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Go Tamaki (玉置 豪, Tamaki Gō) is a former high school student who operated as an executive of the Deadmans under the name Julio (フリオ, Furio) and transformed into the Wolf Deadman (ウルフ・デッドマン, Urufu Deddoman). After the organization's collapse, Go followed Hana Natsuki as a member of Weekend to fight Giff, later becoming the second Kamen Rider Over Demons (仮面ライダーオーバーデモンズ, Kamen Raidā Ōbā Demonzu)[1] through unknown circumstances.



Julio's past as "Go Tamaki".

Go Tamaki was once an ordinary high school student who was close friends with Yosuke Okuda. One day, a group of popular students pressured his friend to turn against Tamaki by ripping his prized trading card. This drove him to leave the school and recruited by the Deadmans, where Tamaki met Aguilera. Drawn by her presence, he would go on to become an executive of the group. In time, he casted away his birth name and became known as "Julio". At some point after joining the cult, Julio would awaken and fuse with his inner demon to become a Gifftex.

The Deadmans Crisis

Julio with Aguilera and Orteca causing mayhem at the Fenix ceremony.

Julio, along with Aguilera and Orteca, were first seen leading the Deadmans' rally by using the Vistamps to summon Giff Juniors from their cult followers who cheered for them. Julio participated in the attack on the Fenix ceremony with their army of Giff Juniors. The Deadmans march forward to declare their intentions to create hell on Earth, before the executives made their leave. In the end, Ikki Igarashi managed to contract with his demon, Vice, in order to become Kamen Riders Revi and Vice to combat the Deadmans.

Julio would become involved in the frontlines with the Deadmans and coming across Revice on a couple occasions as the Wolf Deadman. Julio had also joined Sakura's karate dojo under his original name "Go Tamaki" to position himself close to her. The Deadmans would form an alliance with Kamen Rider Evil, Kagero, to implode the Igarashi family. During the Igarashi's vacation trip at the ryokan, Julio was undercover as an employee but eventually revealed himself to Sakura of his true identity the next day.

Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations

Julio in the abandoned Shocker base

Julio, along with his fellow Deadmans executives, venture into an old Shocker base to release the demon Diablo. They also carry the Crisper Stamps, containing the genetic information of historical figures. The Deadmans joined along Diablo's plan to enact world domination. This led to Fenix's Kamen Riders joining forces with the Sword of Logos, and Diablo would be vanquished by their combined forces.

The Deadmans in Alaska

Julio arrives at Alaska to create a pillar of light. However, they are intercepted by Kamen Rider Demons, Sabela, and Durendal. However, the Deadmans executive put up an immense fight against the three heroes and withdrew after completing their mission. In the end, Diablo would be defeated and the plot to fully reawaken his power was foiled.

The Giff Ceremony

With the Deadmans close to obtain six Giftex, Julio has remained deeply loyal to Aguilera and willing to sacrifice his own life to awaken Giff and please her. Unbeknownst to him, Orteca and the other Gifftex secretly plotted to turn Aguilera into the final sacrifice to resurrect Giff. Julio strongly opposed it but was unable to stand up to them. During the sacrificial ceremony, Fenix suddenly raided the Deadmans' hideout and obstructed the ritual. Julio tried to rescue Aguilera during the chaos, but was knocked unconscious by Orteca's sneak attack.

After the Deadmans' base was destroyed by Kamen Rider Revice, Julio was also rescued the pair. Angered by Orteca's treachery, Julio attacked him but later evacuated to follow Aguilera as they plot their next move. The angry Aguilera transformed into the Queen Bee Deadman and attacked Ikki, allowing the remaining Deadman executives members to flee. Julio was able to escape with Aguilera and both hide out at an abandoned factory, while he tries to cheer her up.

Finding True Purpose

Julio remains loyal to Aguilera despite their major loss against Fenix and tries to encourage her to keep smiling. However, he resented Orteca for betraying them as the latter continued operating the Deadmans on his own to unleash the Gifftarians. He decided cast back hto Go Tamaki again after Sakura learnt of his past, Tamaki reunited with his old friend Yosuke and almost mended fences. However, Orteca spitefully turns Yosuke into a Gifftarian, enraging Tamaki to become the Wolf Deadman Riot. Through the teamwork of Revice, Tamaki was seperated from his inner demon but tearfully mourns the loss of his old friend.

