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Chinomanako with Bony Shitari.

The Gedoushu (外道衆 Gedōshū) are malevolent spirits that dwell in the Sanzu River. They enter the mortal world through gaps to inflict terror on the humans to allow the river to flood over both worlds. Their leading members live aboard the Rokumon Junk (六門船 Rokumonsen) and consist of Doukoku Chimatsuri, Dayu Usukawa and Bony Shitari. Under their control are the Ayakashi (アヤカシ) who enter the mortal world, assisted by the Nanashi Company.

They are natives of the World of Shinkenger and their members were encountered by the Hikari Studio when they arrived there. Most notably, Kamen Riders Decade and Kuuga teamed up with the Shinkengers to destroy the Ayakashi, Chinomanako, who had stolen Diend's Diendriver, turning him into that World's Kamen Rider which presented a threat to its stability. The Arrival of the Samurai Sentai Heretic Rider, Go Forth! (Shinkenger Act 20 and Act 21)

In the "Super Hero Taisen" incident, the leader of the Gedoushu, Dokoku Chimatsuri, was part of the Dai-Zangyack organization, an alliance of the enemies of the Super Sentai teams. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

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