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Icon-exaid.png This article is about a transformation gear in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

"Gashat Gear Dual βeta!"
―DX toy activation announcement[src]

"Dual Gashat!"
―Gashat Gear Dual β insertion announcement in the Gamer Driver[src]

"Taddle Fantasy!"
―Activation announcement (Taddle Fantasy)[src]

"Let's going king of fantasy! (Looping upbeat orchestra music)"
―Looping standby announcement (Taddle Fantasy)[src]

"Gachan! Dual Up! Tadoru meguru RPG! Taddle Fantasy~!"
―Fantasy Gamer Level 50 transformation announcement in Gamer Driver[src]

"Bang Bang Simulations!"
―Activation announcement (Bang Bang Simulations)[src]

"I ready for battleship! (Looping military-styled music)"
―Looping standby announcement (Bang Bang Simulations)[src]

"Gachan! Dual Up! Scramble da! Shutsugeki hasshin! Bang Bang Simulatio~ns! Hasshin!"
―Simulations Gamer Level 50 transformation announcement in Gamer Driver[src]

"Gachon! Kimewaza! Gachan! Taddle Critical Slash!"
―Gamer Driver Finisher announcement (Taddle Fantasy variant)[src]

"Gachon! Kimewaza! Gachan! Bang Bang Critical Fire!"
―Gamer Driver Finisher announcement (Bang Bang Simulations variant)[src]

"Dual Up! Satan appeared! Say ma~ou! Taddle Fatasy!"
Fantasy Gamer Level 50 standalone transformation announcement[src]

"Dual Up! Enemy is coming! Shot down their Bang Bang Simulations!"
Simulation Gamer Level 50 standalone transformation announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Dual Gashat! Taddle Critical Slash!"
―Finisher announcement with Gear Holder (Taddle Fantasy)[src]

"Kimewaza! Dual Gashat! Bang Bang Critical Fire!"
―Finisher announcement with Gear Holder (Bang Bang Simulations)[src]

"Dual Gashat! Kimewaza! Fantasy Simulations Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Key Slasher Finisher announcement[src]

―Post-finisher announcement (Taddle Fantasy variant)[src]

"Mission Complete!"
―Post-finisher announcement (Bang Bang Simulations variant)[src]

―Gashat removal announcement[src]

The Transformation Game Gashat Gear Dual β (変身ゲーム ガシャットギア デュアルβ[ベータ], Henshin Gēmu Gashatto Gia Dyuaru Bēta) is the additional Rider Gashat of Kamen Rider Brave and Kamen Rider Snipe.


Gashat Gear Dual β is two games in one, Taddle Fantasy and Bang Bang Simulations.


Gamer Summoning

The Gashat Gear Dual β can summon the Gamer for either Taddle Fantasy or Bang Bang Simulations without the user needing to transform first, and the Gamer can be directed to attack the user's opponent directly.


Used in a Gamer Driver, it can be used to assume one of two Rider forms, one for each game: Taddle Fantasy accesses Brave Fantasy Gamer Level 50, and Bang Bang Simulations accesses Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50.

  • Kamen Rider Brave (Ex-Aid Episodes 19, 20, 22, Chou Super Hero Taisen, Kamen Sentai Gorider Episode 3, Ex-Aid 29, 30 (offscreen), 32-34, 36, True Ending)
  • Kamen Rider Snipe (Ex-Aid Episodes 20-23, Kamen Sentai Gorider Episode 3, Ex-Aid 24, 26-29, 32, 35-37, 40, 41, 43, 44, True Ending)

Gamer Driver Finishers

  • Taddle Critical Slash (タドルクリティカルスラシュ, Tadoru Kuritikaru Surashu): This finisher has three variations:
    • Rider Kick: Brave surrounds himself with a magical shield to block any incoming attacks, then expands the shield to surround himself and his enemy, and delivers a powerful kick at them. [A Sudden Fantasy!?]
    • Rider Slash
      • Brave delivers a purple energy X cross slash with the Gashacon Sword. [We're Me!?]
      • Brave expands the tornado to surround his enemy and delivers a straight slash with the Gashacon Sword. [Accomplished Rebirth!]

  • Bang Bang Critical Fire (バンバンクリティカルファイヤー, Ban Ban Kuritikaru Faiyā): This finisher has two variations:
    • Rider Kick: Snipe delivers a powerful kick at the enemy in a bright blue flash. [To The Max, Dead or Alive!]
    • Rider Shooting
      • Snipe aims all the weapons on his armor at the enemy and targets the enemy's weak points, before shooting several powerful bullets at the enemy in a bright blue flash.
      • Snipe combines his arm cannons together into one piece that resembles a battleship and charges them with blue energy, before shooting a powerful fireball at the enemy.
      • Snipe combines his arm cannons together into one piece that resembles a battleship and charges them with blue energy, before shooting several powerful blasts homing the enemy, causing a massive explosion.



Dan's code for what would become the Gashat Gear Dual β.

First, Taddle Quest was used to create Taddle Fantasy.

Second, Bang Bang Simulations was created from Bang Bang Shooting.

Kuroto was seen working on this Gashat with data from the recently stolen Taddle Quest Gashat, using its data to help create Taddle Fantasy. [A Nonstandard BURGSTER?]

