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The Gatack Extender (ガタックエクステンダー Gatakku Ekusutendā) is a modified Honda XR250 Motard designed for Gatack. The Gatack Extender has two modes: Masked Mode (マスクドモード Masukudo Mōdo) and Ex Mode (エクスモード Ekusu Mōdo).


Gatack Extender

Gatack Extender Masked Mode


  • Length: 210 cm
  • Width: 77 cm
  • Height: 135 cm
  • Top speed: 410km/h

Masked Mode is the Gatack Extender's first formation and is most suited for Gatack's Masked Form.

Gatack Extender EX

Gatack Extender Ex Mode


  • Length: 323
  • Width: 185 cm
  • Height: 610 cm
  • Top speed: 700km/h

In the latter configuration, which Gatack cannot ride in Masked Form, the bike becomes a surfboard-like vehicle which can fly very quickly and destroy multiple Worms with its mandibles. Also, with the Kabuto Extender present, a team finisher named the Extend Rider Drop can be executed. Tossed into the air off the Kabuto Extender's EX Anchor, the Gatack Extender is then driven into the enemy from above by Gatack's kick.

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