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For his Bujin counterpart, see Kamen Rider Bujin Fourze.

"It's space time! Kamen Rider Fourze! Let's settle this one-on-one! (宇宙キター!仮面ライダーフォーゼ!タイマン張らせてもらうぜ!, Uchū kitā! Kamen Raidā Fōze! Taiman harasete morau ze!)"
―Fourze's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

"Our bonds will take on the universe! (みんなの絆で宇宙を掴む!, Minna no kizuna de uchū wo tsukamu!)"
―Fourze Cosmicstates' pre-battle catchphrase[src]

Gentaro Kisaragi (如月 弦太朗, Kisaragi Gentarō)[1] is the main protagonist of Kamen Rider Fourze. He is a high-school student who transforms into Kamen Rider Fourze (仮面ライダーフォーゼ, Kamen Raidā Fōze).


Early Life[]

As a child, Gentaro regularly invited classmates to visit his home, befriending them to please his parents. In his third year of primary school, Gentaro's parents died in an unknown incident, with his grandfather Goro Kisaragi taking him in. Since the elder Kisaragi was a bike mechanic, he and Gentaro moved constantly to follow the racing circuit, an experience Gentaro found enjoyable. At some point, the two moved back into the city where Gentaro lived with his parents, with Gentaro transfering into Amanogawa School.

Becoming Kamen Rider Fourze[]

"I-I don't know what happening to me...but it's space time!"
―Gentaro after becoming Kamen Rider Fourze for the first time[src]

After reuniting with childhood friend Yuki Jojima, he tries to befriend loner Kengo Utahoshi, who goes out of his way to avoid him. When he slights Miu Kazashiro, Shun Daimonji begins to deal out "punishment" until a strange creature Yuki identifies as a Zodiarts appears. Gentaro begins to fight off the monster until Kengo arrives in the Powerdizer exo-suit, managing to keep the creature at bay, but leaving him physically drained. Kengo and Yuki head to an abandoned part of campus where they enter a locker that transports them to a lunar base known as the Rabbit Hatch. He prepares to use the devices left behind on the base, until Gentaro appears, having followed them into the locker. Gentaro takes the device from Kengo, who is still too tired to fight back. Gentaro faces off against the Zodiarts, but Yuki shows up to advise him on how to use the device he stole from Kengo. Gentaro activates the strange belt, transforming him into Kamen Rider Fourze for the first time. With Kengo's instruction, Gentaro is able to defeat the Zodiarts, and he is begrudgingly allowed to keep the Fourze Driver in order to battle the Zodiarts menace. To cement his new friendship, Gentaro forms a Kamen Rider Club, with Yuki and Kengo as its first members while taking up the title Kamen Rider.

School Life[]

During his second and third school year, Gentaro as Fourze would fight against the Zodiarts and their more powerful counterparts, the Horoscopes, gaining various Astro Switches along the way. He also meets another Kamen Rider who seeks the Aries Zodiarts, Kamen Rider Meteor. While their overall goals were different, Gentaro would see Meteor as a strong and powerful ally. When an exchange student from Subaruboshi High School, Ryusei Sakuta asks to join the Kamen Rider Club, Gentaro at first refuses as he saw through Ryusei's act in the fact he wasn't being himself in front of the club. He later accepts Ryusei into the club when he reveals a small part of his personality.

Eventually, the Kamen Rider Club learns that Ryusei's old school was infiltrated by the Horoscopes and heads there to deal with the situation. As Gentaro transforms to confront the Aries Zodiarts, he learns of his abilities and eventually manage to overpower him. However, just as Kamen Rider Fourze is about to finish the Zodiarts off, Kamen Rider Meteor intervenes and executes a Limit Break, followed by a one-inch punch on Kamen Rider Fourze, sending Gentaro into critical condition. Seeing Ryusei's blatant insubordination, Tachibana shuts down the Meteor system, effectively canceling Kamen Rider Meteor's transformation and revealing Ryusei's identity to the Kamen Rider Club. Gentaro dies shortly thereafter in front of all of them, after commending Ryusei for finally being true to Gentaro and to himself. However, with Tachibana's advice, Kengo managed to resurrect Gentaro with the Cosmic Switch using the bonds of friendship forged along thus far, gaining access to Cosmicstates. With this new-found power, the Aries Zodiarts proves to be an easy opponent and is defeated shortly thereafter.

Gentaro once again displays the lengths he is willing to help a friend when the Capricorn Zodiarts, Tojiro Goto, shows up and convinces JK to reform their rock band named "Gene God", using the Capricorn Zodiarts powers to improve their musical talents as well as easily enthralling their audience. JK chooses to live his dream and quits the Kamen Rider Club, which results in Gentaro losing the use of Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmicstates. Refusing to give up on a friend, Gentaro goes as far as to travel to JK's hometown ask JK's now-fisherman father to teach him the song JK heard growing up, just so that he can snap JK out and reminds him what it really means to chase one's dreams. Regaining JK's friendship shortly thereafter as well as the Cosmicstates, Gentaro proceeds to make short work of the Capricorn Zodiarts.

Gentaro then befriended Erin Suda and Yuki receives a letter to join the Space International Development Agency's astronaut test, but Yuki is not alone, many other students also get the letter including Gentaro and Erin. During the first test, Gentaro meets the Aquarius Zodiarts who is intended to heal Kengo. Soon they both fight, but the pots on the Aquarius Zodiarts has the ability to heal herself. Learning that Erin is the Aquarius Zodiarts, Gentaro is confused of what happened. Erin says that she wants to become an astronaut like her father and be able to go into space, refusing to lose that honor to someone like Yuki. Gentaro made a promise if Yuki wins she must give her Aquarius Switch. However, Aquarius attacks once again although Fourze doesn't flinch on most attacks, the Zodiarts escapes once again. Gentaro learned that Yuki cheated, but he doesn't believe it. He then rushes to Erin and tell her to promise to be fair. Aquarius then fights Meteor Storm, but Erin remembers the promises that she has made. While on the moon Yuki tells Gentaro what happened on the second tests. In the survival race, Aquarius attacks Yuki, although learning Yuki helped Erin win. In the end, Gentaro is forced tofight Erin since they both can't be friends. Fourze successfully defeated Aquarius and because Erin's memories are erased, Gentaro (with Yuki) once again befriended Erin.

Later, Yuta Sugiura set Amanogawa School Bylaws, which prevent most students freedom. While Kengo, Yuki and Tomoko learning about Cosmic Energy form Professor Kuniteru Emoto, Gentaro, JK, and Ryusei make protests to Sugiura. Sugiura then beats Gentaro and JK in break dance and double dutch contests. As the Taurus Zodiarts' power is to make contracts and Gentaro and JK have sign in, Fourze can't punch Taurus. Gentaro and JK then change their appearance and become student council members. Gentaro then learns that Sugiura originally was for individuality before the previous president Sayaka Mibu warped his mind. Gentaro heads to the hospital where they find Sayaka, while Taurus takes the students' soul and turns them into drones.

Meanwhile, discussing what they learned from Sayaka on the conditions of her injury and his resulting mindset for his ideal justice, Gentaro stops Sugiura as he is about to punish Oki when he failed to let Tomoko escape. Gentaro then changes into Fourze but the contract is still in effect, using Foodroids to escape. Meteor Storm then appears and begins the challenge. Though Meteor wins, Taurus couldn't believe it and turns the Kamen Rider into his slave to help in capturing Oki as the students boxed her, Yuki, and JK into a corner. However, before the rest of the Kamen Rider Club is zombified, the Taurus Zodiarts sees smoke on the school rooftop and finds Sayaka having a fireworks barbecue. Gentaro then says what real justice is, then Sugiura breaks his Gu-anna and breaks out of his control. Gentaro is then enraged to see Taurus throw him to the Dark Nebula after the Virgo Zodiarts' offer declined and Taurus attacks her. Gentaro and Ryusei then change, but Virgo is too strong and the two lost.

After Virgo sends Tomoko into the Dark Nebula, she starts to intimidate all the Kamen Rider Club members, except for Gentaro, Kengo, and Ryusei. Gentaro tried to convince them back to the club, but no one wants to because they are scared of Virgo's attack. However, Tachibana arrived to aid Gentaro for using his ruthlessness to activate Cosmicstates. Unfortunately, Gentaro couldn't do it, so Tachibana use a test to raise Gentaro's ruthlessness. Gentaro then succeeded the test in Rocketstates when Tachibana told Gentaro to touch the pot that he prepared. But, soon enough, Kengo informed that Tachibana is Virgo. Ryusei becomes enraged and attacked Tachibana (as Virgo), only to be sent into the Dark Nebula. Kengo then suggests to Gentaro not to trust Tachibana, but still trusts him. On the next test, Gentaro must destroy the pot while it is held by Virgo. After Magnetstates couldn't do it, when Virgo attacks, Fourze changes into Cosmicstates as he then remembers that even if his friends die or become far from him, they're still beside him. Kamen Rider Club members also appear with Kengo, showing Virgo about friendship, she then brings back Ryusei and Tomoko and also reveals her identity as Kuniteru Emoto and the Dark Nebula's true destination, but he is attacked by the Sagittarius Zodiarts' arrow. Fourze and Meteor then fight Sagittarius, only to become punching bags for Sagittarius to show his power. All of the Kamen Rider Club then bury Emoto in the moon, after he is defeated by Libra and Leo, but he leaves some words to Kengo.

