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"Now powering up Shocker is Geldam, a secret organization that has been undergoing intense training in the African deserts... we are Gel Shocker!"

Geldam (ゲルダム団 Gerudamu) is an evil organization which joined forces with Shocker and its Great Leader after the latter's defeat by the Double Riders. They merged to form Gel Shocker. A notable member of Geldam was General Black, a Gel Shocker executive stationed in Africa with the ability to become Hiruchameleon, he made the alliance with the Great Leader.

General Black

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General Black/Hiruchameleon (80-98) - Gel Shocker's eminent chief from Africa. His monster form is Hiruchameleon, a leech/chameleon monster. Destroyed by Kamen Rider 1 and Kamen Rider 2's Rider Double Chop. Eventually, General Black was resurrected and worked for Destron in an important operation, but ended up dying in the self-destruction of a Destron base.

In Kamen Rider Spirits, he is resurrected along with the Gel Shocker's monsters by the Badan Empire, and he gets destroyed again by Kamen Rider 2 and ZX.

Hiruchameleon also appeared in Movie War 2010 as a minor Super Shocker member. He fought against Yuusuke Onodera, Kamen Rider Kuuga, but he was quickly defeated.

In OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders, he appears as a member of Shocker finding the Cell Medal that Ankh dropped, for the creation of Shocker Greed. He is killed by Kamen Rider OOO.


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Ganikomol (78-80 & 97) - A crab/bat monster. Its flight capable and its power and reflexes seemingly surpassed Kamen Rider 1. He also has ability to spit smoke which can cause it's target become dust and it smoke also used at Tobee Tachibana body which actually it's General Black disguised as him. Ganikomol was the only Geldam monster that actually appears in the series. He faces Kamen Rider 1 several times as a mysterious opponent, denying to be a Shocker monster. However, after Shocker is destroyed and Gel Shocker arises, Ganikomol kills the remaining of Shocker Combatmen who try to escape before faces Rider 1 once again. In a desperation move, Kamen Rider 1 goes against its flight attack in mid air, and the impact creates an explosion which seemingly engulfs both.

Behind the scenes

The second ever evil organization in the Kamen Rider Series, Geldam was introduced in the later episodes of the original Kamen Rider television series which saw Shocker remade as the combined Gel Shocker.


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