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Go-Gamego-Re (ゴ・ガメゴ・レ Go Gamego Re)[1], otherwise known as Unidentified Life Form #39 (未確認生命体第39号 Mikakunin Seimeitai Dai Sanjūkyūgō) by the police, is a turtle Gurongi who assumes the form of a man in Yakuza attire with a gambling streak. He is armed with a supply of ball-and-chains created from his rings.


Go-Gamego-Re's Tattoo

Using a roulette table to select the number and color to pick out a random location straight from a tall building he occupies, Gamego tosses his weapon to kill as many people to get his quota of 54 for each location. Kuuga fights him in Rising Titan Form, but was overwhelmed and defeated as the hard-shelled Gamego takes his leave, knocking out Junichi Chono in the process.

Using a game of poker and starting anew at West Shinjuku, Kuuga battles Gamego as Ichijo uses the prototype Neurogenesis Bullets to disarm the Gurongi as Kuuga uses the TryGouram to bring their fight to a disclosed area, assuming Rising Mighty Form for the first time to kill the Gurongi. The power from the kick, however, made Gamego explode into a fireball several city blocks across, the first of the Gurongi to have such a large explosion, temporarily disheartening Yusuke. This event forced Kuuga and the police to adopt a new strategy when dealing with the Gurongi that accounted for the large explosion.


  • His name is based on the Japanese word for "turtle"/"tortoise" ( Kame).


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