Yuki is then forced by Libra and Leo to press the Gemini Switch and split into two personae. One of them, Dark Yuki, starts to prank every KRC member. However, the real Yuki is the one tied up by Gentaro who tries to search for the Gemini Switch. After Yuki runs because Gentaro forgot what did Yuki gave him, Gentaro and Ryusei encounter the Gemini Zodiarts. As they are about to finish her off, Sagittarius appears and evolved Gemini into Gemini Nova as one of her attacks injures Ryusei. On that night, Dark Yuki takes Yuki's identity and the real Yuki started to become Dark Yuki. As her evil self throws the Gemini Switch to Yuki accidentally, she presses it. Dark Yuki provokes Gentaro to kill her, but Yuki escapes only to get caught by Gamou and Tatsugami to start the Star Luck Ritual. Gentaro then searches and finds the space ticket that he and Yuki made in their childhood. When Yuki starts to lose hope, Gentaro shows their ticket, giving her the strength to overcome her evil self. Gentaro then changes to Fourze and starts fighting the Gemini Zodiarts. After absorbing the explosion by using the Meteor Storm Switch from Ryusei, Fourze successively defeats Gemini and Yuki reverts back to normal. After that, all of the Kamen Rider Club members had their space tickets from Yuki.

Kamen Rider Fourze The Movie: Everyone! Let's Feel the Universe![]

In class, Gentaro is trying to make friends with his computer as Kengo, Yuki and Ryusei try to make him realize humans can't befriend machines. However this is interrupted as Ohsugi arrives to pull them out of class. On the Rabbit Hatch, the other Kamen Rider Club members have been summoned by Shizuka Shirayama who invites them to go to the OSTO Legacy. While on their way to the headquarters, the convoy had been ambushed by Black Knight and Inga Blink (while riding a motorcycle) with Gentaro transforms into Fourze and fought Black Knight. Arriving at the OSTO Legacy headquarters, Harumi Saeba narrates while revealing a slideshow about the Space Ironmen Kyodain who are intending to use XVII'S laser beam to conquer Earth, and pleads the team to aboard a rocket to get into the satellite. They need the Kamen Rider Club to get aboard and and destroy XVII. Gentaro agrees to the mission, but believes he can befriend XVII rather than destroy it. Over the next several days, Kamen Rider Club undergoes intense astronaut training to get them ready for the mission. The night before, the gang discuss their upcoming adventure with Yuki excited about finally going into space. JK questions this, noting that they're on the moon all the time, but Yuki responds that it doesn't count unless they manage to escape the Earth's gravity the old fashioned way.

The next day, Gentaro realizes the ship which used to transport them to space was the same rocket that is Exodus which Lem Kannagi used to go to space to transform into Super GingaOh to fight him and OOO from their last confrontation. Shizuka explains this was the only craft they had available, and despite the misgivings, Gentaro and the others make to board the ship when they are suddenly blasted by all twelve Horoscopes marching towards them. Kengo scans them to find that, unlike the real Horoscopes, these ones aren't human but are rather solid cosmic energy. Gentaro and Ryusei decide to fight them off, as Shizuka warns the Exodus is run by computer and the countdown can't be interrupted, meaning Gentaro and Ryusei have a time limit to defeat the Horoscopes. As the rest of Kamen Rider Club are escorted to Exodus, Gentaro and Ryusei transform into Fourze and Meteor and take on their foes.

Wizard's First Appearance

Kamen Rider Wizard arrives to assist Fourze and Meteor

With Gentaro using the power of all forty Astro Switches and Ryusei using the Meteor Galaxy and Meteor Storm, they defeat the majority of the Horoscopes. However, they simply can't contend with all twelve and when Exodus is about to launch Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini and Pisces are still remaining. Just when it seems like the two Kamen Riders are about to miss their flight, a strange black figure turns up and blasts the four. Gentaro asks the stranger who he is, and the man responds his name is Wizard, a meddling magician. Gentaro asks if he is a Kamen Rider, but Wizard is unfamiliar with the term. Gentaro explains that Kamen Riders fight enemies of humanity in secret. Wizard then decides to name himself "Kamen Rider Wizard". He offers to take care of the remaining Horoscopes, allowing Gentaro and Ryusei to make it to the Exodus at the last second.

On Exodus, Shizuka explains the mission specifics; they will separate into teams (Gentaro and Yuki, Ryusei and Tomoko, Kengo and Shizuka and Miu, Shun and JK). At four points aboard XVII, there are power cores that must be destroyed to disable XVII's beam before the brain can be shut down. With five hours to go, Shizuka wishes the team good luck and they prepare to head out.

However, they are ambushed again by Inga and Black Knight who are already aboard. Gentaro transforms to battle Black Knight, while Shun takes on the drones. Kengo asks about Shizuka's injury, but covers the wound and she shrugs it off before they continue on.

While walking through XVII, Yuki runs on ahead and trips over a part of the floor that raises and the iPad that she's carrying is thrown forward and explodes. Using the Smoke switch, Gentaro finds several laser beams which would have killed Yuki, if she didn't trip. Sadly reasoning that XVII can't really be befriended, Gentaro uses the Elek Switch to take out the lasers.

The rest of the team arrive on the Brain to shut it down, which Shizuka claims is the final part of the mission. Ryusei, Tomoko and Inga then turn up telling everyone else not to trust them, and Shizuka laughs while Harumi suddenly reveals himself (having stowed away on Exodus). The Kamen Rider Club realize they've been tricked, as the two reveal their true colours as they were using the Kamen Rider Club in order to fulfill their plan and transform into Space Ironmen Kyodain. Inga reveals to everyone that the Space Ironmen were created by her father Professor Blink but however an error occured causing two of them to went rogue and tries to revolt against humanity. In order to stop them, a dying Professor Blink actives XVII's Brain, activating a dampening field which trapped them in dormant human bodies. However, as the Kamen Rider Club has destroyed the field generators giving them all their powers back. Gentaro is distraught that he gave up on befriending XVII, especially when he realizes that XVII purposefully tripped Yuki up so she wouldn't run into the lasers from earlier. The Kyodains summoned Dustards to attack the Kamen Rider Club members as an angered Gentarou and Ryusei fight them.

Inga orders everyone to exit the satellite while she helps Fourze defeating them. As they were being overpowered by the Kyodains, both Gentarou and Ryusei dropped into the satellite's main core and the Kyodains program the satellite to transform into it's robotic form called One Seven Formation (ワンセブンフォーメーション, Wan Sebun Fōmēshon) and launches a giant satellite beam to Earth while sending a message to Earth for humans to surrender or they'll destroy Japan. Gentarou and Ryusei awakes, realizing that XVII's Brain is using his probes to save them. Brain reveals that though the Kyodains had shutdown the Brain, but one of his probes are still functioning and transmitting his conciousness into it. Brain then states he will activate the self-destruct to stop the Ironmen, and Ryusei is ready to leave but Gentaro refuses; he's already wronged XVII once, he won't do it again. He makes Brain agree to halt the self-destruct until he has a chance to stop the laser.

Fourze push XVII

Fourze Cosmicstates pushes XVII to the moon in order to prevent it from destroying Japan.

Gentaro transforms into Fourze and use Cosmicstates to transports the satellite to the moon via Limit Break, causing it to crash right next to the Rabbit Hatch. Although he's succeeded, when Fourze transports back to the satellite, the transformation is cancelled and all forty Astro Switches return to Rabbit Hatch and break from the overload. The Kyodains are enraged that their plan has been stopped, and knock the probe containing Brain before starting to give Gentaro and Meteor a severe beating, intending to kill the two before trying to fire again. XVII records and sends a recording about Ryusei fighting the Kyodains to the Rabbit Hatch.

However, with all of Fourze's Astro Switches damaged, they started to lose hope. Until XVII suddenly sends data to Kengo; a blueprint of a new switch which needs a massive amount of cosmic energy to form. Kengo knows it can be done, using the same method that was used to refine the Cosmic Switch; the power of friendship. What it requires is for all forty switches to be used at the same time by people who have strong feelings for Gentaro. Yuki suggests handing out the switches at Amanogawa High School. While Kengo and Inga stay behind and take a switch each (Kengo with Rocket and Inga with Flash), the others run into the school and start handing the switches out to the students, graduates and teachers whose lives have been touched by Gentaro's presence and everyone readily agrees to help their friend in trouble. Eventually, Yuki only has the Drill Switch left to deliver, and begins to wonder who she can give it to when Gamou arrives and offers to help. With the members of Kamen Rider Club also taking a switch each (Yuki takes Cosmic, Shun takes S Magnet, Miu takes N Magnet, Tomoko takes Fire and JK takes Elek), Yuki starts the countdown and everyone activates their switch. All the Astro Switches arrive at the Rabbit Hatch forming the new switch; the Fusion Switch. Kengo and Inga arrive just in time to deliver Gentaro the Fusion Switch which allows him to transform into Fourze. Gentaro then activiates the Fusion switch, which causes Ryusei to untransform as the Meteor switch travels to the Fourze driver which transforms Fourze into Meteor Fusionstates, allowing him access to the powers of both Fourze and Meteor.

Fourze beside XVII

Kamen Rider Fourze Meteor Fusionstates beside XVII.

Fourze combines Meteor's Jeet Kun Do with his own fighting style and easily overpowers the Kyodains by using the Astro Switches and the Meteor Galaxy. Exhausted, the Kyodains transform into their vehicle form and combine it to defeat Fourze but he rides Machine Massigler combined with the Powerdizer to fight them. Reverting back to their Robot Form, the Kyodains combined their energy beams and shoot Fourze but however, Fourze himself uses Fusion Drill Rider Kick to destroy them. XVII thanks Fourze, and the two become friends before he flies back to space with the Kamen Rider Club members cheering on him.

Later, Inga and the members of Kamen Rider Club watch XVII blast into space with Gentaro giving the giant machine a friendship handshake before it goes.

