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"Be a sacrifice for the greater good!"
―Rogue's catchphrase after becoming a Kamen Rider.[src]

―Night Rogue's transformation catchphrase.[src]

"The war has begun..."
―Night Rogue's first words in the show[src]

"I will obtain the power of the Pandora Box and rule this country!"
―Night Rogue's determination to rule Japan[src]

"I am...Rogue...Kamen Rider...Rogue!"
―Gentoku at the end of experimentation to become a Kamen Rider[src]

"I'll leave the rest to you...Sento...Kiryu! Father...I think I've gotten closer to you..."
―Gentoku's last words before his death.[src]

Gentoku Himuro (氷室 幻徳, Himuro Gentoku) is the former head of the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics and son of the Prime Minister of Touto, Taizan Himuro. Gentoku was also the co-founder of Faust and was responsible for turning victims into Smash as Night Rogue. After his exile from Touto, he aligned with Seito as Kamen Rider Rogue (仮面ライダーローグ, Kamen Raidā Rōgu), later betraying them and allying with Team Build to fight Evolto. After he fell during the final battle, he is revived in the new world and regains his memories upon the appearance of Killbus.



Gentoku, along with the Yoshiko Tajimi and Masakuni Mido, at the return ceremony of INSET.

Gentoku Himuro is the son of Taizan Himuro, who would become the Prime Minister of Touto. He was childhood friends with Koji Hotei since elementary school. Before the Sky Wall Disaster, the two had expressed their interests in politics and wanted to change Japan. During the Martian exploration ceremony, Gentoku arrived in his father's place where he sat beside Yoshiko Tajimi and Masakuni Mido. Suddenly, Soichi Isurugi ran over to activate the Pandora Box, triggering the Sky Wall to raise in Japan, dividing it into three regions, and exposing Gentoku, Tajimi and Mido with a blinding light.

"My name is...Night Rogue."
―Gentoku reintroducing himself as Night Rogue to the newly found Faust members.[src]

Gentoku transforming into Night Rogue for the first time.

Seven years after the Sky Wall Disaster, Gentoku had been appointed director of the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics. After having Takumi Katsuragi arrested for performing illegal experiments, he later recruited him to continue his Nebula Gas experiments elsewhere. Using resources by Namba Heavy Industries Ltd., Gentoku pressed on to create an underground organization to protect Touto and Japan. After meeting with Soichi Isurugi, Gentoku declared his organization shall be called Faust, deeming that people may view them as devils with their hands in blood as he transformed into Night Rogue.

Within three years following Faust's founding, he was promoted to the position as aide to the Prime Minister of Touto, overseeing research of the Pandora Box. In his time as Night Rogue, he oversaw the human experimentations, including the one that appeared in Sento Kiryu's memories from before his escape, sitting atop a throne. According to Gentoku himself, the reason behind these experiments is to accomplish one of Faust's objectives: to create the "Ultimate Lifeform."

The Faust Conspiracy

Night Rogue declaring war on Sento Kiryu and Ryuga Banjo.

While Gentoku and his assistant Nariaki Utsumi were interviewed by journalist Sawa Takigawa, he recalls the Sky Wall Disaster and the Touto Institute's objective to deciphering the Pandora Box before foreign countries attempt to seize the country. He hires Sento Kiryu to analyze the Pandora Box's energies. When Gentoku later led a group of Guardians to apprehend the escaped convict Ryuga Banjo, he was angered once he escaped with Kamen Rider Build's assistance. Declaring war on both of them, Gentoku as Night Rogue had Ryuga's fiancée Kasumi turned into the Burn Smash, knowing that there's no way in saving her.

Using his position as the aide to the Touto Prime Minister, Gentoku continues to lead Touto officers and Guardians to apprehend Ryuga Banjo and Kamen Rider Build, while continuously proposing to his father to expand their nation's militia to prevent Hokuto and Seito from potentially invade Touto, only for his ideas to be immediately rejected. As director of the Touto Institute, Gentoku continues to oversee the scientists' efforts to understand the Pandora Box's power and would also impart Sento Kiryu with information regarding Takumi Katsuragi and his Nebula Gas experiments.

As an high-level executive of Faust, Gentoku as Night Rogue abducted several people to inject them with Nebula Gas. Tantalized with the prospect of the Build Driver, the peak of Takumi Katsuragi's weaponry, he sought to claim the Rider System as Touto's military defense against the other nations. Night Rogue often comes into conflict with his accomplice Blood Stalk, who has bigger plans for Kamen Rider Build and Ryuga Banjo. He would often communicate with Juzaburo Namba as Namba Heavy Industries Ltd. has funded for Faust's endeavours.

Desperate to militarize the Rider System before the other nations do, Gentoku enacted a plan to seize the Pandora Box from the Touto Institute. Despite a setback attributed with Blood Stalk and Build, he would acchieve his goal of claiming the Pandora Box in Faust's custody. After Taizan had a heart attack and carried by paramedics, Gentoku was appointed as the acting Prime Minister of Touto, much to his amusement. He ensured to do whatever it takes to protect the Pandora Box and maintaining his cover, having his assisant Utsumi taking the fall for him as Night Rogue.

Unfortunately, Gentoku's cover was blown by Soichi Isurugi after Sento uncovered Blood Stalk's identity and disclosed of Night Rogue's right after. While Gentoku tried to manipulate Sento to recover the Pandora Box for him in Seito's custody, he drops his act and reveals Faust's objectives. He continued to chase after Sento and Ryuga for the Pandora Box. Due to his grand delusions of ruling Japan, Night Rogue would get defeated by Build RabbitTank Sparkling. Taizan would arrive in a wheelchair and scolded Gentoku for his involvement with Faust. Before Gentoku was handed over by authorities, he confirmed to Sento that the amnesiac scientist is actually Takumi Katsuragi the entire time, mocking Sento as he is quite the opposite compared to Katsuragi and that very soon, he'll be on his side.

The Japanese Civil War

After Taizan had collapsed due to Blood Stalk's secret intervention, Gentoku is still in power as acting Prime Minister of Touto. Despite Faust's apparent dissolution, Hokuto declared war on Touto by sent an army of forces to secure the Pandora Box. Sento and Ryuga voluntarily assisted Touto's govenment to protect the nation, but are forced to comply with Gentoku Himuro's orders, finally having the perfect opportunity to utilize the Rider System as a weapon. He discloses to the pair that the six Pandora Panels had ten bottles each and two Panels were divided amongst nations. He later commanded Ryuga to use the Sclash Driver to combat Hokuto's forces, the Hokuto Sanbagarasu and Kamen Rider Grease.