Free from his inner demons, Tamaki later meets with Sakura to thank her and her family for rescuing him. He expresses Sakura as the one to help Aguilera see the errors of her ways. He would continue to stay beside Aguilera to help the Igarashi siblings apprehend Orteca and seizing the Giff Stamp. The next day, Sakura would retrieve the Giff Stamp, which was later revealed to be a fake that Orteca prepared in advance.

Aguilera dismissed Tamaki claiming to not having any powers, refusing him to be involved in her dangerous battles. This made Tamaki very sad and was found by Sakura again. She took him back to the Happy Spa under the alias of "Tamaki Orifu" and requested to be taken in. When meeting him, Genta wondered if Tamaki is Sakura's boyfriend.


Julio was originally introduced as a hot-tempered and impulsive man, showing great eagerness and enjoyment in fighting. In actuality, Julio is actually shy and lonely who wanted a friend, but was betrayed by Yosuke Okuda, the one and only friend he ever had. As such, he joined the Deadmans to seek acceptance. After his split from the cult, he began exhibiting a friendlier side while expressing his gratitude to Sakura for showing him the light.

Powers and Abilities

Former Powers

  • Deadman Transformation: Using the Wolf Proto Vistamp, Julio is able to transform into the Wolf Deadman. After seeing Orteca kill his former friend and transform him into a Gifftarian, Julio evolved into the Wolf Deadman Riot. After the Wolf Deadman Riot was defeated by Revice and Julio's Deadman form was absorbed by Giff, he was reverted to a normal human and lost his ability to transform.


  • Skilled Marksman: As the Wolf Deadman, Julio is skilled at using Rugir.

Former Weaknesses

  • Riot: When Julio is overpowered by negative emotions such as anger or hatred, his demonic powers are amplified and take over his body and mind sending him on an unstoppable rampage. This weakness was later negated upon reverting to a normal human.


Wolf Deadman

Wolf Deadman

―Transformation announcement via the Wolf Proto Vistamp[src]


  • Height: 200.7 cm
  • Weight: 109.3 kg

Julio transforms into the Wolf Deadman using the Wolf Proto Vistamp. As a Gifftex, he can return to his human form at will. He has extraordinary agility and combat power using the genetic information of a wolf, and prefers a wild fighting style that is warlike and bares his emotions.


  • Rugir (ルヒール, Ruhīru): Wolf Deadman's personal trumpet-like gun. The blade on its underside can be used for melee attacks.


  • Fireballs: The Wolf Deadman can fire flaming shots from Rugir.
  • Charged Shot: By clamping the jaws on his chest, energy flows through the red tubes and into Rugir before the Wolf Deadman fires a beam of dark red energy.
  • Enhanced Speed: The Wolf Deadman is able to move faster than the enemy can react and catch them off-guard.
  • Energy Punches: The Wolf Deadman can enhance his punches by covering his fists in red energy.
  • Smoke Disappearance: The Wolf Deadman can disappear in a cloud of electrified red and black smoke.
Appearances: Revice Episodes 3, 5, 8, 12-13, Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations, 15-17

Wolf Deadman Riot

Wolf Deadman Riot


  • Height: 200.7 cm
  • Weight: 123.6 kg

Julio transforms into the Wolf Deadman Riot (ウルフ・デッドマン ライオット, Urufu Deddoman Raiotto) upon witnessing Orteca transform Yosuke Okuda into a Gifftarian, effectively killing his friend. Julio is in a berserk state while in this form and dominated by rage. The Wolf Deadman Riot attacks the target with the power of a demon and despite not wielding his gun can create huge fireballs that spread destruction throughout the surrounding area.


  • Extreme Speed: The Wolf Deadman Riot is far faster than his original form, allowing him to destroy or injure opponents in an instant.
  • Energy Slashes: The Wolf Deadman Riot can deliver red energy slashes using his claws.
  • Combustion: The Wolf Deadman Riot is able generate an explosion large enough to damage numerous city blocks.
  • Energy Punches: The Wolf Deadman Riot can enhance his punches by covering his fists in red energy.
  • Charged Attacks: By clamping the jaws on his chest, the Wolf Deadman Riot channels red energy throughout his whole body and can perform stronger attacks
    • Energy Burst: After clamping the jaws once, the Wolf Deadman Riot can generate a burst of red energy from his body.
    • Charged Slash: After clamping the jaws once, the Wolf Deadman Riot can launch large red energy slashes shaped like a claw scratch.
    • Energy Beam: After clamping the jaws twice, the Wolf Deadman Riot can fire a beam of red energy from them
This form is exclusive to Revice Episode 18.