With their adventure over, Kengo is amazed that Gentaro managed to befriend a machine, however Tomoko isn't surprised as she feels nothing is impossible for him. Yuki asks Gentaro who he intends to befriend next, and Gentaro turns to the camera and (breaking the fourth wall) announces to the viewers that he'll befriend all of them.

Sometime then, Gentaro is ambushed by his older self, who wanted to borrow the Fourze Driver. Later, Haruto Soma appears and returns the Fourze Driver, and he is shocked that the man knows who he is. After returning the belt, Haruto does the friendship handshake to Gentaro and gives him the Fourze Engage Ring. [Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum]

Final Battle[]

Later, on Kengo's birthday, Gentaro encounter Principal Kouhei Hayami who is protecting Ran Kuroki from becoming Pisces Zodiarts. Hayami reveals to the Kamen Rider Club that he is the Libra Zodiarts and the Day of Awakening. However, Hayami is attacked by Leo Zodiarts and can't transform because he gave the Libra Switch to Ryusei. Ran then presses Pisces Switch and transform into Pisces Zodiarts to save Hayami. Once Gentaro arrived, Gamou reveal that he is Sagittarius Zodiarts and also defeats Fourze. Gentaro, Ryusei, and Hayami go to the Gamou base lair, only to be attacked by a Gemini clone. As Gentaro and Ryusei escape, Hayami tries to slow down the Gemini clone. At the same time, Leo kidnaps Haru to make the Pisces Switch change its color to red. As Pisces and Leo battle, Fourze arrived, but later it was revealed that it was Libra Zodiarts in disguise and the two defeat Pisces Zodiarts. Gentaro then arrives but sees that Hayami is faking all of the Kamen Rider Club members' trust, while Gamou performs Dark Nebula. As Meteor Storm battles Leo, Fourze attacks Sagittarius after Kengo is informed that using Dark Nebula weakened Sagittarius Zodiarts. However, Libra takes the final blow and is vaporized by the Dark Nebula's lightning. Kengo then uses the Core Switch's power to negate the Dark Nebula.

Kengo tells the Kamen Rider Club that he is the Core Child and he must meet the Presenters to stop Gamou's plan. At first Gentaro don't get it, but he must let his friend go to stop Gamou. At the Rabbit Hatch, Ryusei battles Tatsugami, who is trying to destroy the Rabbit Hatch. Gamou later arrives to aid the Leo Zodiarts, however Kengo pushed the Zodiarts away. Kengo then takes the Fourze Driver from Gentaro and leaves off to the Presenters, but he is killed by Sagittarius Nova who uses a Rider Kick-like attack to destroy the Core Switch. As all Kamen Rider Club members evacuate from Rabbit Hatch before it explodes, Yuki then reads Kengo's letter that he is leaving to meet the Presenters. Gentaro and Ryusei then rush to defeat Gamou. As Ryusei finally defeats Tatsugami, Fourze uses all of the States to battle Sagittarius Nova. After Fourze does a litte damage, he changes into Cosmicstates and performs a Rider Kick. As the explosion occurs, Fourze uses the Barizun Sword to take Sagittarius to the AGHS. The remaining Kamen Rider Club members support Gentaro who battles Sagittarius Nova in human form. Gentaro then transforms once again and finally defeats Gamou. Gamou then tells Gentaro that he wanted to meet the Presenters, even if he must do bad things. However, Gentaro forgives Gamou and he accept Gentaro's friendship, but because Gamou used Sagittarius Nova, he began to vaporize. Gentaro and Yuki began remembering about Kengo and when Gentaro wanted to throw Kengo's letter, his hand is grabbed by Kengo. Kengo informs them, that Gamou used the Aquarius Switch power to fix the Core Switch. As Ryusei goes back to Subaruboshi High School and Ran and Haru join the Kamen Rider Club, Gentaro renames the club's name to the Space Kamen Rider Club, where their objective is to befriend the Presenters.

In Between Years[]

"The man who's gonna be friends with every superhero, Kamen Rider Fourze!"
―Fourze introduces himself to Space Ika Devil.[src]
Fourze & Inazuman in Super Hero Taisen Z

Present-Day Fourze meets Inazuman for the first time in Super Hero Taisen Z

Fourze appeared in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai × Space Sheriff: Super Hero Taisen ZIcon-crosswiki where he fought off several Space Shocker combatants. He teamed up with Inazuman who he would not formally meet until five years later.

Becoming a Teacher[]

"I'm Kamen Rider Fourze, Gentaro Kisaragi! I'm the man who's gonna befriend every single Kamen Rider out there, and I'm here to help!"
―Gentaro to Ryuga and Emu after saving them from Mogami.[src]
Gentaro with Ryuga and Emu

Gentaro vows to protect his allies.

After graduating high school, Gentaro eventually went to college and received his teaching credentials. He returned to Amanogawa High School and was employed as a teacher, later becoming the faculty advisor of the Space Kamen Rider Club. He was abroad in Russia to attend Yuki's space departure into space until he was called back to Japan to help the Kamen Riders fight Foundation X. With the help of JK, he brings Ryuga Banjo and Emu Hojo to the Enigma to allow them to stop both Earths from destroying one another. In an epic climatic battle, Fourze teams up with the rest of the Riders to destroy Enigma once and for all. After the battle, Gentaro greets his students and praises Ohsugi for helping them out in his absence. [Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Final: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Riders]

Gentaro as teacher

Gentaro as a teacher in Movie War Ultimatum

"Saburo, you are my student!"
―Gentaro before battling Sanagiman as Fourze[src]

While trying to fix his hairstyle, Miyoko suddenly fell from her bike and Gentaro jumps from the window and grabs her in the nick of time. Miyoko thanked him for saving her with all of the students amazed at their teacher's action. During the class session, Gentaro brought a television which records his old friend, Yuki during her time at a space station. Saburo later uses his Gate powers and disturbs the class while declaring himself as the Leader of the Monster League along with his subordinates. Gentaro later seeks help from Mr. Ohsugi and Ms. Haruka to catch the misbehaving students as he chases after Saburo. Saburo later transforms into Sanagiman and fights Gentaro who has transformed into Fourze. Though Fourze finally overpowers Saburo with Firestates, but Kageto Banba interrupts and give Sanagiman his Zeber which amplify his psionic powers as Kageto strikes Fourze with his Kanabo as the Hercules Zodiarts. Meteor finally arrives and rescues Gentaro while saying that they must re-mobilize the previous members of the club in order to fight Kageto.

As the whole former members reunite, they infiltrate the Monster Leagues' base and explain to the members that they had been used as a key for Kageto Banba to create a sticker which will imitate their psionic abilities for the black market. Realizing that his plan had been foiled, Kageto transforms into Hercules while summoning his Dustards to attack the Monster League and the Space Kamen Rider Club members with. Gentaro later chases Hercules but Sanagiman prevents him as he is still on Kageto's side. He explains to Gentaro that he had a horrible childhood which had made him use his powers as a protection from bullies. Gentaro tries to gain Sanagiman's trust, even by destroying the Fourze Driver as a sign of trust. With Meteor overpowered by Hercules, Sanagiman appears in front of Hercules and transforms into Inazuman. Miyoko later asks her teacher what happened to Saburo with Gentaro replying that after gaining his sense of justice, Sanagiman reappears as his true form, Inazuman. After Inazuman defeated the Hercules Zodiarts, he reverts back to his human form with Miyoko covering her eyes as Gentaro and Kengo realized that Saburo is naked and uses the Space Kamen Rider Club flag to cover him. Gentaro and everyone witness that an escape pod is entering the Earth as Kengo identifies it as Yuki's. But however, Eel interferes and destroys the escape pod with Kageto's laser beam tower. As everyone watches in horror, however, Kamen Rider Nadeshiko reappears, revealing that she was brought to Earth by Yuki and rescued her from the escape pod's destruction. Nadeshiko later uses her Rider Kick and destroys the laser beam tower. Eel tries to escape by creating a portal which brought him back to the present as Gentaro, Ryusei and Nadeshiko follows him. Gentaro bumps into his past self and asks him to lend him the Fourze Driver.

As Fourze, Meteor, and Nadeshiko arrive at the Infinite Monster Plant, they encounter and fought some monsters. When Koyomi started to lose hope, Fourze tells her that he is Wizard's friend and he will save him. He uses the Fourze Engage Ring and enters the Gate's Underworld along with Meteor and Nadeshiko. Arriving where Wizard is, he helps him defeat some monsters. After the fight, Gentaro, Ryusei, Nadeshiko, and Haruto arrive to where the Monster Army are and started to fight them in their human form. As Haruto summoned Accel, Double, Birth, and OOO thanks to the children, they transform and chase the armed car with their bikes. After the other Riders manage to get rid of the monsters on the vehicle, he enters the vehicle along with Wizard and fought the Akumaizer and defeated Eel and Gahra. As the other Riders destroy the vehicle with their Rider Kicks, Fourze and Wizard along with Poitrine evacuate as the summoned Riders disappear. The Riders were happy that the battle is over, until Xatan appears retrieving the Zeber as the armed car changes into Zaiderbeck. Fourze uses the Fusion Switch to change into Meteor Nadeshiko Fusionstates while Wizard receives a new ring from Poitrine to change into Special Rush. As the two Riders change into their new Forms, they started to attack Zaiderbeck before landing on the Ocean of Magic. After Zaiderbeck is damaged, both Riders perform their Rider Kicks and defeat Xatan. After the battle, the Riders exit out of the Gate's Underworld. Gentaro asks Haruto to return the Fourze Driver to his past self and Haruto uses the Time Ring to return Gentaro and his friends to their time. Sometime later in the future, Gentaro took a class photo as the former members are wondering what will happen to Fourze.