Gentoku yells at everyone in the office room.

Gentoku would discover Faust is still active, having relocated in Hokuto with Namba Heavy Industries' support. Furthermore, he discovered Nariaki Utsumi is still alive despite his apparent death. As he became desperate to win the war, Gentoku attempted to order Touto's forces to invade Hokuto without council from the other aides. While an enraged Gentoku to rant at everyone in the room that he is the leader of Touto, this causes a recovered Taizan to renounce Gentoku as his son and sentenced him to exile. Furious, Gentoku transformed into Night Rogue and escaped with the Pandora Box, only to be intercepted by Build RabbitTank Sparkling once more. Humiliated, Gentoku promised Build he will return with even greater power before disappearing.

Following his exile, he made his way to Namba Heavy Industries in Seito. Gentoku intercepted Utsumi and demanded his former assistant to turn him into a Kamen Rider, even if it meant that he had to beg to his knees. Upon the construction of the new Sclash Driver was completed, Gentoku would later be imprisoned and tortured for several days. He was administered with enough with Nebula Gas and succumbed to his feelings of vengeance. Gentoku's Hazard Level eventually increased above 4.0, allowing him to transform using the Sclash Driver and the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle to become Kamen Rider Rogue.

Kamen Rider Rogue arriving to confront Build and Cross-Z.

"Vengeance...? Vengeance... !? I abandoned thoughts of that long ago. I became a Rider to defeat Touto. This time, I'll reunite the country with my own hands. That is all I want."
―Rogue's new resolve as he overpowers Build.[src]

After the Proxy Battle with Touto and Hokuto, he led a group of Seito Guardians to invade Hokuto. After apprehending Hokuto Prime Minister Yoshiko Tajimi, Gentoku made his presence known to the other Kamen Riders as they battled the Washio brothers. After making his reveal to the heroes as Kamen Rider Rogue, Gentoku promised to make the Devil's Scientist to experience the same hell he went through. His return shocked everyone, including his father who remarked how Gentoku had changed since the Sky Wall Disaster. Serving under Masakuni Mido and the nation of Seito, he continued to march at Touto and capture the Pandora Box. Despite the heroes' best efforts to hide the relic's location, Rogue managed to seize the Pandora Box after killing Akaba and overwhelmed the Kamen Riders.

As a Proxy Battle between Touto and Seito was arranged, Rogue participates in the final round where he is pitted against Build. While reminded by Utsumi of his vengeance, but Gentoku stated he doesn't care about vengeance anymore, and will face any opponent. As he fought Build, Rogue questioned his opponent's motives of creating weapons of destruction, with Sento choosing to accept responsibilities for his actions. Build then reveals the FullFull RabbitTank Bottle to transform into RabbitRabbit, granting extra armor into the Hazard Form. Although Rogue was able to counter back after he recieving data of this new form, this was part of a ploy to hide Build's second form, TankTank. Rogue would be defeated by Build once more and led to Touto's victory. After Taizan congratulated Sento for his efforts, Gentoku was asked by his father to come back home to Touto, only to reject his father's offer and left.

Road of Redemption

Although the war between Touto and Seito had come to a close, Blood Stalk decided to press on by raising the Pandora Tower from the Sky Wall. Gentoku would become aware that Masakuni Mido was murdered and replaced by Juzaburo Namba assuming Mido's appearance. While conflicted on Seito launching another invasion on Touto, he was forced to comply due to the chip implanted to his body that could kill him for any sign of betrayal against Stalk and Namba. Despite this, Rogue would secretly help the Kamen Riders during their invasion of the Pandora Tower. Rogue would inform Ryuga that it was Stalk's idea to turn Kasumi into a Smash in the first place and quickly informs Sento about Masakuni Mido's death. He allows the Kamen Riders to reach to Blood Stalk's location and reclaim the Pandora Box.

After he freed Kazumi Sawatari's farm workers in defiance, Gentoku was ordered to abduct Taizan Himuro as a hostage. He expressed his shame to his father that he intended to reunify the country, but took his approach very wrong. While trying to smuggle his father out of Stalk's custody, the chip in his body was hindering any chance of escaping. Through Sento Kiryu's assistance, Gentoku's chip was disabled and allowed Rogue the freedom to fight against Stalk and Namba. However, Evolto recovers the Evol-Driver and emerges as Kamen Rider Evol. During a battle between Rogue and Evol, Taizan shields Gentoku from his blast. Being forced to hold his father in his final moments, Gentoku is requested to atone for his crimes and assures him he can reunite Japan. With his father's body lying in his arms, Gentoku screamed as he cried in agony.

With Evolto posing as a larger threat than expected, Gentoku is called upon by Sento for assistance to stop Evolto as he had possessed Ryuga. But even the combined forces of Rogue, Build, and Grease weren't able to stop Evol as their foe managed to complete the Pandora Tower. While Kazumi later engaged in a sparring match with Gentoku as he still never forgave him for killing Akaba, he decided to put aside his anger for the time being. Ryuga was eventually free from Evolto's influence, only to have possessed Sento instead and can access Evol's Rabbit-based Phase 3 form. Although he initally couldn't help Ryuga regain his transformation ability after the latter lost his alien genes, this did not stop Rogue from fighting Evol with Grease and eventually Great Cross-Z.

"I used you to cause a war. No matter what I couldn't make things up... For now, let me fight to bring this country together! I must ask you... To believe in me just this once...!"
―Gentoku's apology to Katsuragi[src]

However, Evolto managed to complete the Evol-Trigger from the Kamen Riders' powers and access his Black Hole form, jettisoning Sento. However, his memories of being Sento are gone and is reverted back into Takumi Katsuragi. Gentoku reunited with his former colleague and apologized for his actions, in which Katsuragi refusing to accept his apologies due to the war Gentoku had a hand in creating. Even after forming a truce with Namba Heavy Industries, the Kamen Riders were no match for Evol Black Hole. Following Nariaki Utsumi's breakdown into Kamen Rider MadRogue, Gentoku expressed shame for bringing his former assistant into a dark path. He continued to beg for Katsuragi's forgiveness, recognizing that while he cannot undo his mistakes, he should at least atone for them. Although Katsuragi left without saying a word, Gentoku's words to him is what allowed him to remember his life as Sento Kiryu and would allow him to become Kamen Rider Build Genius Form.

