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Glaive Rouzer

Glaive Rouzer

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The Rousing Sword Glaive Rouzer (醒剣グレイブラウザー Seiken Gureibu Rauzā) is a sword-type card reader developed exclusively for Kamen Rider Glaive, based on the Blay Rouzer, and its usually stored in the right hip Holster (ホルスター Horusutā). There is a built-in Open Tray (オープントレイ Ōpun Torei) that can hold up to 12 Rouze Cards. The tray expands in a circular shape, pulls out the card, and the effect of Vesta (ベスタ Besuta) is exhibited by rousing. Its initial AP is 5000.

It is said that its blade, Orichalcum Edge (オリハルコン・エッジ Oriharukon Ejji) , made of Orichalcum Platinum (オリハルコンプラチナ Oriharukon Purachina), a solid material on the Earth that cannot be cut. In particular, the Heating Edge (ヒーティング・エッジ Hītingu Ejji) of its cutting edge has doubled its sharpness due to high frequency vibration and high heat radiation.

Scanning the Mighty Gravity Rouze Card initiates the Gravity Slash finishing attack.

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