Kuwagata Genome

Kuwagata Genome

"Delete Up! Unknown (Michi). Unrest (Konran). Unlimited (Koeru). Kamen Rider Over Demons!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics[4]
  • Rider Height: 200.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 112.5 kg
Ability Parameters[4]
  • Punching Power: 20.9 t
  • Kicking Power: 45.3 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 49.7 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.1 seconds

Kuwagata Genome (クワガタゲノム, Kuwagata Genomu)[5] is Over Demons' stag beetle-based form accessed by using the Kuwagata Vistamp in the Demons Driver.

The statistics of Over Demons' Kuwagata Genome are slightly higher than those of the original Demons' Spider Genome. This form also also incorporates data from Kamen Rider Vail. Due to the modified Demons Driver drawing power from the user's inner demon rather than the demon Vail, Over Demons does not have any harmful side effects. By activating the wing-like O Wingal Shade (Oウインガルシェード, O Uingaru Shēdo) on the shoulder, Over Demons is able to fly through the air at high speeds. The O Wingal Shade can also be used to perform blue energy slashes.

Kamen Rider Over Demons consists of the following parts:

  • O Demons Head (Oデモンズヘッド, O Demonzu Heddo): The head.
    • Stag Top (スタッグトップ, Sutaggu Toppu): The head armor. It incorporates the Geno Muscle (ゲノマッスル, Geno Massuru) artificial muscle that draws out mighty power by receiving an energy supply, drawing out the potential of the user. In addition, the exterior is reinforced by the Stag Module special armament on the shoulder.
    • Stag Antennae (スタッグアンテナ, Sutaggu Antena): The antennae. They are equipped with a satellite communication device possessing communication strength that can handle all types of jamming and an ultra-high-definition radar that can search 120 km around it.
    • Stag Crusher (スタッグクラッシャー, Sutaggu Kurasshā): The special armament. It is an armed version of the stag beetle's unique ability, and has the role of increasing rushing power by deploying energy at high density.
    • Over Demons Eye (オーバーデモンズアイ, Ōbā Demonzu Ai): The compound eyes. When used as the sight of a held armament, they boast unmatched accuracy. In addition, they are equipped with a very good night vision device and can clearly capture the outline of an object even in the dark.
  • Stag Module (スタッグモジュール, Sutaggu Mojūru): The shoulder special armament. It is armed with the stag beetle's unique ability from the genetic information of the Kuwagata Vistamp and has the ability to strengthen the armor of the whole body. It is also capable of flight by deploying an energy field on the O Wingal Shade (Oウインガルシェード, O Uingaru Shēdo) at the bottom.
  • Stag Breast (スタッグブレスト, Sutaggu Buresuto): The chest armor. The Stag Leg (スタッグレッグ, Sutaggu Reggu) energy path directly connects to the Stag Module shoulder special armament and the Demons Driver, extremely speeding up the energy supply to each part of the body. In addition, it can extend and contract in an emergency to secure and transport people requiring rescue when leaving battle.
  • Demons Genomic Suit (デモンズゲノミックスーツ, Demonzu Genomikku Sūtsu): The reinforced suit. Deployed at the same time as the Delete Up, it expands the human physical ability by using the powerful energy supplied from the Demons Driver.
  • Over Demons Arm (オーバーデモンズアーム, Ōbā Demonzu Āmu): The arms. The Geno Muscle artificial muscle that draws out mighty power from energy supplied by the Demons Driver is stretched around the whole body to strengthen the physical ability of the user.
  • Over Demons Hand (オーバーデモンズハンド, Ōbā Demonzu Hando): The hands. They have acquired tremendous grip strength by gaining the power of the stag beetle's large mandibles to crush everything.
  • Over Demons Leg (オーバーデモンズレッグ, Ōbā Demonzu Reggu): The legs. The Demons Genomic Suit is equipped with a mechanism to arm each part based on the ability obtained from the Vistamp's genetic information. As a result, switching armaments according to the battle situation enables a wide variety of tactics and demonstrates high responsiveness.
  • Over Demons Foot (オーバーデモンズフット, Ōbā Demonzu Futto): The feet. By receiving the operation of the Demons Driver and gathering high-density energy on the sole, it is possible to activate the finishing move Demons Finish, which converts the Vistamp's genetic information into an attack.
Appearances: Kamen Rider Revice: Battle Familia