Gentoku's Atonement

With Sento's memories been restored back to normal, Gentoku greets him in the cafe in a set of denim clothes. His sudden fashion sense repulsed everyone in Nacista, with Misora being the most disgusted over the mismatch of clothes that Gentoku wore. He tried to change his style by wearing a set of flashy pink clothes and later a rainbow poncho, both were rejected by Misora. Eventually, Gentoku settled in wearing a black jacket but wearing shirts printed with multiple messages.

Gentoku, now a member of Team Build fights against another invasion by Seito. Following Shinobu Katsuragi's resurface as Evolto's accomplice, Gentoku advises Sento to not let any his hope of father blind him from his actions he committed. This was when Gentoku and Kazumi decided to raid a Faust experimentation site in order to increase their Hazard Levels using the Nebula Gas chambers. While this did increase their strength, the Nebula Gas overdose threatened to damage their bodies, a necessary risk that Gentoku and Kazumi agreed to take. When Sento attempted to fight Evolto alone, Gentoku along with Ryuga and Kazumi accompanied him in the ensuing fight with Evolto. In the ensuing fight, Rogue manages to help restrain Evol and allowing Build to unleash a devastating attack on Evolto, this still did not defeat Evolto for good.

Grease with the other Kamen Riders as they storm Pandora Tower.

Evolto continued to collect the Lost Bottles to complete the Black Panel to evolve into a horrifying new monster form and announcing his intention to destroy Earth. Gentoku would join in Sento's plan to use the White Panel to merge their world with one where the Sky Wall did not exist, using Evolto himself as the catalyst. Shortly after Evolto's national television broadcast, the Kamen Riders raced up to Pandora's Tower. Gentoku stayed behind to fight Evolto's replicants of the Hell Bro's. He was also unexpectedly aided by Utsumi, having feigned his alliance with Evolto. While engaging with Kamen Rider Evol, Gentoku discovered Evolto had converted Utsumi into a cyborg right after Gentoku shot him and MadRogue ended up short-circuiting in an attempt to overwhelm Evol. After making a hasty retreat to the height of the tower, he learnt of Kazumi's death from becoming Grease Blizzard, with Gentoku screaming in sadness over the loss of his friend and comrade.

Final Battle and Death

Rogue's broken helmet

"I finally understand... It's not the strongest who could build a country, but the one who is entrusted that power... This is the end, be a sacrifice for the greater good!"
―Gentoku's apology to Katsuragi[src]

The death of Gentoku.

Despite his injuries during the raid of the Pandora Tower, Gentoku joins with Sento and Ryuga to charge at Evolto, who was unimpressed at their performance and takes an opportunity to transform back into his monster form. Rogue continued to fight Evolto after he tried to absorb the moon. Gentoku thought back to one of his final conversations with Kazumi, how he forgave him for Akaba's death and believed he had atoned enough for his crimes. Upon hearing the voices of the people, he continues fighting as his Hazard Level increased and deploys a desperate Rider Kick, but to no avail as Evol easily brushes the Rider aside into a nearby pillar. Having exhausted the last of his strength, Gentoku entrusts Sento with defeating Evolto. In his last moments, Gentoku ponders if he had lived up to his dad's legacy before disintegrating into purple embers.


Thanks to Gentoku's persistence, Evol became paralyzed as Rogue's last attack managed to break the Evol Trigger apart. This allowed Sento to extract the Black Pandora Panel and the ten Lost FullBottles from Evolto, and fuse them with the White Pandora Panel, opening the path for the new world that Sento would build.

New World

The Gentoku of the new world.

After Evolto was defeated for good and the new world had been created, Gentoku is still working for his father, the Prime Minister of Japan, as an aide and politician. Gentoku then meets Sawa Takigawa, now a Central Politics and Economics journalist and asks her if they could continue the interview in his office, which Sawa agrees.

Other Events

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders

Gentoku meeting with Sento about Kaisei Mogami.

During the Enigma crisis, Gentoku Himoru provided Sento Kiryu information on Kaisei Mogami, a researcher who left the Touto Institute and pursued studying parallel dimensions and the Bugster Virus that was looming in Sky Wall. Soon after, Mogami's plot to smash the two Earths was thwarted by Build's intervention.


Gentoku Himoru's backstory is further expanded during the events of founding Faust and his evolution into Kamen Rider Rogue. Before he was aide to Touto's Prime Minister, his childhood friend Koji Hotei assumed the role. Gentoku tried to request Hotei to convince his father to expand Touto's militia to no avail. This led him to founding the Faust with financial backing from Namba Heavy Industries, and cooperating with Takumi Katsuragi and Soichi Isurugi with their knowledge with Pandora Box and the Nebula Gas. Isurugi later kills Hotei to secure Gentoku's position as the Touto Prime Minister's aide. Gentoku becomes Night Rogue to change Japan using the Nebula Gas technology to advance Touto's defenses.

Gentoku undergoing the Nebula Gas experiments

Flashforward to his exile from Touto, Gentoku arrived to Namba Heavy Industries in Seito and demands Utsumi to turn him into a Kamen Rider, even going as far as to beg on his knees. After the new Sclash Driver was created, Gentoku was denied being administered Nebula Gas. He was locked into Namba Heavy Industries' detention facility for those with low Hazard Levels. Blood Stalk had set his sights on Gentoku as the ideal candidate as Seito's Kamen Rider, believing he had strong enough emotion to use the belt, despite Utsumi's denial. While Gentoku endured being beaten senselessly by the other prisoners, this did not take away his desire to become a Kamen Rider and got his wish to undergo the Nebula Gas treatments.

As the experimentation only increased his Hazard Level to 3.5, Gentoku was dragged to an isolated section of the facility to fight the prisoners to the death to increase his Hazard Level. Surmising the possibility of death, Gentoku apologized to Utsumi for his actions. Gentoku engaged the prisoners and managed to held on his own. When Remocon and Engine Bro's entered the battlefield, Gentoku's Hazard Level reached 4. This allowed allowing him to finally transform into Kamen Rider Rogue to vanquish the Kaisers, despite knowing they were his former subordinates, Kakizawa and Matsui, and believed they served their purpose. Rogue's body reached its limit and cancelled the transformation. Gentoku watched Stalk and Utsumi leave as they have much planned for him in the future. As he tried to stand back up, Gentoku claimed he'll free himself someday.