Other Events[]

OOO Wonderful[]

While OOO and Gara are fighting, Fourze made a crash landing, which had OOO thinking that another enemy had arrived. OOO was then surprised to see that Fourze was an astronaut. Fourze introduced himself to the Rider and tells him that he will be there when one of his friends are in a pinch, which made OOO curious of his words. While fighting Gara, Fourze got a call from Yuki that the club is about to start. Having little time left, he use the Magichand Switch and throw OOO to Gara, so he can finish the opponent. After Gara flies to his tower, Fourze cancels his transformation as OOO was surprised to see a high schooler as a Rider. Gentaro then gives OOO the friendship handshake and tells him that they will meet again in another time, before he returns to school.

Kamen Rider Wizard[]

Fourze appears with all the Heisei Riders from Kuuga to himself, led by Decade, in a special two-parter after the finale, The Kamen Rider Rings and Neverending Story.

Fourze - It's been a long time!

Fourze with Double.

Fourze first appears alongside Double, summoned to the world within the Magic Stone through their Rider Rings by the alternate young Haruto, as the prime Haruto watches, to protect him and his Koyomi from the pursuing monsters, namely a trio of Dustards and a trio of Masquerade Dopants, sent by Amadum, the evil wizard who ruled that world. Fighting the henchmen, Fourze and Double assumed Elekstates and HeatMetal temporarily, defeating the Masquerade Dopants before taking their battle with the Dustards to the city as Faiz and Kabuto were fighting a trio of Worms. Fourze and Double finished off the Dustards with a Rider Rocket Punch and Cyclone Maximum Drive Rider Kick resepctively. [The Kamen Rider Rings]

Wizard 53 04

Fourze fighting kaijin in the World of Monsters.

Later on, Amadum steals the chest containing the Rider Rings, leaving only the Fourze Rider Ring which was retrieved by Haruto. Amadum uses the Decade Ring to summon Tsukasa to take the 13th and last Rider Ring alongside his own monsters, doing so while seemingly betraying Haruto. Tsukasa then brings the Fourze Ring to Amadum who, now in possession of all 13 Rider Rings, intends to escape this world in which he was imprisoned, bringing all the monsters there with him in the process, accomplishing this with the Cross of Fire, the embodiment of the power of the Kamen Riders' association with evil. However, Haruto arrives, determined to stop Amadum, who summons all the other Riders to defeat him, only to find out that they will not obey him just because he possesses their rings, and that they will always fight for freedom and not merely justice. After the Riders destroy his initial guard of monsters, Amadum tries to escape with the boy Haruto, summoning his strongest and largest monsters to deal with the Riders. However, the Riders individually pull out their various tricks to deal with the giant monsters, with Fourze assuming Rocketstates temporarily. With his monsters destroyed, Amadum attempts to force the boy to wish to leave this world. The Kamen Riders attempt to stop him but to no avail, with Fourze being the first Rider to have his power (the Astroswitches) stolen by Amadum's true monstorous form when he tries to fight him. However, the young Haruto defies Amadum after hearing the words from Wizard of turning despair into hope, summoning a new Rider to his world. This new Rider, Gaim, gives himself the Kamen Rider name after being told by Wizard that they come to help when people request it. This revelation that the Kamen Riders aren't bounded by evil turns the tables on Amadum as he is beaten back by Gaim, forcing the powers he stole to be returned to the other Riders, transforming them to their ultimate forms, with the return of the Astroswitches immediately transforming Fourze to Cosmicstates. Fourze then participates in a successive barrage of Rider Kicks from all 15 Riders against Amadum which is finished by Wizard and Gaim. After Amadum is destroyed, Fourze stands with the other Riders watching over the young Haruto as he wakes up before returning to his world. [Neverending Story]

Kamen Rider Taisen[]


Fourze vs Sky Rider

Fourze participated in the fight between the Heisei Riders and Showa Riders in Zawame City, assuming Rocketstates to chase and defeat Skyrider in an aerial dogfight before facing off against Kamen Rider J in Jumbo Formation. He was eventually defeated by J's Jumbo Rider Punch while trying to hit the gigantic Rider with a Rider Double Rocket Drill Kick, turning into a Fourze Lockseed which was immediately transported to the lair of the Badan Empire where it was claimed by Kurayami Taishi. [Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai]

Super Hero Taisen GP Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki[]


Due to the timeline alteration caused by Shocker, Gentaro became one of the brainwashed Riders in that timeline, donning the name of Shocker Rider Fourze. Fourze was one of several Shocker Riders who volunteered in the Rider Grand Prix under Shocker Rider 3, who had been personally challenged by Kamen Rider Drive. During the race, Fourze, along with Agito, Decade and OOO, found that his Rider Machine, Machine Massigler, had been immobilized by Mach's Signal Tomarle, just as he was in the midst of using the Launcher Module to gain an advantage. Fourze ultimately fell short of the Top 2 in which Drive prevailed over Rider 3.

Once Rider 3 was integrated into the Great Leader of Shocker's Rider Robo form, Hibiki was among the Riders who appeared to attack Zeronos Zero Form and Denebick Buster only to be fought off by the turncoat BOARD Riders: Chalice, Leangle, Blade and Garren. Ultimately, the Double Riders 1 and 2 made their appearance having survived their apparent demise from within the Rider Robo, and broke Shocker's brainwashing on the fallen Riders, enabling all Riders to unite in a final battle against Shocker.

Unfortunately, Fourze was among the Riders whose existence was erased by the Rider Robo. This fate, however, was rendered moot when the Rider Robo was finally destroyed by Shurikenjin TridoronIcon-crosswiki, restoring Fourze's place in history.

Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls![]

Legendary Riders' Souls

Chou Super Hero Taisen[]

Chou Super Hero Taisen Participants

Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm[]

Fourze in Legend Rider Stage

Gentaro also appears as Fourze, being summoned and brainwashed by Genm, due to his malevolent trick when using the Ganbaride Gashat.

Kamen Rider Zi-O[]

Kamen Rider Build: Be The One[]

Among the first 18 Heisei Riders, Fourze fought against numerous monsters in a melee briefly witnessed by Sento Kiryu before being caught in the crossfire as Kamen Rider Zi-O BuildArmor used his Vortex Time Break to wipe out his enemies. [Kamen Rider Build: Be The One]

Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever[]

Saber + Zenkaiger: Superhero Senki[]

Though he was seemingly erased as a result of Asmodeus’ manipulations, he was restored back into existence once Touma Kamiyama had helped Shotaro regained his passion in drawing out the superheroes that he wants to draw out.

During the climatic final battle itself, he can be seen fighting alongside Kamen Rider Super-1, Red Flash, FiveRed and Shishi Red.

Video Game Appearances[]

All Rider Generation 1 & 2[]

Kamen Rider Fourze appears as a Hidden Rider in All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation video game as he can be unlocked by password. In the All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation 2‏‎, he appears as the main heroes along with Meteor.

Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze and Super Climax Heroes[]

Kamen Rider Fourze appears in the video game Kamen Rider Climax Heroes Fourze and Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes, in Climax Heroes Fourze, he only could access States up to Firestates. In Super Climax Heroes, he can use all States including Rocketstates. Fourze Meteor Fusion can be chosen if Fourze is tagged with Meteor after clearing the Super Heroes Mode.

Battride War[]

Kamen Rider: Battride War[]

Kamen Rider Fourze appears as a Main Rider in the video game Kamen Rider: Battride War, which unites the riders of the Heisei era from Kuuga to Wizard. In order to recover his memories, Fourze must re-live his final battle against the Sagittarius Zodiarts, which frees him from his imprisonment.

In the game, Fourze possesses his five primary States (Base, Elec, Fire, Magnet, and Cosmic). Basestates has the ability to use Dynasty Warriors-style chain combos that grant access to many of his Astro Switches. Elec States is an agile brawler with many multi-hitting moves, Firestates has long-range projectiles, and Magnetstates is slow and powerful.

Kamen Rider Battride War II[]

BW2-Fourze Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion States

Kamen Rider Fourze in Meteor Nadeshiko Fusionstates in Battride War II.

Kamen Rider Fourze reappears in Kamen Rider: Battride War II, summoned by Cinema along with the other Neo-Heisei Riders in order to create the "ultimate movie". Fourze's stages was based of from Kamen Rider Fourze The Movie: Everyone! Let's Feel the Universe!, with the Space Ironmen Kyodain as his primary enemies.

In addition to all the forms he had in the previous game (which are available as soon as Fourze is unlocked), Fourze gains his movie-exclusive States, with Rocketstates being an alternative to Cosmicstates and both Fusionstates serving as Ultimate Forms (using Meteor Fusion if Cosmicstates is chosen and Meteor Nadeshiko Fusion if Rocketstates is chosen).

Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis[]


Kamen Rider Fourze in Battride War Genesis.

Kamen Rider Fourze reappeared in Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis.

Kamen Rider Batton-Line[]

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Kamen Rider Travelers Record[]

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Possessing a unique sense of fashion, Gentaro sports a delinquent Yankee-like appearance by wearing a short jacket over a T-shirt and baggy pants, with his hair in a pompadour, rather than the clean-cut uniform worn by other AGHS students. Despite his odd appearance, Gentaro is a amicable person in general, willing to do bizarre things if to help someone. He puts friendship above anything else and values every friend that he knows, having been taught by his parents to care for others. Thus, Gentaro seeks to befriend any he meets, often doing a special handshake with them as a sign of trust.

He is generally very earnest and thick-skinned, with his bizarre attitude equally apparent. These quirky qualities are seen by others around Gentaro to be both annoying shortcomings and unusual strengths. While capable of recognizing a person's faults, Gentaro does not spurn them as most would, being determined to accept them for who they are.

