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Go-Buuro-Gu (ゴ・ブウロ・グ Go Būro Gu), known as Unidentified Life Form #37 (未確認生命体第37号 Mikakunin Seimeitai Dai Sanjūnanagō)[1] by the police, is an owl Gurongi who assumes the form of a young man wearing sunglasses. He can fly up to 300km/h and is armed with a blow gun that fires feather darts. When his turn came, he spent the five hours in Tokyo District 23 using his bow gun to snipe down people by the nines from the air, having all 126 victims die of a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Kuuga intercepts Būro at the Hygeia Building in Shinjuku, attempting to fight him in Pegasus Form as he temporary upgrades to Rising Pegasus Form. To evade his demise, Būro rips off his right wing when it was hit by Kuuga's attack and runs off to regenerate it. Once healed, Būro forces Kuuga out for a final battle, bringing out his Rising Pegasus Form. However, it took three hits from Kuuga to kill him.

Go-Buuro-Gu's Tattoo


  • His name is based on the Japanese word for "owl" ( Fukurō).
  • His default owl form has eyes that are green which are equivalent to Kuuga's Pegasus Form. Buuro's choice of weapon being a blow gun is just like Kuuga's in his Pegasus Form with his Pegasus Bowgun.
  • Autopsies on his victims revealed that they all died from a heart attack, specifically by an object in the heart that resembles an owl pellet. Which meant Go Buuru Go spits up the indigestible parts from a meal (like bone) and uses it as ammo to shoot through a person's shoulder. This introduces the pellet to the bloodstream traveling to the heart.
  • In order to understand the Linto (human) civilization, he familiarized himself with literary works such as The Complete Works of Albert Camus[2] between games. This acquired knowledge became a point of pride for him.

Go Buuru Go



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