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"Ghost Driver!"
―DX toy activation announcement[src]

―Ghost Eyecon insertion announcement[src]

―Standby announcement for Ghost and Dark Ghost's belt[src]

―Standby announcement for Ghost's belt with the Mugen Ghost Eyecon inserted[src]

―Standby announcement for Specter and Zero Specter's belt[src]

"Batchiriminā! Batchirimiro!"
―Standby announcement with the Ore Specter Eyecon inserted[src]

―Standby announcement for Specter's belt with the Necrom Eyecon inserted[src]

―Standby announcement for Specter's belt with the Deep Specter Eyecon inserted[src]

"Giga Giga Miro!"
―Deep Specter Gekikou Mode Transformation stand by announcement[src]

"Batchirimiro Miro Miro!"
―Standby announcement for Specter's belt with the Sinspecter Eyecon inserted[src]

"Kaigan! (Eyecon)! (phrase)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Dai Kaigan! (Eyecon) Ōmedama!"
―Special attack announcement[src]

"Dai Kaigan! (Eyecon) Omega Drive!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

―Deactivation announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Ghost Driver (変身ベルト ゴーストドライバー Henshin Beruto Gōsuto Doraibā) is the transformation belt used by Kamen Riders Ghost, Specter, Dark Ghost, and Zero Specter. They transform by using the Ghost Eyecons.

Chikara's Ghost Driver

Chikara retrieving the Billy the Kid Eyecon from his Ghost Driver.


Chikara holds his coverless Ghost Driver.

Chikara Saionji carries an unfinished Ghost Driver connected to electronics inside his briefcase to create Ghost Eyecons from unsealed Parka Ghosts. It presumably was incapable of being used for transformation due to its incomplete state, as it lacks a trigger mechanism. Fast Shooting! Legendary Gunman!

According to Sennin/Edith, one needs to have a fully functioning Ghost Driver in order to make a wish with the 15 Heroic Eyecons.


  • Detonate Trigger (デトネイトリガー Detoneitorigā) - The Ghost Driver's lever used to invoke transformation and finishing techniques. At the same time the Detonate Trigger is pulled, a special reactor furnace inside of the Driver is activated. This furnace develops and amplifies the energy stored in the Ghost Eyecons during loading, instantly generating the energy needed to transform. At the same time the Detonate Trigger is pushed back, the energy is released, allowing transformation. If the lever is pulled and pushed four consecutive times, all produced energy is consumed, allowing deathblows.
  • Glint Eye (グリントアイ Gurinto Ai) - A safety unit located in the middle of the Ghost Driver shaped like an eye. It displays the inserted Eyecon. When the Detonate Trigger is pulled, and the Driver's special reactor furnace activates, the Glint Eye will 'blink', closing a safety shutter to prevent energy from leaking. Once the Detonate Trigger is pushed back, the shutter will open, releasing energy for transformation or deathblows. The opening and closing phenomenon of the safety shutter is called Ghost Wink (ゴーストウィンク Gōsuto Uinku) due to the fact that the Glint Eye appears to be blinking. Additionally, the Glint Eye has an energy transfer function, allowing it to transfer energy to the Gan Gun Saber and Gan Gun Hand.
  • Altar Ingot (オルターインゴット Orutā Ingotto) - The silver panel on the Driver's left side. It contains a shield generator which wraps the entire Driver with a special defensive shield, protecting it from damage during intense battle.
  • Misty Bind (オルターインゴット Misuti Baindo) - The Ghost Driver's strap. It has excellent durability, and is almost impossible to cut no matter what blade is used. Additionally, it adjusts itself to fit a wearer's waist.
  • Race Invoke (レイスインヴォーク Reisu In'vu~ōku) - The front semi-transparent plate on the front of the Ghost Driver. It is a material conversion device which which converts an Eyecon's ghost into Quantum Solid (クァンタムソリッド Kuantamu Soriddo) material, forming Parka Ghosts.
  • Eyecon Throne (アイコンスローン Aikon Surōn) - The slot to insert Eyecons into. It synchronises the Ghost Driver's and the Ghost Eyecon's energies, and extracts the ghost's energy and abilities. Additionally, by using the Glint Eye's energy transfer function, the Eyecon Throne can install a Ghost or a feeling into an internally generated Blank Eyecon to create a new Eyecon.


To transform, the user opens the Ghost Driver, presses the button on a Ghost Eyecon to its Standby Time setting, opens the Race Invoke (レイスインヴォーク Reisu In'vu~ōku) plate, inserts the Eyecon into the Eyecon Throne (アイコンスローン Aikon Surōn), before closing it to secure the Eyecon in place. Afterwards, the user pushes the Detonate Trigger (デトネイトリガー Detoneitorigā), closing the Glint Eye (グリントアイ Gurinto Ai), and opening it back up by pulling the trigger, which activates the Eyecon's Transformation Time setting to summon its respective Parka Ghost and fuse with the user's body, thus completing their transformation into either Kamen Riders Ghost or Specter.