Though normally a cheerful person, Gentaro can easily become emotional when distressed, causing him to act in a reckless manner at times. Furthermore, he is shown to be a poor student in regards to academics, rarely attaining a double digit score on his school tests. These two traits constantly prove to be Gentaro's greatest weaknesses, having hindered his progress as Fourze on several occasions.

Similar to his patience with others, Gentaro always attempts to use an Astroswitch to its best capability, no matter how useless it may seem. Thus, he often uses them in unexpected ways, with the results varying each time.

As an adult, Gentaro has outgrown his dislike for academics, becoming a school teacher at Amanogawa School. However, still lacking a sense of boundaries, Gentaro initially did not recognize his duties as an authoritive figure. Once facing Saburo and his peers though, Gentaro learnt the difference between a friend and a student, reaffirming his relationship with them. Evidently, still reckless in nature, Gentaro would discard his Fourze Driver to stop Saburo's rampage, losing the ability to become Fourze. However, Gentaro remained undetered by this, simply being glad to have helped Saburo.

Gentaro's catchphrase each time he transforms is It's space time! Kamen Rider Fourze! Let's settle this one-on-one! (宇宙 キター!仮面ライダーフォーゼ! タイマンはらせてもらうぜ!, Uchū kitā! Kamen Raidā Fōze! Taiman hara sete morau ze!)

In the final episode, he says a variation of this: Kamen Rider Fourze! For one last time, let's settle this one-on-one! (仮面ライダーフォーゼ!最後の……タイマンはらせてもらうぜ!, Kamen Raidā Fōze! Saigo no... Taiman hara sete morau ze!)


  • Expert Combatant: Befitting his delinquent look, Gentaro is a highly skilled fighter, able to defeat multiple thugs without causing serious harm. As a Kamen Rider, Gentaro's skills have further improved, becoming resourceful enough to combine Astroswitches in unusual ways to attain victory.
  • Master Acrobat: Though clumsy at times, Gentaro is a highly skilled acrobat, gymnast, and aerialist. Being agile and evasive in combat, he can dodge attacks from multiple directions with coordinated flips, twists, and sharp turns at will. Gentaro is also an expert in parkour and tricking flips, allowing him to scale through buildings with ease. As an adult, Gentaro's agility has increased substantially, outrunning Kazeta Saburo/New Inazuman from rooftop to rooftop in their chase.
  • Immense strength: While outclassed by Shun, Gentaro is no slouch in physical might, having a baseball out of its batting cage net at one point[2].


Kamen Rider Fourze's forms are called States (ステイツ, Suteitsu). On his back that is kept in all of his forms is a hover pack, which he can use to either keep him afloat or extend his jumps.

By pushing the Enter Lever on the Fourze Driver after switching on between one and four Astroswitches, Fourze can activate a Limit Break (リミットブレイク, Rimitto Bureiku), whether it be a special attack or a finishing move.

Kamen Rider Fourze's Base, Elek & Firestates' theme song is entitled "Giant Step".



"3, 2, 1! (Techno space music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 200 cm.
  • Weight: 95 kg.
Ability Parameters
  • Punching Power: 2.1 t.
  • Kicking Power: 6.3 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 20 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 6.2 sec.
  • (Rider) Rocket Drill Kick: 15 t.
    • (Rider) Rocket Drill Space Kick: 45 t.

Basestates (ベースステイツ, Bēsu Suteitsu) is Fourze's white/default form, which can be accessed without any specific Astroswitch.

By using the Rocket and Drill Modules, Fourze can perform the Rocket Drill Kick (ロケットドリルキック, Roketto Doriru Kikku) Limit Break. Later, after he accepts the title of "Kamen Rider", he renames it to include "Rider" in the name for the Rider Rocket Drill Kick (ライダーロケットドリルキック, Raidā Roketto Doriru Kikku). A variation of this is the Rider Rocket Drill Space Kick (ライダーロケットドリル宇宙キック, Roketto Doriru Uchū Kikku) which is performed outside of Earth's atmosphere from transportation of the Massigler.

When pushing the Enter Lever a second time while still under the power of the first Limit Break, Fourze can perform the Rider Rocket Drill Great Space Kick (ライダーロケットドリル大宇宙キック, Raidā Roketto Doriru Dai Uchū Kikku) Double Limit Break, where the auras around the Rocket and Drill Modules are enlarged and allowing Fourze to bore through things his initial Limit Break couldn't do before, but it depletes the Cosmic Energy inside the Switches and needs time to fully recharge.

The third alternative Basestates' Limit Break is the Youthful Galaxy Great Great Great Drill Kick (青春銀河ド大大大ドリルキック, Seishun Ginga Dai Dai Dai Doriru Kikku), where Fourze has push down the Enter Lever four times and allowing to pierce through any Zodiarts with maximum power.

Kamen Rider Fourze's standard States' theme song is entitled "Giant Step".

Appearances: The Shogun and the 21 Core Medals, Fourze Episodes 1-14, Movie War Mega Max, Fourze 15-24, Super Hero Taisen, Fourze 25-44, Everyone, Space is Here!, Fourze 45-48, Movie War Ultimatum, Super Hero Taisen Z, Wizard Episodes 52-53, Kamen Rider Taisen, Super Hero Taisen GP, "Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm (Legend Rider Stage, Legend Gamer Stage), Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Rider, Be The One, Heisei Generations FOREVER, Over Quartzer, Reiwa: The First Generation, Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero Senki



"Elek On! (Electricity crackle, followed by high-energy techno music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 200 cm.
  • Weight: 97 kg.
Ability Parameters
  • Punching Power: 2.1 t.
  • Kicking Power: 6.3 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 20 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.8 sec.

Elekstates (エレキステイツ, Ereki Suteitsu) is Fourze's golden form accessed by the powers of the Elek Switch. In Elekstates, Fourze is able to control electricity and use the Billy the Rod. Elekstates' offensive powers are similar to Basestates, but it has greater speed and defense.

Kamen Rider Fourze is initially unable to activate Elekstates during the first use of the Elek Switch, due to not being familiar with the Switch's States-changing powers, causing its electrical abilities to backfire onto him. After Gentaro's experience in befriending JK, he realizes that he has to "befriend" the Elek Switch, enabling the transformation into Elekstates without any unwanted side-effects. If the Elek Switch is flipped off while in the Billy the Rod, it would cancel out the Elekstates and turn Fourze back into his Basestates.

Appearances: Fourze Episodes 6-8, 10, 12-14, Movie War Mega Max, Fourze 15, 18, 19, Super Hero Taisen, Fourze 25, 29, Everyone, Space is Here!, Fourze 48, Movie War Ultimatum, Wizard Episode 52



"Fire On! (Dramatic music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 200 cm.
  • Weight: 99 kg.
Ability Parameters
  • Punching Power: 2.8 t.
  • Kicking Power: 7 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 17 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 6.5 sec.

Firestates (ファイヤーステイツ, Faiyā Suteitsu) is Fourze's red form accessed by the powers of the Fire Switch. In Firestates, Fourze is able to use the Hee-Hackgun, which can change into either Flame Mode to shoot fire or Fire Extinguisher Mode to shoot fire-dousing foam. Firestates shows an increase in punching and kicking power, but suffers a loss of jumping height and its running speed is slower.

Like Elekstates, care must be taken when the Fire Switch is inserted into the Hi-Hackgun, as switching off the Fire Switch while in the Fire Module will result in Fourze being reverted back into Basestates. Also, similar to how the Alter Zodiarts' pyrokinesis was the dormant power of the Ara constellation's Cosmic Energy, the dormant power of the Fire Switch's Cosmic Energy is to absorb heat-based attacks and store the power into the Switch.

Appearances: Fourze Episodes 9-14, Movie War Mega Max, Fourze 15, 16, 18, 19, 24, Super Hero Taisen, Fourze 29, 30, 41, Everyone, Space is Here!, Fourze 48, Movie War Ultimatum



"N/S Magnet On! (Low-toned dynamic music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 212 cm.
  • Weight: 114 kg.
Ability Parameters
  • Punching Power: 2.8 t.
  • Kicking Power: 6.4 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 13 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 6.8 sec.

Magnetstates (マグネットステイツ, Magunetto Suteitsu) is Fourze's silver super form accessed by the NS-MagPhone, which splits into the two Magnet Switches: the N Magnet Switch and the S Magnet Switch.

In terms of raw power, Magnetstates is the strongest States. Kamen Rider Fourze's head becomes larger and extends to his shoulders. The orange Thermo Rejistyle (サーモレジスタイル, Sāmo Rejisutairu) stripes that is on his chest in Basestates becomes red on the right side and blue on the left. The apparatus on his back in Base, Elek, and Firestates is upgraded to full-on boosters, most likely to lift the top-heavy armory of Magnetstates.

However, the design of Magnetstates is the downfall of this States Change. As it takes up both Arm Basements, it limits Gentaro to use Leg Basement Switches. It should also be noted that Magnetstates works best firing its cannons from a distance, as a strong enough close-combat specialist can overpower Magnetstates.

In Magnetstates, Fourze has the ability to manipulate magnetism with the N Magnet Module (Nマグネットモジュール, Enu Magunetto Mojūru) and S Magnet Module (Sマグネットモジュール, Esu Magunetto Mojūru) on the right and left arm respectively and use the N Magnet Cannon (Nマグネットキャノン, Enu Magunetto Kyanon) and S Magnet Cannon (Sマグネットキャノン, Esu Magunetto Kyanon) which are equipped/placed on his left and right shoulders respectively to fire bolts of electromagnetism akin to a rail gun, which the movement is controlled by the NS-MagPhone that has split into the Magnet Switches to be serve as joysticks in the Fourze Driver. The joysticks also have the triggers, allowing Fourze to fire the Cannons.