Kamen Rider Prime Rogue

One day, Gentoku is forced to go clothes shopping with Misora. While Misora tries to have him dress more conservative, Gentoku continues electing to wear a mismatch of clothes. He also meets a little boy named Sho who wears a black jacket that is too big to fit him, a keepsake of his late father. As the city is being attacked by Kamen Rider Evol and his Hard Guardians, Gentoku decides to use Sento's new power-up item and transforms with the Prime Rogue Fullbottle and the Build Driver to become Kamen Rider Prime Rogue. Gentoku was given Shou's jacket as a token of appreciation but dismayed when Sento reveals that the Prime Rogue Fullbottle would take a month to repair.

Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

Grease in Be The One.

During the Build Annihilation Plan, Rogue attempted to protect Sento Kiryu from the amassed populace of Japan, who had been compelled to eliminate him, only to be overwhelmed by the angry mob. Gentoku and Kazumi were stripped of his Sclash Driver and kept in confinement before being set free by Nariaki Utsumi, who made them beg to return their Drivers. Making their return, Rogue joined in the final battle against the Blood Tribe with the Kamen Riders and defeated the Scissors Lost Smash.

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER

Team Build in Heisei Generations Forever.png

A powerful Time Jacker named Tid appears and creates two powerful warriors, Another Double and Another Den-O and orders them to pursue a young boy named Shingo. Kazumi and Gentoku to temporarily assist Sento and Ryuga, though he loses his memories shortly thereafter. Kazumi and Gentoku later regain their memories again and become Grease and Rogue once more to protect Misora and other civilians from Tid's forces.

Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z

Sometime after the creation of the New World, Gentoku settled his life as a politician. However, due to the appearance of Killbus, his memories of the previous world were restored once the Pandora Box was reactivated. Reuniting with his allies once more, Gentoku becomes Kamen Rider Rogue and assists Ryuga as they battle Kamen Rider Killbus. The next day, Rogue and Grease help Cross-Z defeat Killbus, while holding off the Smash.

Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease

Gentoku Grease Profile.png

Gentoku continues to act as the aid to Japan's Prime Minister, Taizan Himuro, and notably shaved his beard. He was presenting to UN Representive, Simon Marcus, regarding the Build Driver with Shinobu Katsuragi. Upon the appearance of the terrorist organization Down Fall, Gentoku battles the group but his Hazard Level was absorbed, rendering him incapable of fighting after a sudden blank point shot from Simon Marcus as a Phantom Crusher. After he was captured by the terrorist group, he called Sawa to overhear the conversation of Down Fall.

Sawa later finds his location and doses him with a Phantom Liquid elixir to replenish his Hazard Level. Gentoku later teams up with the Kamen Riders to battle the terrorist group as he transforms into Kamen Rider Prime Rogue. After the battle, Sento asked Gentoku why he called Sawa first. As Ryuga asked Gentoku what happened to his beard, he revealed Gentoku and Sawa became a couple by showing off their outfit, revealing Sawa is the one who told him to shave.

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Night Rogue and Kamen Rider Rogue are both a playable characters in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul. Furthermore, Rogue is the only Build Rider's identity that can be revealed by players themselves before episode 23 aired. Players can scrape the 'PR036' medal's Night Rogue sticker off to reveal the Kamen Rider Rogue sticker hidden at the bottom.


"One of our objectives is to create the ultimate life form. I wonder what would happen if someone who was injected with the Smash element underwent experimentation again. I'll have to run a test."
―Gentoku, as Night Rogue, shows his malicious nature[src]

Gentoku's Malicious Nature before his rebirth

Gentoku is a composed and generally calm man, rarely changing his tone of voice unless agitated. Underneath his cool exterior, he is a man with questionable morals at best: he flirted with a journalist, and referred to Ryuga Banjo and Sento Kiryu as toys, as well as his fiery temper whenever he commands his soldiers. During a conversation with Gentoku, Blood Stalk reveals that Gentoku's goal is to mass produce Kamen Rider technology from his experiments for military use. Gentoku is determined to see this project succeed and will do everything he can to silence or stop anyone who will interfere with this plan. He also didn't hesitate to kill his decoy with his own hand to get press in his favor.

As Night Rogue, he is a malicious control freak. Seeing innocent people as mere guinea pigs, he doesn't hesitate to experiment on them, even when fully knowing that his subjects would be too weak to survive. Despite his cold and calculating personality, Gentoku has his own standards and shows little to no tolerance with insubordination. He is easily vexed each time Blood Stalk goes against his orders, which drives a wedge between their collaboration. He is also appalled when Stalk put his father to the hospital for the second time before Taizan was about to resume his duty as Prime Minister.

Gentoku is susceptible to episodes of paranoia and aggression, urging his father that they need a military to crush Seito and Hokuto before they crush Touto, believing they are out to get the capital and superior military might can stop their advance. Eventually, his father exiled him from Touto due of his plan to invade Hokuto. Gentoku's later affiliation with Seito took his already malicious personality to a whole new level. He gave up everything else for the sake of strength, to the point he would go into further heights to be subjected with cruel experimentation. Having experienced 'Hell', where he was looked down and tortured, Gentoku become somewhat emotionless, no longer the hotheaded control freak that he was once. His ambition now is to destroy Touto and 'bring order' on Japan as whole. While he's shown to understand the burden of it, he has also proven to be more cruel and ruthless by killing Akaba without compassion.

Before becoming Kamen Rider Rogue, Gentoku had a habit of rubbing his beard with his fingers.

