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Genda (玄田) was the Dragon Orphnoch (ドラゴンオルフェノク Doragon Orufenoku) of the World of Faiz. The jock member of Lucky Clover, he was destroyed by Decade as Kamen Ride: Blade until the Tiger Orphnoch arrives and resurrects him into his muscular Majin Form. He was destroyed for good by Decade's Decade Photon.

World of the Rider War

The Dragon Orphnoch (original form) was among a trio of Orphnoch who were part of a gathering of monsters which were revived by Super Apollo Geist in the World of the Rider War through a surplus of Life Energy which he had gained during his wedding to the Fangire Queen. These three Orphnoch were combined to create a copy of the strongest Orphnoch from the World of Faiz, the Tiger Orphnoch. This Tiger Orphnoch is later destroyed by Decade Complete Form's Enhanced Dimension Kick. Destroyer of Worlds


As the Dragon Orphnoch, Genda has two forms.

DragonOrphnoch Majintai

Dragon Orphnoch Demon-Human Form

  • Height: 215 cm
  • Weight: 119 kg

Genda's original form, Demon-Human Form (魔人態 Majin-tai) has a proficiency in speed and agility, but was outmatched by Decade Blade's Attack Ride: Blade Mach.

DragonOrphnoch Ryujintai

Dragon Orphnoch Dragon-Human Form

  • Height: 225 cm
  • Weight: 167 kg

After his first destruction by Decade, Genda was resurrected by the Tiger Orphnoch into a more powerful muscular form, named Dragon-Human Form (龍人態 Ryujin-tai) granting an increase in strength.


  • Genda's form scheme as the Dragon Orphnoch mirrors his original counterpart from Kamen Rider 555, Kitazaki. In 555, the stronger Dragon Orphnoch form which appears in Decade as Genda's revived form is Kitazaki's default form, while Genda's weaker yet faster default form is an alternate form Kitazaki assumed to receive a boost in speed.