KRFo-NS-Magnet Cannon

NS Magnet Cannon

Fourze can detach the two Cannons from his shoulders by pulling the Enter Lever on the Driver, making the N and S Magnet Cannons combining it into the NS-Magnet Cannon (NSマグネットキャノン, Enu Esu Magu Kyanon)[3]. In this form, the MagCannon can attract anything that can be magnetized, then send it towards the attacker by sharply tilting the NS-MagPhone halves forward. It can also fire a tornado of electromagnetism at a Zodiarts.

The Limit Break for Magnetstates is the Rider Super Electromagnetic Bomber (ライダー超電磁ボンバー, Raidā Chō Denji Bonbā), which is initiated when Fourze flips the button cover on the N MagPhone half and presses the button behind it, causing the MagCannon to charge then fire a burst of electromagnetism that slam into the Zodiarts, tearing apart the "internal organs". Due to the metallic nature of the Dragon Zodiarts, the finisher had changed to envelope him, then compressed him until he imploded.

The alternative Limit Break for Magnetstates is the Rider Super Electromagnetic Tackle (ライダー超電磁タックル, Raidā Chō Denji Takkuru), where Fourze charges up the Magnet Cannons, then activates the hover packs on his pack, getting him to move forward, then slams into the target. It works best if the PowerDizer has the Zodiarts in its grip and moves into Fourze's path.

With Meteor using the N Magnet Switch, both riders can perform the Rider Super Electromagnetic Strike (ライダー超電磁ストライク, Raidā Chōdenji Sutoraiku), which allows both to use the magnetic pull from each other to ram into enemies.

Magnetstates' theme song is entitled "Bounce Back".

Appearances: Fourze Episodes 20-23, Super Hero Taisen, Fourze 25-28, 30, 31, 36, 42, Everyone, Space is Here!, Fourze 46, 48, Movie War Ultimatum



"Cosmic On! (Bombastic space music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 206 cm.
  • Weight: 98 kg.
Ability Parameters
  • Punching Power: 3.5 t.
  • Kicking Power: 7.3 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 23 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.8 sec.

Cosmicstates (コズミックステイツ, Kozumikku Suteitsu) is Fourze's electric blue final form, accessed by the power of the 40th and final Astroswitch, the Cosmic Switch. In Cosmicstates, Fourze is able to use the Barizun Sword (コズミックモジュールバリズンソード, Kozumikku Mojūru Barizun Sōdo) which can change into the club-like Boost Mode and the sword-like Sword Mode. In this form, due to it being a fusion of all 40 Astroswitches, Fourze can access any Module by touching their respective emblems on his chest. If he touches an Astroswitch emblem on his chest without switching on any of the other Astroswitches currently in his Driver, he has the ability to summon it into his hand (ex. he can summon the Beat Switch if the Launcher Switch is currently in the Driver.

Cosmicstates has the Switching Lung (スイッチングラング, Suitchingu Rangu) on his chest, which are four touch panels with 10 Astroswitch symbols on each one, all arranged depending on their Module Basement. By touching the symbols on his chest, Kamen Rider Fourze can conjure the power of an Astroswitch to use or augment the power of one with another of the same Module Basement (ex. giving the Launcher Switch the effect of the Freeze Switch, which are both Cross-type switches). In this form, Kamen Rider Fourze can also perform a warp drive and has a much more powerful exhaust in his hover pack.

The downside of this States Change is that it is powered by Gentaro's bonds with the Kamen Rider Club, and it can't be accessed when any of his friends cut their bonds with him. According to Tachibana who is later revealed as Virgo, the alternate way to active Cosmicstates is through ruthlessness. Though nothing more has actually been explained, since Gentaro has a bright and friendly personality. It is eventually revealed that the access to this form relies mainly on Gentaro's faith in the friendship he forged, instead of the fact whether the Kamen Rider Club is in one piece.

Cosmicstates' Rider Kick Limit Break is an oddly simple Rider Kick (ライダーキック, Raidā Kikku), where Fourze jumps into the air and charges Cosmic Energy to his foot and slams it into the target with incredible force. However, when the Cosmic Switch is plugged into the Barizun Sword, Fourze can open a portal to the Earth's magnetosphere, and fly himself and his foe through before taking out and reinserting the switch to initiate a second Limit Break maneuver: the Rider Super Galaxy Finish (ライダー超銀河フィニッシュ, Raidā Chō Ginga Finisshu), where Fourze covers the Barizun Sword in cosmic energy before delivering a powerful slashing maneuver. Furthermore, Fourze can also use a more powerful version of Rider Rocket Drill Kick Limit Break using Rocket & Drill Modules without an extra usage of the Rocket Switch in Heisei Generations FINAL.

Cosmicstates' theme song is entitled "Cosmic Mind".

Appearances: Fourze Episodes 32-40, 42-44, Everyone, Space is Here!, Fourze 45-48, Movie War Ultimatum, Wizard Episode 53, Heisei Generations FINAL: Build & Ex-Aid with Legend Rider



"Rocket On! (Rocket launching sound, followed by bombastic brass music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 200 cm.
  • Weight: 116 kg.
Ability Parameters
  • Punching Power: 2.1 t.
    • Accelerated Punch: 5.1 t.
  • Kicking Power: 6.3 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 18 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 7.3 sec.

Rocketstates (ロケットステイツ, Roketto Suteitsu) is Fourze's first orange form accessed by the Rocket Switch Super-1, arming him with two Rocket Modules on both arms. Fourze Rocketstates first appears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Fourze & OOO: Movie War Mega Max when Nadeshiko creates the S-1 Switch in her final moments with a physical body so that Gentaro may combat Lem Kannagi.

This appears for the first time in the series in episode 41, as Gentaro loses the ability to use Cosmicstates due to Virgo throwing the members of the Kamen Rider Club into a state of depression, via intimidation tactics. Tachibana arrives on Earth, equipped with a jetpack, and teaches him new ways to fight. Seeing no other way to catch him, Gentaro, remembering Nadeshiko as he takes out the Switch, transforms into Rocketstates and catches Tachibana, only to find out that Tachibana is another identity of Virgo and later, he uses the Rocketstates once again during the final battle against the Sagittarius Nova.

This States has shown the ability to perform two Rider Kick Limit Breaks.

  • Rider Tailspin Crusher (ライダーきりもみクラッシャー, Raidā Kirimomi Kurasshā): The default Limit Break; a corkscrew kick.
  • Rider Double Rocket Drill Kick (ライダーダブルロケットドリルキック, Raidā Daburu Roketto Doriru Kikku): Uses the Drill Module to execute a stronger version of Basestates' Rider Rocket Drill Kick.
Appearances: Movie War Mega Max, Fourze Episodes 41-42, 48, Movie War Ultimatum, Wizard Episode 53, Kamen Rider Taisen

Rocket Drill States

Rocket Drill States

"Drill On! Rocket On! Rocket Drill On!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 200 cm.
  • Weight: 105 kg.
Ability Parameters
  • Punching Power: 5.6 t.
  • Kicking Power: 3.5 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 24 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 6.5 sec.
  • Rider Rocket Drill Blast: 25 t.

Rocket Drill States (ロケットドリルステイツ, Roketto Doriru Suteitsu) is Fourze's second orange form accessed by the ability of the Clear Drill Switch, which is found by Kamen Rider Amazon in the Amazon rainforest. Its appearance is similar to Rocketstates with Basestates' head.

Kamen Rider Fourze is armed with the Rocket Drill Module, which appears to be a combination of the Rocket and Drill Modules on his right arm. The Limit Break for Rocket Drill States is the Rider Rocket Drill Blast (ライダーロケットドリルブラス, Raidā Roketto Doriru Burasuto).

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Fourze Hyper Battle DVD: Rocket Drill States of Friendship, but only if the DVD watcher chooses Fourze's ending over Amazon's.

Launcher States

Artist rendition of Fourze Launcher States image according to the novel description.

Launcher States (ランチャーステイツ, Ranchā Suteitsu) is Fourze's first blue form accessed by Launcher Switch Super-2, arming him with two Launcher Modules on both legs.

This form is exclusive to Novel: Kamen Rider Fourze: ~Ama High Graduation~.

Meteor Fusionstates

Meteor Fusionstates

"Fusion On! (Opera music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 206 cm.
  • Weight: 100 kg.
Ability Parameters
  • Punching Power: 4.3 t.
  • Kicking Power: 9.4 t.
  • Maximum Jump Height: 25 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 6 sec.
  • Rider Fusion Drill Kick: 25 t.

Meteor Fusionstates (メテオフュージョンステイツ, Meteo Fyūjon Suteitsu) is Fourze's first purple form accessed by the ability of the Fusion Switch; this switch grants Fourze access to the Meteor switch, which combines the powers of the Fourze Cosmicstates (this is due to the Fusion Switch being created from 40 Astroswitches in the same way Cosmicstates' power was created) and Meteor to initiate the States change. In this form, the Astroswitches have become transparent and enhanced.

Its appearance is similar to Cosmicstates with a white head and elements of Kamen Rider Meteor and Meteor Storm. In this States, Kamen Rider Fourze is armed with both the Meteor Galaxy and the Barizun Sword. Also, what this States comes with is the ability to use Meteor's Jeet Kun Do style, making him more dangerous to his foes, as well to compensate for the loss of use for the Arm Switch Basements, a flaw that is also seen in Magnetstates.

The Limit Break of this States is the Rider Fusion Drill Kick (ライダーフュージョンドリルキック, Raidā Fyūjon Doriru Kikku), where Fourze activates the Drill Module and jumps at the target while illusions of Basestates and Meteor appear on Fourze's sides as he flies towards his target.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Fourze The Movie: Everyone! Let's Feel the Universe!.