"I knew nothing...I survived by trusting only my ambitions. But alone, I was just a piece of trash that couldn't do anything. That's why I...took my great pride...took my vanity...and threw away everything to be reborn."
―Gentoku, as Kamen Rider Rogue, showing his soulless nature after being reborn.[src]

According to his father, Gentoku was once an extremely kind man whose personality took a 360-turn following the Sky Wall incident. As Gentoku became more active in his activities as Kamen Rider Rogue, the extreme increases of his Hazard Level slowly nullified his aggressiveness and power-hungry nature, as evident when he became skeptical towards Namba Heavy Industries' plan with the Pandora Box. Juzaburo Namba's (under the guise of the late Mido) intentions to use the box to create an immortal Namba Empire contradicts Gentoku's own ambitions with the box, to the point he warned Sento about Namba masquerading as Mido.Surging Magma! He is quick to detest Namba's underhanded tactics, such as holding Kazumi Sawatari's farmers hostage to blackmail him into betraying the Touto government. Gentoku placed himself in mortal danger to free the captives, resulting in Utsumi activating the killswitch device to punish Gentoku for his defiance. Gentoku planned to play the villain in order to solidify Japan under Taizan's peaceful approach and rebuild Japan as whole, without concern for internal borders. Despite the strained relationship between father and son, Gentoku shows to care for his own father in spite of focusing on his own ambitions. It comes to a full circle when he attempted to free Taizan from Evolto's clutches. His father, in return sacrificed himself to ensure Gentoku's survival.

After becoming Kamen Rider Rogue, he has become a brutal fighter such as using sure-kill attacks and grabbing Build by the eyepiece of his helmet.

"I only heard him express his feelings once. Right after that, I shot him. I was the one who twisted Utsumi."
―Gentoku to Sawa, admits to being responsible for Utsumi's descent into insanity.[src]

Gentoku indulging in his hobby of karaoke.

Outside of politics, Gentoku seems to take a liking towards the retro. As seen from his karaoke sessions, he has a preference for songs from the past (somewhere around the 1980's). Prologue: NIGHT ROGUE RISES Also, his odd, retro-inspired casual clothes during his stay with Nascita, a far cry from his villainous get-up, has attracted the shock of everyone, as well as the disgust of Misora. Eventually, he toned down his gaudiness after being gifted a leather jacket, but would continue his trend of wearing custom t-shirts to express his opinions with varying levels of competence. Gentoku also hates bell pepper and his sheltered upbringing means he has no knowledge about a lot of things in the real world. He has admitted that he actually knows nothing related to science, him being the head of the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics as a result of nepotism. The Ultimate Phase He also has no idea how to purchase a train ticket on his own, leading him to mostly travel on foot. Kamen Rider Prime Rogue


Powers and Abilities


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: After Gentoku was injected with a certain amount of Nebula Gas, his physical condition was enhanced to a certain degree. To be noted that as his Hazard Level increases, his physical condition increases as well. According to Gentoku as Night Rogue, his level was stated to be above Hazard Level 3, but due to the Transteam Gun's limitations, his Hazard Level becomes capped and does not reflect his actual level. Sometime after being exiled from Touto, Gentoku underwent cruel experimentation in order to raise his Hazard Level to above 4 in order to utilize the Sclash Driver.
    • Nebula Gas Shockwaves: Prior his debut as a Kamen Rider, Gentoku was able to unleash shockwaves which can reduce Guardians into nothing. The principle of it is currently unknown.


  • Skilled Combatant: Though briefly, he was seen to easily block and counter Ryuga Banjo's punches, who himself was a professional fighter.
  • Bilingualism: Gentoku speaks his native Japanese, and has a certain level of fluency in English, as he is seen speaking it with Simon Marcus during the events of Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease.

Former Weaknesses

  • Kill Switch: Due to his alliance with Seito, he has a chip inside of his chest that could detonate if he showed any signs of betrayal. The chip is also capable of emitting a a painful electric shock, triggered by Utsumi's device that can force Rogue out of his transformation. It seems Utsumi's device is able capable of setting the level of electric shock that Gentoku receives, and if Utsumi switch is broken, Evolto had a spare switch. With Sento's help, this chip was deactivated.


Night Rogue

Night Rogue

Night Rogue's wings

"Bat! Mist Match! Bat! Bat-Ba-Bat! Fire!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Ability Parameters
  • Punching power: 17.2 t.[1][2]
  • Kicking power: 20.5 t.[1][2]
  • Maximum jump height: 49 m.[1][2]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 4.1 sec.[1][2]

Like Blood Stalk, Night Rogue's form is accessed with the Transteam Gun and the Bat Fullbottle.

Night Rogue seems to possess a degree of steam manipulation as he can perform typhoportation or summoning his Steam Blade. Night Rogue is also shown to be able to fly as well as walk on ceilings. He can also execute an electrified Rider Punch-esque attack where his fist glows blue with electric energy and hits the target.

Night Rogue can summon a pair of wings on his back that allows him to fly and attack from the sky. He can perform his own version of a Rider Kick by creating a tornado with his wings.

Unlike Build, Night Rogue's Ability Parameters are not spread out between his arms and legs. While Night Rogue gets power from only one Fullbottle, he is much stronger than Build's Trial Forms, and his stats even surpass some of Build's Best Matches.

Night Rogue consists of the following parts:

  • Night Rogue Head (ナイトローグヘッド, Naito Rōgu Heddo): Night Rogue's helmet.
    • Central Chimney (セントラルチムニー, Sentoraru Chimunī): A chimney unit mounted on Night Rogue's head. It has a heat removal function, a function to disperse toxic gas, and can also launch special bullets.
    • NR Signal (NRシグナル, NR Shigunaru): Data collection system in Night Rogue's helmet. It collects data in real time, and performs emergency repair on damaged parts of the suit. It also manages the condition of the body.
    • Bat Night Goggles (バットナイトゴーグル, Batto Naito Gōguru): Transparent goggles to protect Night Rogue's face. The built in ultrasonic sensor allows him to fight in complete darkness.
    • Night Seeker Eye (ナイトシーカーアイ, Naito Shīkā Ai): Night Rogue's eyes. They It has a built in night vision sensor, and can detect heat sources and movement.
    • Air Face Duct (エアフェイスダクト, Ea Feisu Dakuto): A built in gas mask in the helmet. It removes harmful substances from the air when breathing and can discharge toxic gases.
    • NR Face Guard (NRフェイスガード, NR Feisu Gādo): Device that protects Night Rogue's head. In response to an enemy's physical attack, it emits a wave that cancels out the impact to nullify the damage.
  • Bat Chest Armor (バットチェストアーマー, Batto Chesuto Āmā): Night Rogue's chest armor. The chest is equipped with a device called Steam Generator (スチームジェネレーター, Suchīmu Jenerētā) that increases user's fighting ability. It can also accelerate the user's movement speed and attack power.
  • NR Unlimited Suit (NRアンリミテッドスーツ, NR Anrimiteddo Sūtsu): Shock resistant bodysuit of Night Rogue. It can release the physical limiter and unleash the hidden physical ability of the user while offering protection from damage.
  • NR Steam Shoulder (NRスチームショルダー, NR Suchīmu Shorudā): Night Rogue's shoulder armor. They optimize arm movement to improve attack accuracy. The steam pipes can also spray toxic gases while exhausting heat.
  • Dark Rush Arm (ダークラッシュアーム, Dāku Rasshu Āmu): Night Rogue's arms. They increase speed and power, and can also use the attached Darkness Winger (ダークネスウィンガー, Dākunesu U~ingā) blades to slash enemies.
  • NR Bat Glove (NRバットグローブ, NR Batto Gurōbu): Night Rogue's gloves. They are reinforced, and have sharp claws at the fingers to allow for slashing attacks.
  • Metal Knee Bat (メタルニーバット, Metaru Nī Batto): Night Rogue's knee pads. They optimize leg movement to improve speed.
  • Dark Rush Leg (ダークラッシュレッグ, Dāku Rasshu Reggu): Night Rogue's legs. They combine power and speed and specialize in high powered knees and continuous kicks.
  • Night Seeker Shoes (ナイトシーカーシューズ, Naito Shīkā Shūzu): Night Rogue's shoes. They suppress sound for stealth attacks, and can emit special steam for a kick attack.

