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Genta Igarashi (五十嵐 元太, Igarashi Genta) is the father of the Igarashi siblings, the husband of Yukimi Igarashi, and the owner of Happy Spa.


Genta Igarashi is the husband of Yukimi Igarashi and the father of Ikki, Daiji, and Sakura. He is an online video creator trying to make a fortune from his viewers. Genta's feelings of loving the family is genuine, and happily cries every time something good thing happens with the family.

While the rest of the Igarashi clan attended Daiji's appointment ceremony at Fenix, Genta stayed at the Happy Spa bathhouse where he saw on the television of the Deadmans launching an attack. However, the crisis would be put into an end after Ikki transformed into Kamen Rider Revi. After his wife was brought to the hospital, Genta was there to greet his wife as she was recovering in the bed.

While Ikki tried to tend the Happy Spa bathhouse, Genta would often get tricked by the land developers to sign the eviction papers to give up the bathhouse, which his son and customers try to keep holding him back from. After receiving funds from Fenix to keep up with expenses of the bathhouse through Ikki’s hero work, Genta used his channel to help his son find Deadmans as well as promote the spa.

After Yukimi had fully recovered and was released from the hospital, the Igarashi family went out to vacation trip to a luxury ryokan. Although Genta and his children pampered his wife, their happiness was cut short when it was revealed Daiji is possessed by his inner demon Kagero. He displayed unimaginable bravery in protecting his family despite coming face to face with Kamen Rider Evil. On the other hand, George Karizaki expressed suspicions towards Genta over why he is continuing with distributing videos despite his family being provided by Fenix.

Genta's medical reports revealing he has no heart

Genta would later develop a back injury that would often be treated by Yukimi, but would accidentally strain his posterior in his children's antics. While Fenix offered to provide medical treatment, Karizaki looked into his X-Ray scan and was suprised to discover that he has no heart.


Gents is an eccentric individual who tries to be a popular internet sensation by creating video content online in the hopes of becoming rich. While he is a “sloppy” father, he loves his family and cares deeply for them. This is shown in the first episode, as he expressed worry after seeing the Deadmans attacking Daiji’s commencement ceremony on TV and later on expressed overwhelming joy that his wife Yukimi was awake in the hospital, almost to the point of jumping on top of her bed just to give her a hug.


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Like the rest of his family, the Igarashi surname contains the kanji for "fifty" (五十嵐), which is likely a nod to Revice commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Kamen Rider franchise.


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