Meteor Nadeshiko Fusionstates

Meteor Nadeshiko Fusionstates

"Fusion On! (Opera music)"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics
  • Height: 206 cm.
  • Weight: 105 kg.
Ability Parameters[4]
  • Punching Power: 7.5 t.
  • Kicking Power: 9 t.
  • Maximum Hump Height: 20 m.
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 5.8 sec.

Meteor Nadeshiko Fusionstates (メテオなでしこフュージョンステイツ, Meteo Nadeshiko Fyūjon Suteitsu) is Fourze's second purple form accessed by the Meteor Switch, the Nadeshiko Switch, and the Fusion Switch. In this form, Kamen Rider Fourze gains both the powers of Kamen Rider Meteor and Kamen Rider Nadeshiko, armed with silver Rocket Modules on each arm and has silver ski-like Modules called the Hovering Lifter (ホバリングリフター, Hobaringu Rifutā) on both of his legs which allow him to glide around at high speeds.

This States has two Limit Break finishing attacks.

  • Rider (Double) Rocket Missile (ライダー(ダブル)ロケットミサイル, Raidā (Daburu) Roketto Misairu): Fourze launches a Rocket Module (or both Rocket Modules) at the enemy. They return back to him after a period of time.
  • Rider Ultimate Crusher (ライダーアルティメットクラッシャー, Raidā Arutimetto Kurasshā): A stronger version of Rocketstates' Rider Tailspin Crusher.
This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum.



  • Fourze Driver - Transformation device
  • Astroswitches - Fourze's small devices that allow him access to that Switch's Module when activated in the Driver
  • Astroswitch Kaban - Carrier briefcase for Fourze's switches
  • Foodroids - Fourze's mini-support robots
  • NS-MagPhone - Fourze's cellphone-like gadget that allows the transformation into Magnetstates


  • Billy the Rod - Fourze's sword-like weapon that is used in Elekstates through the Elek Switch
  • Hee-Hackgun - Fourze's gun/flamethrower/fire extinguisher-like weapon that is used in Firestates through the Fire Switch
  • Barizun Sword - Fourze's broadsword/club-like weapon used in Cosmicstates and Fusionstates
  • Meteor Galaxy - Fourze's gauntlet-like weapon used in Fusionstates through the Fusion Switch


Legend Rider Devices[]

KRDCD-KamenRide Fourze Rider Card

KamenRide: Fourze

KamenRide: Fourze (カメンライドフォーゼ, Kamenraido Fōze): A Rider Card containing the power of Kamen Rider Fourze.Transforms Decade into Fourze Basestates.

KRDCD-KamenRide Fourze Cosmicstates Rider Card

KamenRide: Fourze Cosmicstates

KamenRide: Fourze Cosmicstates (カメンライドフォーゼコズミックステイツ, Kamenraido Fōze Kozumikku Suteitsu):

KRDCD-Final AttackRide Fourze Rider Card

Final AttackRide: Fourze

Final AttackRide: Fourze (ファイナルアタックライドフォーゼ, Fainaru Atakkuraido Fōze):

  • Fourze Wizard Ring (フォーゼウィザードリング, Fōze Wizādo Ringu): This Wizard Ring summons the original Fourze himself.

KRWi-Fourze Elekstates Wizard Ring

Fourze Elekstate Wizard Ring

  • Fourze Elekstates Wizard Ring (フォーゼエレキステイツウィザードリング, Fōze Erekisuteitsu Wizādo Ringu): Toy-exclusive Ring. Presumably summons Fourze in his Elekstates Form.

KRWi-Fourze Firestates Wizard Ring

Fourze Firestates Wizard Ring

  • Firestates Wizard Ring (フォーゼファイヤーステイツウィザードリング, Fōze Faiyāsuteitsu Wizādo Ringu): Toy-exclusive Ring. Presumably summons Fourze in his Firestates Form.

KRWi-Fourze Magnetstates Wizard Ring

Fourze Magnetstates Wizard Ring

  • Fourze Magnetstates Wizard Ring (フォーゼマグネットステイツウィザードリング, Fōze Magunettosuteitsu Wizādo Ringu): Toy-exclusive Ring. Presumably summons Fourze in his Magnetstates Form.

KRWi-Fourze Cosmicstates Wizard Ring

Fourze Cosmicstates Wizard Ring

  • Fourze Cosmicstates Wizard Ring (フォーゼコズミックステイツウィザードリング, Fōze Kozumikkusuteitsu Wizādo Ringu): Toy-exclusive Ring. Presumably summons Fourze in his Cosmicstates Form.

KRWi-Fourze Meteor Fusionstates Wizard Ring

Fourze Meteor Fusionstates Wizard Ring

  • Fourze Meteor Fusionstates Wizard Ring (フォーゼメテオフュージョンステイツウィザードリング, Fōze Meteo Fyūjonsuteitsu Wizādo Ringu): Toy-exclusive Ring. Presumably summons Fourze in his Meteor Fusionstates form.

KRWi-Fourze Meteor Nadeshiko Fusionstates Wizard Ring

Fourze Meteor Nadeshiko Fusionstates Wizard Ring

  • Fourze Meteor Nadeshiko Fusionstates Wizard Ring (フォーゼメテオなでしこフュージョンステイツウィザードリング, Fōze Meteo Nadeshiko Fyūjonsuteitsu Wizādo Ringu): Toy-exclusive Ring. Presumably summons Fourze in his Meteor Nadeshiko Fusionstates form.

KRWi-Fourze Engage Wizard Ring

Fourze Engage Wizard Ring

Fourze Engage Wizard Ring (フォーゼエンゲージウィザードリング, Fōze Engēji Wizādo Ringu): By putting this ring on a Gate's finger, Kamen Rider Fourze can press the ringed finger on the Cosmic Switch to enter their Underworld through a Magical Portal. Only appears in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum.

Fourze Lockseed (フォーゼロックシード, Fōze Rokkushīdo): Allows Kamen Rider Zangetsu to transform into Fourze Arms, equipped with the Rocket Module. [Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle] By channeling the Fourze Lockseed into the Heisei Rider Lockseed, Kamen Rider Fifteen can transform into Fourze Arms, which instead equips him with the Barizun Sword. [Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai] The core image depicts the Fourze Driver while the lid backside image depicts the Rocket Switch. Strangely a Gaim/Kurokage/Bujin Gaim/Kamuro-styled Lockseed in the toyline.

  • Transformation: Fourze Arms: Seishun Switch On!
    • Squash: Limit Break (リミットブレイク, Rimitto Bureiku)
    • Au Lait: Drill On (ドリルン, Doriru On)
    • Sparking: Rocket On (ロケットン, Roketto On)

Fourze Cosmicstates Lockseed (フォーゼコズミックステイツロックシード, Fōze Kozumikku Suteitsu Rokkushīdo): The core image depicts the Fourze Driver while the lid backside image depicts the Cosmic Switch. Zangetsu/Mars/Jam-styled Lockseed. When activated, this Lockseed announces "Cosmic" (コズミック, Kozumikku).

  • Transformation: Fourze Arms: Minna no Kizuna de Uchu wo Tsukamu!
    • Squash: Uchū Kitā (宇宙キター lit. "Space is Here")
    • Au Lait: Danger (デンジャー, Denjā)
    • Sparking: Rider Super Galaxy Finish (ライダー超銀河フィニッシュ, Raidā Chō Ginga Finisshu)

KRDr-Signal Legend Fourze

Legend Fourze Signal Bike

  • Signal Legend Fourze (シグナルレジェンドフォーゼ, Shigunaru Rejendo Fōze, Based on Fourze's Machine Massigler): Allows Mach to activate a Kourin Signal Legend. When used in the DX Drive Driver, it gives the sound for a Tire Exchange into Drive: Fourze.

"Kaigan! Fourze! (Astroswitch insertion) Switch oshita! Uchū kitā! (Transwitches being thrown individually)"
―Transformation announcement with Ghost Driver[src]

"Tengan! Ghost! Mega Ulord!"
―Transformation announcement with Mega Ulorder[src]

The Fourze Ghost Eyecon (フォーゼゴースト眼魂, Fōze Gōsuto Aikon) is one of the 16 title Kamen Riders' Ghost Eyecons, with its primary user being Kamen Rider Specter. It shows the number R13 on its Startup Time setting, Fourze Basestates's face on its Transformation Time setting, and Fourze's symbol on its Move Invocation Time setting.

Its Omega Drive finisher is the Omega Drive (Fourze) (オメガドライブ フォーゼ, Omega Doraibu (Fōze)), where Specter arms the Rocket and Drill Modules on his right arm and left leg respectively and proceeds to perform a replication of Fourze Basestates' Limit Break attack, Rider Rocket Drill Kick. The Fourze Ghost was originally sealed within Fourze's Rocket Switch. Once freed, it entered Makoto's Ghost Driver, creating its Eyecon.

Fourze's Eyecon/Damashii exclusively appears on-screen in the Fourze Chapter of Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls!.

"Space Galaxy Fourze! (Fourze Driver countdown noise)"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Gashat! Let's Ride! Metcha Ride! Mutcha Ride! What's your Ride!? I'm a Legend Rider!"
Level 1 announcement[src]

"Gachan! Level Up! Rocket! Rocket! Switch On! Space! Space! Galaxy Fourze!"
Level 2 announcement[src]

"A Gacha! Buttobase! Yuujou! Seishun Galaxy! 3-2-1 Fourze!"
Level 3 announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Space Galaxy Critical Strike!"
―Gamer Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Space Galaxy Critical Finish! (Limit Break sounds)"
―Weapon finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! (Word from other Gashat's name) Fourze Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Key Slasher finisher announcement[src]

  • Space Galaxy Fourze (スペースギャラクシーフォーゼ, Supēsu Gyarakushī Fōze): Based on Kamen Rider Fourze. Used to activate Fourze Gamer Level 1, advances to Level 2 after pulling the lever on the Gamer Driver.

