only appears in the final episode when Odin activates his Final Vent.


It's assumed that like all the other Mirror Monsters, Goldphoenix was created by Yui and Shiro's pictures from their childhood. Because of Odin's tendency to reappear, it isn't know what happens to Goldphoenix when its contractor dies. It's also unknown what happened to Goldphoenix at the conclusion of the Rider Battle, but following the time reversal, an assumption can be made that it never existed to begin with. It's also the most powerful Contract Beast.


  • Eternal Chaos: Odin's Final Vent; Goldphoenix picks up Odin in its flaming talons and throws him at the enemy.


Through the use of certain Advent Cards, parts of Goldphoenix's body can be used by Odin as weapons or other equipment.

  • Gold Sabers (ゴルトセイバー Goruto Seibā): A pair of swords derived from the tips of Goldphoenix's wings. It is summoned by Odin's Sword Vent card.
  • Gold Shield (ゴルトシールド Goruto Shīrudo) A shield derived from Goldphoenix's tail. It is summoned by Odin's Guard Vent card.

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