With the Steam Blade or the Steam Rifle, he can use the following attacks:

  • Elek Steam (エレキスチーム, Ereki Suchīmu): Night Rogue shoots electricity at the enemy.
  • Ice Steam (アイススチーム, Aisu Suchīmu): Night Rogue emits an icey mist from the Steam Blade, freezing the opponent.
  • Devil Steam (デビルスチーム, Debiru Suchīmu): Night Rogue sprays a stream of Nebula Gas from his Steam Blade, transforming anybody who comes in contact with it into a Smash.

Night Rogue has 4 finishers:

  • Transtream Gun finishers:
    • Steam Break (スチームブレイク, Suchīmu Bureiku): Night Rogue channels the powers of a Faust Fullbottle and performs a powerful blast attack.
    • Steam Attack (スチームアタック, Suchīmu Atakku): Night Rogue channels the powers of a normal Fullbottle and performs a powerful blast attack.
  • Steam Rifle finishers:
    • Steam Shot (スチームショット, Suchīmu Shotto): Night Rogue channels the powers of a Faust Fullbottle and performs a powerful steam blast attack.
      • Bat:Night Rogue shoots a steam bullet at the enemy.
    • Steam Attack (スチームアタック, Suchīmu Atakku): Night Rogue channels the powers of a normal Fullbottle and performs a powerful steam blast attack.
Appearances: ROGUE Episode 1, Build Episodes 1-7, Transformation Lessons: Night Rogue Chapter, Build 8-13, 15-16, 20

Kamen Rider Rogue

Kamen Rider Rogue

"Wareru! Kuwareru! Kudakechiru! (Heavy metal music with horror violins) Crocodile in Rogue! Oraa! (Scream)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
Ability Parameters
  • Punching power: 32.7 t.[3][4]
  • Kicking power: 37.5 t.[3][4]
  • Maximum jump height: 57.2 m.[3][4]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 2.3 sec.[3][4]

Kamen Rider Rogue's base form is accessed by using the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle in the Sclash Driver.

He can wield the Nebulasteam Gun and Steam Blade as sidearms, or combine them into the Nebulasteam Rifle.

Rogue's stats rival even Build's Hazard Forms, leaving Cross-Z Charge and Grease in the dust. Although his gear still utilizes Variable Jelly (ヴァリアブルゼリー, Variaburu Zerī), the substance is only present inside of his purple Crocodilatan Armor (クロコダイラタンアーマー, Kurokodairatan Āmā), where it hardens upon impact. In addition, the white crack-like segments are actually durable reinforced frame pieces.

His helmet's most distinct feature is the two crocodile jaw Cell Face Crusher ( セルフェイスクラッシャー, Seru Feisu Kurasshā). During transformation, the Cell Face Crusher cracks the helmet open, revealing the Hard Jelly Eyes (ハードゼリーアイ, Hādo Zerī Ai). The right Cell Face Crusher has a mounted sensor unit called the RR Signal (RR シグナル, RR Shigunaru), which can collect battle data as well as monitor Rogue's internal and external status.

Kamen Rider Rogue is composed of the following parts:

  • Rogue Head (ローグヘッド, Rōgu Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Crocodilatan Armor (クロコダイラタンアーマー, Kurokodairatan Āmā) - The overall head. The inside is filled with Variable Jelly (ヴァリアブルゼリー, Variaburu Zerī), which is usually soft and flexible, but hardens instantaneously when attacked, allowing the Crocodilatan Armor to exhibit enough defense to recieve and withstand armor-piercing ammunition. The white 'cracks' are in reality super hardened frame pieces.
    • Struggle Enhancer (ストラグルエンハンサー, Sutoraguru Enhansā) - An output adjustment device built into the Rogue Head. It inspires the user's fighting spirit and optimises each suit function to support the user's combat abilities. In some cases, it is possible to bring out combat ability beyond basic performance.
    • Hard Jelly Eyes (ハードゼリーアイ, Hādo Zerī Ai) - The eyes. It improves the user's reaction speed and increases hit rate and avoidance rate during combat. It has a hard gummy feel and will not crack even when hit by a Smash.
    • Cell Face Crusher ( セルフェイスクラッシャー, Seru Feisu Kurasshā) - The purple crocodile jaw-like protrusions on the sides of the head. It functions as an armor crushing unit that crushes Rogue's head armor during transformation to reveal the eyes. It also serves as a protective armor piece that minimises any damage to the head.
    • RR Signal (RR シグナル, RR Shigunaru) - A data collection device mounted on the right cheek section. In addition to accurately comprehending the abilities of the user and the opponent from collected battle data, it also performs overall condition management and emergency repairs.
  • Crocodilatan Armor (クロコダイラタンアーマー, Kurokodairatan Āmā) - The chest. It is purple and black armor that protects Rogue's body. The inside is filled with Variable Jelly, which is usually soft and flexible, but hardens instantaneously when attacked, allowing the Crocodilatan Armor to exhibit enough defense to recieve and withstand armor-piercing ammunition. The white 'cracks' are in reality super hardened frame pieces.
  • Fanguard Shoulders (ファンガードショルダー, Fangādo Shorudā) - The shoulder armor. It optimises arm movement and improves attack accuracy. Additionaly, special smoke made from ingredients within the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle can be blown out to increase the power of an attack for a certain period of time.
  • RR Enhancement Suit (RRエンハンスメントスーツ, RR Enhansumento Sūtsu) - The shock-resistant bodysuit. It protects the user from combat damage while strengthening the body according to their Hazard Level.
  • Force Crack Arms (フォースクラックアーム, Fōsukurakkuāmu) - The arms. An elastic gel pad inside the suit assists arm movement, greatly increasing strength and speed. Additionally, by going into regular combat, the gel pad becomes familiar with the body of the user (their movements), allowing it to demonstrate higher attack performance.
  • Death Roll Gloves (デスロールグローブ, Desu Rōru Gurōbu) - The reinforced hands. It excels in continuous fighting, and thanks to a super hard claw, and punching power rises/decreases according to the user's fighting spirit.
  • Cruncher Edges (クランチャーエッジ, Kuranchā Ejji) - White blades attached to the arms and legs. During special attacks, Rogue can manifest the energy fangs Cruncher Fang (クランチャーファング, Kuranchā Fangu) over the arms and legs to increase damage.
  • Force Crack Legs (フォースクラックレッグ, Fōsu Kurakku Reggu) - The legs. An elastic gel pad inside the suit assists leg movement, greatly increasing strength and speed. Additionally, by going into regular combat, the gel pad becomes familiar with the body of the user (their movements), allowing it to demonstrate higher attack performance.
  • Death Roll Shoes (デスロールシューズ, Desu Rōru Shūzu) - The reinforced feet. It has super hard claws and a footwork optimisation function. Additionally, kicking power increases/decreases according to the user's fighting spirit. Rogue can also rotate his body at high speed with the claws protruding towards the enemy and shake it violently, causing serious damage.