  • Fourze Fullbottle (フォーゼフルボトル, Fōze Furubotoru): Used solely to access Fourze Form. Also used with the Wizard Fullbottle to access the unreleased FourzeWizard Form.
  • Yujou Fullbottle (友情フルボトル, Yūjō Furubotoru, lit. Friendship Fullbottle): Used with the Rocket Fullbottle to access Fourze Form.
  • Rocket Fullbottle (ロケットフルボトル, Roketto Furubotoru): Used with the Yujou Fullbottle to access Fourze Form. Typically paired with the Panda Fullbottle.

"(Digital beeping) Fourze!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Uchuu kita! Switch no chikara de tatakau Rider wa... Fourze da!

Translation: Space is here! The Rider who fights with the power of switches is... (Clock ticking noise) Fourze! (宇宙キター!スイッチの力で戦うライダーは…フォーゼだ!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"Rider Time! (Epic orchestral music) 3, 2, 1! Fourze!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's right-hand slot[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! (Epic orchestral music) 3, 2, 1! Fourze!"
―Rider Armor transformation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! Fourze! Limit Time (Break/Burst/Jack)!"
―Rider Armor finisher announcement[src]

Fourze Ridewatch (フォーゼライドウォッチ, Fōze Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Fourze Basestates, this Ridewatch provides access to the FourzeArmor used by Zi-O. It is dated 2011.

It was presumably manifested by Gentaro Kisaragi from a Blank Watch given by Sougo Tokiwa, whom would give it to Chuta Ohsugi.

"(Digital beeping) Cosmicstates!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Tomo to no kizuna ga umidasu chikara! Uchuu saikyo no cosmic energy! Fourze Cosmicstates!

Translation: The power born from the bonds of friends! The strongest cosmic energy in the cosmos! Fourze Cosmicstates! (友との絆が生み出す力!宇宙最強のコズミックエナジー!フォーゼコズミックステイツ!)"
―Secondary activation announcement[src]

"(Right-hand Ridewatch's announcement)! Armor Time! Uchuu o tsukame! Fourze Cosmic! Cosmic!"
―Transformation announcement in the Ziku-Driver's left-hand slot[src]

"Finish Time! Fourze! Chou Ginga Time (Break/Burst/Jack)!"
―Finisher announcement in left-hand slot[src]

Fourze Cosmicstates Ridewatch (フォーゼコズミックステイツライドウォッチ, Fōze Kozumikku Suteitsu Raidowotchi): Based on Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmicstates, this Ridewatch would provide access to the FourzeCosmicStatesArmor. It is dated 2011, but shown on the Ziku-Driver's screen as FIN.

Another Fourze Watch (アナザーフォーゼウォッチ, Anazā Fōze Wotchi): A twisted version of the Fourze Ridewatch used to transform into Another Fourze.

SpaceComing Fourze Progrisekey (スペースカミングフォーゼプログライズキー, SupēsuKamingu Fōze Puroguraizu Kī): Based on Kamen Rider Fourze, this Progrisekey's ability is "Cosmic".[5]

"2011 Fourze Odyssey!"
―Activation announcement[src]

The 2011 Fourze Odyssey Wonder Ride Book (2011フォーゼオデッセイワンダーライドブック, Nisenjūichi Fōze Odessei Wandā Raido Bukku) is based on Kamen Rider Fourze and his forms.

"Kong! (コング!, Kongu!)"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Come on! Kon-Kon-Kong! (カモン!コン!コン!コング!, Kamon! Kon-Kon-Kongu!)"
―Looping standby announcement with the Revice Driver[src]

"Buddy Up! Arm! Strong! Tatakai no gong! Narase! Kong! Drumming kitaa!
(バディアップ!アーム!ストロング!戦いのゴング!鳴らせ!コング!ドラミングキター!, Badi Appu! Āmu! Sutorongu! Tatakai no gongu! Narase! Kongu! Doramingukitā!,
Translation: Buddy Up! Arm! Strong! The battle gong! Ring it! Kong! Drumming is here!)"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Kong Stamping Finish! (コングスタンピングフィニッシュ!, Kongu Sutanpingu Finisshu!)"
―Revice Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Remix! Buddy Up! Hissatsu! King! Punching! Kong!
(リミックス!バディアップ!必殺!キング!パンチング!コング!, Rimikkusu! Badi Appu! Hissatsu! Kingu! Panchingu! Kongu!,
Translation: Remix! Buddy Up! Certain kill! King! Punching! Kong!)"
―Remix transformation announcement[src]

"Dominate Up! Kong! Neo burst! (ドミネートアップ!コング!ネオバースト!, Dominēto Appu! Kongu! Neo bāsuto!)"
―Genomix Change announcement with the Destream Driver[src]

"Hissatsu Shonin! Kong Stamping Slash! (必殺承認!コングスタンピングスラッシュ!, Hissatsu Shōnin! Kongu Sutanpingu Surasshu!, Translation: Deadly Approval! Kong Stamping Slash!)"
―Finisher announcement with the Ohinbuster50 in Axe Mode[src]

"Hissatsu Shonin! Kong Stamping Strike! (必殺承認!コングスタンピングストライク!, Hissatsu Shōnin! Kongu Sutanpingu Sutoraiku!, Translation: Deadly Approval! Kong Stamping Strike!)"
―Finisher announcement with the Ohinbuster50 in Gun Mode[src]

"Absorb! Fourze! (アブゾーブ!フォーゼ!, Abuzōbu! Fōze!)"
―Scanning announcement with the Juuga Driver[src]

"Kong Rocket Attack! (コングロケットアタック!, Kongu Roketto Atakku!)"
―Finisher announcement with the Juuga Driver[src]

Kong Vistamp (コングバイスタンプ, Kongu Baisutanpu): Allows Revi and Vice to access their Kong Genome. It is also used by Destream to access his Kong Genomix. It contains the genetic information of a gorilla and is based on Kamen Rider Fourze.

"Fourze Driver."
―Insertion announcement in the Desire Driver[src]

"(Fourze Basestates transformation sound) Ready, fight!"
―Standalone Transformation announcement in the Desire Driver[src]

"Fourze Strike!"
―Standalone finisher announcement in the Desire Driver[src]

"Dual On! (Raise Buckle name)! (Fourze Basestates transformation sound) Ready, fight!"
―Transformation announcement with a large Raise Buckle in the Desire Driver[src]

"(Raise Buckle name) Fourze Victory!"
―Finisher announcement with a large Raise Buckle in the Desire Driver[src]

"Boost Time! Boost Fourze Grand Victory!"
―Boost Time finisher announcement with the Boost Buckle in the Desire Driver[src]

"Kamen Rider Tactical Blast!"
―Finisher announcement in the Magnum Shooter 40X[src]

Fourze Driver Buckle (フォーゼドライバーバックル, Fōze Doraibā Bakkuru): Allows any of the Geats Riders to access Fourze Form, which is equipped with the Rocket Module. It is based on Kamen Rider Fourze and his transformation belt, the Fourze Driver.

  • Kamen Rider Fourze (仮面ライダーフォーゼ, Kamen Raidā Fōze): Used with Kamen Rider Build to access FullFull Rocket.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmicstates (仮面ライダーフォーゼコズミックステイツ, Kamen Raidā Fōze Kozumikku Suteitsu)

Behind the Scenes[]


Gentaro Kisaragi is portrayed by Sota Fukushi (福士 蒼汰, Fukushi Sōta). As a child, Gentaro is portrayed by Tatsuki Ishikawa (石川 樹, Ishikawa Tatsuki). In Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai, Fourze was voiced by Kenichi Suzumura (鈴村 健一, Suzumura Ken'ichi).

In Kamen Rider Zi-O, Fukushi was unable to appear in person because he was busy filming the Bleach movie, but recorded voice-overs that were used along with an unidentified stand-in.

As Kamen Rider Fourze, his suit actor is Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二, Takaiwa Seiji), who has been the suit actor for the majority of leading Heisei Kamen Riders.

Rider No.[]

As the leading Rider protagonist of Kamen Rider Fourze, Gentaro Kisaragi (Kamen Rider Fourze) is labeled Kamen Rider #28 (仮面ライダー28号, Kamen Raidā Nijūhachigō) and Heisei Rider #13 (平成ライダー13号, Heisei Raidā Jūsangō). [Quiz! Decade Countdown!!]


If one were to remove certain letters in Gentaro Kisaragi's name as written in English, and then rearrange them, it would say Stronger. This homage is alluded to in Fourze's Movie War Mega Max portion, Kamen Rider Fourze: Nadeshiko, Descend, where Gentaro wears a makeshift Kamen Rider Stronger costume as part of the Kamen Rider Club's Seven Legendary Riders cosplay, as well as performing Stronger's roll call as Fourze. Expanding past the Seven Legendary Kamen Riders, his full name is also a slight play on Kohtaro Minami (Kamen Rider Black (RX)).

His name also contains the kanji for "Moon" (月), and the "-rou" in his name (the counter for sons), usually written 郎, is there written 朗, which means bright and contains the moon radical.

His name roughly says Forty, as well as a combination of "Four" and "Zero", an indication of the Kamen Rider Series' 40th Anniversary and the forty different powers and weapons he can access with the Astroswitches.



Main article: Gentaro Kisaragi/Appearances


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