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George Karizaki (ジョージ・狩崎, Jōji Karizaki) is a Fenix researcher and the creator of the Rider systems used by Fenix.


Early Life

George Karizaki is the developer of the Rider Systems at Fenix and an overenthusiastic fan of the Kamen Riders. Thirty years ago, his father was responsible for the creation of the Vistamps during a breakthrough in separating humans from their inner demons. To carry on his father's work and counteract the Deadmans, George created the Revice Driver and the Rex Vistamp for the user to harness the power of their inner demon.

The Deadmans Crisis

Karizaki witnessing the debut of Kamen Rider Revice.

Sometime after the Deadmans raided the Fenix Genome Laboratory, Karizaki reports to commander Yujiro Wakabayashi about the loss of several Vistamps. He suggests to deploy the Revice Driver, as he voices Daiji Igarashi to a potential candidate to use the belt. During the Fenix commencement ceremony to unviel the Revice Driver, the Deadmans launch a big assault. Despite Karizaki's protests, Hiromi Kadota attempted to use the belt and fails. Although Karizaki tells Daiji to use the Revice Driver, Ikki Igarashi would use the belt instead to control his inner demon. Karizaki was present to see them transform into two Kamen Riders, christening them as 'Kamen Rider Revi' and 'Kamen Rider Vice'.

Once Ikki agreed to become a full-time Kamen Rider with Fenix, George continues to provide them additional Vistamps to transform into new Genomes in their fight against the Deadmans. He developed a petty grudge on Vice after he insulted his original Jackal Genome design, taking great offense to his remarks. After noticing Daiji has been possessed by inner demon, Kagero, George gave him the Two Sidriver that could transform them into Kamen Rider Evil. He later authorized Hiromi Kadota with the Demons Driver to become Kamen Rider Demons in order to keep an eye on Daiji until he regained control of his body and becoming Kamen Rider Live.

After learning that Sakura Igarashi has the scrapped Libera Driver in her possession, Karizaki was notably angered on how she retrieved the belt in the first place. With all ten Vistamps collected, he developed the Barid Vistamp for Ikki to harness the powers of the previous Genomes and Remixes. Following the Deadmans' raid in the Fenix Skybase, Karizaki grown suspicous with Wakabayashi. Bringing Daiji and Hiromi along, Karizaki engaged in a stakeout to expose Wakabayashi and learned that the Chameleon Deadman had murdered and impersonated the commander. He surrendered the Giff Stamp to the Chameleon Deadman, not before slipping a tracking device.

Karizaki tracked down the Deadmans' base and particapted in Fenix's raid to shut down the organization's operations. After giving Sakura a new Vistamp, he became fascinated by the presence of Giff. Following the destruction of the Deadmans' base, Fenix had recovered Giff's totem. Karizaki kept it in his lab for analysis and determined it is alive. After congratulating Hiromi for becoming Fenix head commander, he is shocked to learn that Genta Igarashi has no heart during a medical check-up.

Other Events

Kamen Rider Revice: The Movie

George Karizaki releasing the Revice Driver

Taking place during the Deadmans' raid at the Fenix Genome Laboratory, Karizaki was present that night as the majority of Vistamps were being seized. While a fellow scientist tells Karizaki to evacute, he doesn't at the moment as he unviels the Revice Driver and Rex Vistamp. Believing the power of Kamen Rider Revice is nessasary to combat the Deadmans, he declares it is time to fight fire with fire.

Kamen Rider Saber

Special Issue: A New Page, Opens

George Karizaki recording Revice fighting alongside Saber and Espada

Karizaki appeared to record Kamen Riders Revi and Vice fighting alongside Kamen Riders Saber and Espada as they fought against the Batta Deadman. He complemented how he was in the presence in the fight with modern Reiwa Era Riders. After the Batta Deadman was vanquished, Ikki collected the Batta Vistamp which was given to Karizaki. Although elated, Karizaki admitted it was not part of the ten Vistamps that he was looking for, but nevertheless counted on Ikki to continue gathering them.

Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations

When Touma and the others travel to the year 2071, several of the Riders transform into copies of past Legend Riders known as Clone Riders to fight the Devil Rider Corps, as part of the Clone Rider system developed by an elderly George Karizaki who is still alive in the year 2071.


George is a cool-headed scientist who is quick-witted on handling a dire situation. He is also a die-hard fan of Kamen Rider taking inspiration from past Rider forms to be used for Revice's various Genomes, while imassing a large collection of toys (which are real world Bandai collectibles such as S.H. Figuarts, CSM belts and Rider helmet busts). Although this seems like a childish endeavor, this is actually a part of what he sees as an experiment in order to fulfill his ulterior objectives outside of what is required of his job with Fenix, and will do anything to achieve his agenda that involves Revice and the Vistamps as a whole. This is most evident with him handing over the Two Sidriver to Daiji Igarashi, knowing that Kagero was a danger and withheld this knowledge because of his curiosity. However, he is not without compassion, as shown when George ultimately decides to give the Giff Stamp to the Chameleon Deadman in order to save both Daiji and Hiromi's life.

George likes to insert English into his speech, mainly to express his surprises over unexpected things. George is also extremely petty, holding a grudge against Vice for openly mocking his Jackal Genome concept. Out of spite, he changed Vice's Jackal Genome into a skateboard, and deliberately excluded Vice from getting an upgrade with Barid Rex, much to Vice's shock and annoyance. This attitude would apparently carry into the future, as he designs the Kangaroo Vistamp to turn Vice into a toy-like form to serve as the "joey" of the Kangaroo Genome's Remix.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: George was not only able to create the majority of the Revice System, but was also able to conclude that a Rider Kick is effective in both separating a Contract Holder from a Phase 2 Deadman and forcefully surpressing Kagero from Daiji. George also has great attention to detail, being able to deduce the Chameleon Deadman's identity based on two small slips.
  • Expert Engineer: George created many of the Riders' gear, with the Revice Driver and the Vistamps to name a few. He also admited that he created the scrapped Libera Driver, which was supposed to have been destroyed. In the year 2071, he invents the Clone Rider System, which allows six individuals to transform into copies of Legend Riders.
  • Knowledge of Past Kamen Riders: As he is a die-hard fan of the Kamen Riders, he has knowledge of all the past Kamen Riders that came before Revi and Vice. Although not being a combatant, he also learns certain rider fighting styles and techniques such as the Rider Kick.
  • Bilingualism: George is fluent in his native Japanese and English.

Behind the Scenes


  • George Karizaki is portrayed by Noritaka Hamao (濱尾 ノリタカ, Hamao Noritaka).


Three Riders in tanks in Revice's opening.png

  • During the montage of the show’s opening, George can be seen in his lab with what appear to be Kamen Rider-like humanoids resembling Black[1], 1, and Kuuga in stasis tanks.




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