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The Giger (ギーガー Gigā) are a series of Auto Drive-Type HumaGear Command Weapon (自立駆動型ヒューマギア統率兵器 Jiritsu Kudō-gata Hyūmagia Tōsotsu Heiki) jointly developed by Zaia Enterprise and A.I.M.S. to remotely shut down large groups of Magia in its vicinity. However, the Gigers were stolen by, who repurposed them to instead transform large groups of HumaGears into Trilobite Magia.


The Giger was undergoing production at the A.I.M.S. headquarters when raided it. While Horobi headed to the armory, Jin broke into the hidden factory where the Gigers were being produced and used a Zetsumeriser to reprogram a single completed unit. The hacked Giger unit proceeded to partially destroy a nearby hospital and covert several of its HumaGear staff into Trilobite Magia. To combat this threat, Yua Yaiba gave the Mammoth Zetsumerisekey to Izu, who used it to create the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey. Zero-One used the new Progrisekey to transform access Zero-One Breaking Mammoth, an older mech design created during the tenure of Korenosuke Hiden that was very similar to the Giger. With his new form, Zero-One was able to destroy the Giger.

Despite this security flaw, A.I.M.S. produced at least five additional Giger units. After Horobi's temporary deactivation by Vulcan, Jin's grief and resulting achievement of Singularity allowed him to take control of the Gigers along with an army of Trilobite Magia produced by the Ark. When Zero-One arrived and transformed into Shining Assault Hopper, the Gigers combined their attacks with Jin and were able to overwhelm Zero-One. However, Zero-One then activated Shining Assault Hopper's Shine System, which enabled him to destroy the Gigers along with Jin.


The Giger's design, as noted by Izu, bear a similarity to Breaking Mammoth in its armor form. Unlike Breaking Mammoth's humanoid face, the Giger's head is simplistic and features a single central eye. It doesn't display the ability to transform, and is not equipped with the Mammoth Pressers on its arms. However, it features tusk-like blades identical to Breaking Mammoth's Graingots that it can detach from its torso to wield as handheld weapons. After being reprogrammed by, the Giger can produce numerous tendrils similar to those used by the Magia from its hands, which it uses to transform HumaGears into Trilobite Magia.



  • The Mammoth Zetsumerisekey is implied to be the means by which controlled the Giger unit they had hacked, as the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey based on it has the ability to control Breaking Mammoth, the Giger's predecessor. This is further supported when a second Mammoth Zetsumerisekey is expelled from the stolen Giger unit after it is destroyed by Zero-One.
  • As Giger is a plan developed by Gai, it can be concluded that Giger is never meant for AIMS and to be given by Gai indirectly since Gai never bother about Giger has been stolen by


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