With the Steam Blade or the Nebulasteam Rifle, he can use the following attacks:

  • Elek Steam (エレキスチーム, Ereki Suchīmu): Rogue shoots electricity at the enemy.
  • Ice Steam (アイススチーム, Aisu Suchīmu): Rogue emits an icey mist from the Steam Blade, freezing the opponent.
  • Devil Steam (デビルスチーム, Debiru Suchīmu): Rogue sprays a stream of Nebula Gas from his Steam Blade Rifle, transforming anybody who comes in contact with it into a Smash.

Rogue has three different finishers:

  • Sclash Driver finisher:
    • Rogue's finisher with the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle is the Crack Up Finish (クラックアップフィニッシュ, Kurakku Appu Finisshu), which has five variations:
      • Rider Kick:
        • Using the Cruncher Edges (クランチャーエッジ, Kuranchā Ejji) on his legs, Rogue generates the Cruncher Fang (クランチャーファング, Kuranchā Fangu) to crush his target several times before launching them away. The Phantom of the West
        • Rogue charges his leg with purple energy and performs a somersault kick attack.The Idol Awakens
        • Rogue creates a Cruncher Fang projection in right leg before delivering an explosive kick.Programmed Tragedy
        • Rogue charges his right leg with purple energy and performs a flying kick. Evolto Hunts the Stars
      • Rider Punch: By charging energy into the Death Roll Glove (デスロールグローブ, Desu Rōru Gurōbu), Rogue delivers a punch that is strong enough to kill a Hazard Smash.
    • Charge Crash (チャージクラッシ, Chāji Kurasshu): Rogue channels the power of a Biotic Fullbottle.
      • Phoenix: Rogue transforms into a flaming energy phoenix for a quick method of transport.
      • Same: Rogue creates a body of water in front of him from which an energy shark jumps out of and consumes the enemy's attack.
    • Discharge Crash (ディスチャージクラッシ, Disuchāji Kurasshu): Rogue channels the power of an Abiotic Fullbottle.
      • Diamond: Rogue generates a diamond-like barrier to protect himself from incoming attacks.
  • Nebulasteam Gun finisher:
    • Funky Break (ファンキーブレイク, Fankī Bureiku): Rogue channels the power of the Crocodile Crack Fullbottle and performs a powerful blast attack.
      • Crocodile Crack: Rogue fires a Cruncher Fang projection towards his target.
    • Funky Attack (ファンキーアタック, Fankī Atakku) Rogue channels the power of a standard Fullbottle and performs a powerful blast attack.
      • Phoenix: Rogue transforms into a mass of fire that resembles an energy phoenix which gives him temporary flight abilities. He can also carry other people.
    • Funky Shot (ファンキーショット, Fankī Shotto): Rogue channels the power of a Fullbottle and performs a powerful blast attack.
      • Crocodile Crack: Rogue fires a large Cruncher Fang projection at the enemy. This attack is able to hit multiple targets at once.
Appearances: ROGUE Episodes 1-3, Build Episodes 22-25, 27-28, 31-33, 35-39, 42-46, Kamen Rider Build: Be The One, Build 46-48, Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Cross-Z, Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER, Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease

Kamen Rider Prime Rogue

Kamen Rider Prime Rogue

"Prime Rogue! Are you ready? Taigi bansei! Prime Rogue! Doryadoryadoryadoryadoryadorya Doryaa!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 194.0 cm[5]
  • Weight: 111.8 kg[5]
Ability Parameters
  • Punching power: 52.3 t.[5]
  • Kicking power: 60 t.[5]
  • Maximum jump height: 74.4 m.[5]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m. per 1.3 sec.[5]

Prime Rogue (プライムローグ, Puraimu Rōgu) is Kamen Rider Rogue's final form accessed by using the Prime Rogue Fullbottle in the Build Driver. It is hence known as the Late-Blooming Justice (大義晩成, Taigi Bansei).

He can wield the Nebulasteam Gun and Steam Blade as sidearms, or combine them into the Nebulasteam Rifle.

This form's finisher is the Prime Scrap Break (プライムスクラップブレイク, Puraimu Sukurappu Bureiku): Prime Rogue performs an enhanced version of his first Crack Up Finish attack with gold energy mixed into the violet projection.

Gentoku temporarily lost access to this form after the Prime Rogue Fullbottle was damaged due to his reckless usage, with Sento explaining that it would take up to a month to fix the Fullbottle. He later regained use of it in the New World in order to fight Down Fall.