  • Hana Natsuki/(Kamen Rider) Aguilera: As Aguilera was the one who welcomed Julio to the cult, Julio greatly admires her and acts as her de-facto bodyguard, later becoming very close. After learning that Aguilera was actually a sacrifice to Giff, Julio rebelled with her against Orteca and the other general Deadmans. After their base is destroyed and Go reforms, he continues to protect Aguilera for her well-being. After she is reformed back into Hana, Go continues to insist using the "-sama" honorific while assisting her in her activities at Weekend.
  • Sakura Igarashi/Kamen Rider Jeanne: Although Sakura and Julio had been enemies for most of the time, he eventually became friendly with one another following his redemption. Wanting to help reform Aguilera, Go asks Sakura to talk to her.
  • Yosuke Okuda: Yosuke was Tamaki's only friend in high school. However, Yosuke ended his friendship with Tamaki because he was being threatened by bullies. Tamaki was extremely saddened by this and isolated himself from everyone, causing him to eventually become a Deadman and change his name to Julio. After meeting again, Yosuke apologized to him, and show that he truly cares about him, evidenced by him still keeping Tamaki's ripped Super Rare card. Unfortunately, Yosuke is sacrificed by Orteca before they could finish the conversation. After Aguilera comforts him, Tamaki grieves over his friend's untimely demise.
  • Hikaru Ushijima: to be added


  • Orteca: Even originally, Julio no longer had a good relationship with Orteca, as he was much more competent and was always chosen by Aguilera to do missions, making Julio very jealous of him, however, this was never serious enough to affect the coexistence of the two. After discovering that Orteca planned to sacrifice Aguilera, Julio fought him and saved Aguilera, causing him to become an enemy of Orteca, later on, Orteca sacrificed Yusuke Okuda to create a Gifftarian, causing Julio to transform into Wolf Deadman Riot after witnessing the death of his best friend.
  • Giff: Although Julio has never faced Giff directly, he is trying to prevent his awakening at any cost to protect Aguilera's life.
  • Chameleon Deadman: Although they didn't hate each other, the Chameleon Deadman ended up siding with Orteca after the destruction of the Deadmans Base, effectively making him and Julio enemies.


  • Kagero/Kamen Rider Evil: Kagero is not necessarily an ally nor enemy of Julio, as he helped him at various times but was also responsible for denouncing the location of the Deadmans Base to Fenix and the Kamen Riders.

Behind the Scenes


  • Go Tamaki/Julio is portrayed by Claud Hachijoin (八条院 蔵人, Hachi-jō-in Kuroudo). As the Wolf Deadman, his suit actor is Danki Sakae (榮 男樹, Sakae Danki).


  • Julio is the Spanish form of the Latin name Iulius, which is possibly a contraction of the Old Latin personal name *Iovilios ("descended from or pertaining to Jove") or from the Ancient Greek word íoulos (ἴουλος), ["downy first beard hairs (of a young man)"].
    • The Japanese romanization of his name, furio, is the Latin word for "I enrage", appropriate given his relatively aggressive personality.
  • Tamaki's alias at Happy Spa, Orifu, is the result of reversing the romanization of Julio, Furio. Orifu also has a pronunciation similar to the Japanese romanization of Wolf (Urufu).


  • Julio's wolf motif is an homage to Colonel Zol, one of the first two Shocker generals from the 1971 Kamen Rider TV series.
  • According to designer Masato Hisa, the Wolf Deadman's design also incorporates the Japanese rhinoceros beetle and Styracosaurus to reflect his demon motif.[6]
  • According to an interview by Taku Mochizuki in Toei Hero MAX, Julio was originally set up as a police officer.[7]
  • The name of the Wolf Deadman's weapon, Rugir, means "roar" or "bark" in Portuguese.




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