To initiate a Ghost Eyecon's finisher, the user must pull and push the Detonate Trigger a second time to activate the Eyecon's Move Invocation Time setting. Alternatively, the Ghost Driver can activate the finishers of either Ghost's Gan Gun Saber or Specter's Gan Gun Hand by scanning the eyeball-like insignia found on the weapons' hilt with the Eyecon currently placed within the Ghost Driver. Additionally, after scanning the Energy Eye Crest on the Gan Gun Saber/Hand's hilt with the Ghost Eyecon currently placed within his Ghost Driver or loading two Eyecons into the Blender Furnace chambers of the Sunglasseslasher, the user pulls and pushes the lever of the Ghost Driver to increase his weapon's finisher.

By pulling and pushing the lever four times, the user can activate the Ghost Driver's Oomedama (オオメダマ Ōmedama, lit. "Giant eyeball" (大目玉)) function where it manifests a giant construct of a Ghost Eyecon for the user to kick and destroy any giant-sized Gamma Holes before they have a chance to bring more Gammas into the world.

In order to have the Ghost Driver cancel the transformation, the user must remove the Ghost Eyecon currently placed in its buckle and then close it back up. As mentioned by Yurusen, users of Ghost Drivers can re-spawn another copy of their weapon should the original be destroyed.

Individual Drivers

User Transient Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Status Description
Dark Ghost Transient
Kamen Rider Dark Ghost
Pre-series Active The inventor of the Ghost Driver, Edith ultimately used a Ghost Driver which he reserved for himself to create a gateway to the Gamma World.
Daigo Fukami
Daigo Fukami
Zero Specter Transient
Kamen Rider Zero Specter
Strongest! Another Ghost! Lost The original Specter, Daigo Fukami was granted this Ghost Driver by Edith, who assigned him to be a guide to Argos.
Dark Ghost Transient
Kamen Rider Dark Ghost
Strongest! Another Ghost! Lost The "first Ghost", Argos was granted this Ghost Driver by Edith, who gave him the task of collecting fifteen heroic Ghost Eyecons.
Chikara Saionji
Chikara Saionji
Pre-series Lost This incomplete Ghost Driver was taken by Chikara Saionji when he betrayed the Ghost Hunters to the Gamma. While it could not be used to transform, it did allow him to unseal the Eyecons he was collecting.
Makoto Fukami
Makoto Fukami
Specter Transient
Kamen Rider Specter
Pre-series Active Succeeding his late father, Makoto Fukami was granted this Ghost Driver as a child by Edith, becoming the new Kamen Rider Specter.
Takeru profile
Takeru Tenkuji
Ghost Transient
Kamen Rider Ghost
Eyes Open! It's Me! Active Following the desertion of Argos, Takeru Tenkuji was granted this Ghost Driver by Edith, who resurrected him following his unexpected death at the hands of the Gamma on October 3rd, 2015.
Ayumu Tenkuji
Dark Ghost Transient
Kamen Rider Ghost
Kamen Rider Ghost: Final Stage Active The future son of Takeru Tenkuji, Ayumu uses this possibly inherited Ghost Driver to become the Kamen Rider Ghost of the future.

Behind the Scenes


The voice of the Ghost Driver is provided by m.c.A·T.


  • The Ghost Driver resembles both the Fourze Driver from Kamen Rider Fourze and the Genesis Driver from Kamen Rider Gaim in a way since all three have a lever on the right side to transform the rider(s) and activate their finishing moves. It is also similar to the Genesis Driver's prototype, the Sengoku Driver, due to both having special catchphrases for each form.
    • It also works similarly to the Mach Driver Honoh, where closing the Driver with no Eyecons loaded inside will disengage the transformation, complete with a post-deactivation announcement (the Mach Driver has "Otsukare" (オツカーレ Otsukāre, lit. "Good Job" (乙彼)), while the Ghost Driver has "Oyasumi" (オヤスミー Oyasumī, lit. "Good Night" (お休み))).
    • Another similarity with the Gaim Riders' two types of different Drivers are that the same Drivers used by each multiple Riders, which has a different standby sound for each one, as well as only good as a transformation device like Decadriver's function of using Kamen Ride Card in it.
    • Necrom's Mega Ulorder shares this function as well.
  • The way Takeru summons the Ghost Driver is very similar to Yusuke Godai summoning his Arcle.


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