Appearances: Kamen Rider Prime Rogue, Kamen Rider Build: Final Stage, Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease



  • Transteam Gun - Night Rogue's transformation device and personal weapon.
  • Fullbottles - Trinkets for transformation with the Transteam Gun or Build Driver and granting ablities with the Sclash Driver.
  • Sclash Driver - Rogue's transformation device.
  • Build Driver - Rogue's secondary transformation device.


  • Steam Blade - Night Rogue standard sidearm knife. Can combine with the Transteam Gun to form the Steam Rifle, or with the Nebulasteam Gun to form the Nebulasteam Rifle.
  • Nebulasteam Gun - Rogue's personal weapon. Can combine with the Steam Blade to form the Nebulasteam Rifle.

Legend Rider Devices

"(Digital beeping) Rogue!"
―Activation announcement[src]

" Danger! The Crocodile Rider is... Rogue! (デンジャー! クロコダイルライダーは…ローグだ!, Denjā!! Kurokodairu Raidā wa... Rōgu da!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Crocodile Fullbottle's standby) Crocodile! Rogue! (Scream)"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Crack Up Time (Break/Burst)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Rogue Ridewatch (ローグライドウォッチ, Rōgu Raido Wotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Rogue, this Ridewatch would provide access to the RogueArmor. It is dated 2017.



  • Team Build - Teammates and Friends
    • Sento Kiryu/Takumi Katsuragi: Gentoku knew Sento back then as Katsuragi. When Takumi returned as Sento, he didn't recognize him only just another stranger who he hired to research on Pandora's Box. Eventually, learning the truth from Stalk that Sento was Takumi, he immediately called him by his true name. Becoming from Night Rogue to a Kamen Rider, the Nebula Gas changed him back to his normal self from Pandora's Box's light. Knowing how it caused him to go powerhungry and waging war on Hokuto & Seito, using Takumi and Utsumi for his own gain, he wishes to redeem himself for what he's done, joining Team Build. However, Gentoku always calls Sento as "Katsuragi", until his final moments.
    • Ryuga Banjo: Once an enemy of Ryuga who escaped Faust and later fought him becoming Cross-Z. Ryuga accuses Gentoku as the person who killed Kasumi with the Smash experimentations, although Gentoku said that he didn't order it. He didn't know Blood Stalk was actually using Ryuga for his Hazard Level to rise, in order to take back his DNA. When Gentoku joins Sento's battle against Evolto, Ryuga lost all of his enmity to Gentoku.
    • Kazumi Sawatari: Both he and Kazumi are like Sento and Ryuga. Kazumi and Gentoku were enemies during the Touto-Seito War. After the rebirth of Evolto on Earth, Kazumi fought with Gentoku to make him fight alongside Team Build and to pay him back for not only Akaba's death, but also for his former compatriots killing Kiba and waging war on Hokuto during his time in Touto. Defeated, Gentoku fights alongside them when freeing Sento from Evolto's control. Kazumi is usually annoyed with Gentoku's retro fashion, and they bicker endlessly such as not cooking Kazumi's own special pasta recipe precisely. Kazumi calls him Beard (髭 Hige), and likewise, Gentoku calls Kazumi Potato (ポテト Poteto). However, Gentoku and Kazumi eventually grow friendlier with each other and often fight back-to-back in battles, with Kazumi even forgiving him at last and suggesting him to get back to the government after their battle is over.
    • Misora Isurugi: Misora knew Gentoku as Night Rogue and later Kamen Rider Rogue. She hates Gentoku's fashion sense.
    • Sawa Takigawa: He knew Sawa before he knew she was part of the Nanba children. When Sawa first interviewed him in Touto government, Gentoku offers to answers all of her questions if she accompanied him for a night. After joining Team Build, Gentoku's wounds are usually treated by Sawa. Both Gentoku and Sawa are currently in a romantic relationship together by the time of Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease.
    • Nariaki Utsumi: Once in service to Gentoku, he was shot by him as a means of covering up his tracks as Night Rogue. Seeing him alive, working for Namba left him in shock. Utsumi desired revenge on him for all the life of hell he's been put through. Hearing Gentoku banished from Touto, gave him the opportunity for payback, when Gentoku demanded him and Namba to make him a rider for Seito. When Namba was killed by Evolto, choosing to serve him, Utsumi's vengeance on Gentoku grew when becoming MadRogue. He revealed himself to be getting revenge for Namba's death along with being reborn a cyborg due to Gentoku's actions in his final days. Gentoku thus blames himself for Utsumi's loss of sanity. Later they became allies in the New World, though, Utsumi still appears to express disdain for him being a cyborg caused by Gentoku in the previous world.


  • Evolto: He knew Evolto as Blood Stalk while possessing Soichi Isurugi. He questions his motives with Sento and Ryuga. When he killed his father, he was lost and later swore revenge.
  • Juzaburo Namba: Once served under him during his time in Touto before joining Seito. Now later enemies after realizing the situation he's in after Namba replaced Mido as him.

Behind the Scenes


Gentoku is portrayed by Kensei Mikami (水上 剣星, Mikami Kensei). As Night Rogue and Kamen Rider Rogue, his suit actor is Jun Watanabe (渡辺淳, Watanabe Jun), who played Secondary Riders since Kamen Rider Drive.


Night Rogue's name is formed from the English words “Night” and “Rogue.” The name as a whole seems to be a pun of the word “Nitro”, possibly referencing Night Rogue’s Steam Engine Motif.

His Rider name, Rogue, while borrowing part of his previous Form's name, is appropriate to his current status as a defector from Touto, as well as defining his behavior up to his introduction as a Rider.


In some episodes (including the one of V-Cinema films), Gentoku's comments are labeled on his shirts he made to satisfy/apologize the members of Team Build, which later used often as a running gag.


  • Night Rogue's bat motif, along with Blood Stalk's cobra motif, is part of the recurring bat/cobra/spider trio in the Kamen Rider franchise, a tribute to the first two Shocker monsters as well as the first monster to be upgraded.
  • Night Rogue's undersuit inexplicably changes from black to brown in later episodes during certain scenes.
  • Rogue's fragile tag

    Kamen Rider Rogue has a fragile warning label pasted onto the back of his helmet.
  • Gentoku is the only rider in Team Build who was not possessed by Evolto, either by his fragment or his main body.
  • Prime Rouge is currently the only known special form that debuted in a Hyper Battle DVD to return in a movie.


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