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Go Sakurai (桜井 郷 Sakurai Gō) was the son of Satoshi Sakurai, an employee of Hiden Intelligence in charge of Daybreak Town's Humagear Factory, who was partially responsible for the Daybreak Town Accident. His father actions reports led him attempting to discover the truth with Aruto Hiden and Isamu Fuwa. Approximately 12 years after his father death, he acknowledged him a hero, as he was posthumously declared.


His father, Satoshi, was an employee of Hiden Intelligence, and was made head of Daybreak Town's Humagear Factory. During the day the Humagears went rogue, he oversaw the evacuation of all personnel and civilians through the Central Control Center of the factory. Being that he was the only one left inside the building, he was the only one to receive the video message of MetsubouJinrai.net's messenger claiming the incident as their own doing. To prevent the terrorist group from gaining control of the Humagears, Satoshi shut-off all Factory Gates, leaving him trapped with the undeployed Humagears inside the factory. He then proceeded to blow up the Humagears in Daybreak to prevent them from escaping the towns' borders and attack more humans. As the Humagears inside the factory blew up with him still inside the control center, his last moments were shown to be thinking of Go.

Due to the first investigative committee learning the cause of the destruction originating from the factory, and that his remains were found inside the control center, it was concluded that the cause of the accident was faulty maintenance, with the public openly blaming Satoshi for the incident.

Go is consequently seen by his school fellows as the son of the person who created the evil Humagears, and is so, bullied by them. However, Satoshi's heroic actions were later revealed when Aruto and Fuwa went to investigate further, with Go finding a memory card containing footage of his father's last moments. Because they acknowledged being wrong, those who bullied Go apologized to him, with Go being indulgent and forgiving them. Ep. 4: The Bus Guide Saw It! Anna's Truth

Behind the scenes


Satoshi Sakurai is portrayed by Hinata Yamada (山田 日向 Yamada Hinata).



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