After stealing the Bang Bang Shooting Gashat, Kuroto was able to copy and update its data to complete Bang Bang Simulations and the Gashat Gear Dual β. He later used it to summon the Fantasy Gamer directly to attack Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer Level X, knocking him out of his transformation in one hit, in an attempt to take back the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat. [The Truth Exposed]

Between Brave and Snipe

Later, Genm Zombie Gamer Level X again summoned the Fantasy Gamer while fighting Ex-Aid, attempting to take the Mighty Action X Gashat. Hiiro Kagami grabbed the Mighty Action X Gashat from Ex-Aid and used it to lure the Fantasy Gamer into a Confusion Energy Item, causing it to ram into Genm, which caused him to drop the Gashat Gear Dual β. Hiiro stole the Gashat Gear Dual β and used it to transform into Kamen Rider Brave Fantasy Gamer Level 50, and defeated Genm and the Gatton Bugster. After canceling his transformation, he started to feel pain in his chest, mostly because he leveled up to a form greater than Level 5. [A Sudden Fantasy!?]

Hiiro assumed Fantasy Gamer Level 50 when he fought Vernier Bugster. After the Bugsters transformed back into the patient it infected, Brave fought Para-DX. He was doing fine until his chest pains happened again, resulting in him cancelling his transformation and collapsing. As a result, Taiga took the Gashat Gear Dual β from Hiiro. Taiga then summons the Simulation Gamer for the first time transforming into Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50 and successfully destroyed Vernier Bugster. [Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind!]

Snipe assumed Simulation Gamer Level 50 during his fight with Genm and reclaimed his Bang Bang Shooting Gashat. He assumed it again during his fight with Para-DX and the two were equal in power because their forms are both Level 50. [Chasing the Mystery!][Engineered History!]

Brave assumed the Fantasy Gamer to match the Legacy Gamer in a duel against his Game World counterpart, Kamen Rider True Brave, in which he ultimately prevailed. [Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen]

When Kuroto Dan's plot to revive in the Game World caused an army of Bugsters to perpetually revive and emerge into the real world, Brave and Snipe shared the Gashat Gear Dual β as they fought back the endless horde while Emu was sent from CR to the Game World to stop Dan. Brave assumed his Fantasy Gamer first before being beaten back, [Maze 2: Escape] leaving Snipe to endure alone with the Simulation Gamer before rejoining him with the Hunter Gamer, at which point the horde ultimately dissipated in an instance as the destruction of the Game World brought about by Kazuma Kenzaki thwarted Dan's ambition to revive. [Maze 3: Gorider Forever]

Stepping in alongside Ex-Aid and Brave to defend the Ride-Players against the Bugsters, Snipe assumed the Simulation Gamer with which he performed the Bang Bang Critical Fire to destroy Aranbura. [Players Who Bet on Survival]

Reconciling with Nico, Taiga cured her second infection by assuming the Simulation Gamer with which he performed the Bang Bang Critical Fire against Vernier, swiftly destroying the Bugster while earning the affection of the Lovrica Bugster's Lovely Girls. [Love & Peace for the Winner!]

Faced with Para-DX's new Level 99 Perfect Knock Out Gamer, Snipe and Brave both used the Gashat Gear Dual β in quick succession, respectively assuming the Simulation Gamer and Fantasy Gamer to engage him only to be easily outmatched before being defeated as their Bang Bang Critical Fire and Taddle Critical Slash were overcome by the Gashacon Parabragun Gun Mode's Perfect Critical Finish and Ax Mode's Knock Out Critical Finish. [We're Me!?]

As a pair

Hiiro and Taiga, both with a Gashat Gear Dual β.

After Kuroto's revival as a Bugster, he creates a second Gashat Gear Dual β, allowing Brave and Snipe to use their Level 50 forms at the same time. [The Forbidden Continue!?]

When the Kamen Riders stepped in to save a Ride-Player from the high tier Bugsters, Brave Fantasy Gamer and Snipe Simulation Gamer were respectively pitted against Lovelica and Level 99 Graphite and found themselves outmatched, forcing Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer to led a retreat. Entering a rematch in what was intended to be the final battle against the high tier Bugsters, Snipe was able to hold off Graphite enough for Ex-Aid to eliminate Lovelica's edge by destroying the Lovely Girls, allowing Brave to overcome him. Ultimately, however, all parties were effortlessly defeated in an instant when the time-manipulating Kamen Rider Cronus made his appearance. [Judgment Received!]

Behind The Scenes


The voice of Gashat Gear Dual β was provided by an unknown voice actor who voiced the original Gashat Gear Dual when used alone, and Hironobu Kageyama (影山 ヒロノブ, Kageyama Hironobu) in the Gamer Driver.


  • The name of this Gashat is slightly inaccurate as 'beta' is a term commonly used for an in-development version of a game. This Gashat was created after the Gashat Gear Dual used by Parado, which could be considered the "alpha" prototype of this Gashat in terms of development as alpha tests always precede beta testing in programming, however its title doesn't call it an alpha.
    • However, the Gashat Gear Dual βeta's naming might be a reference to beta testing instead of an actual beta game.
    • On the other hand, the Gashat Gear Dual βeta may have been left incomplete when Hiiro stole it from Kuroto.
  • Ironically, the forms of the Gashat Gear Dual β are utilized by Hiiro and Taiga, the two among the Ex-Aid Riders that get along the least.
  • Kuroto updating both Taddle Quest's and Bang Bang Shooting's data might be a reference to over-the-air game updates.
  • To contrast the original Gashat Gear Dual, which uses English correctly, both of the Gashat Gear Dual β's fully English looping standby announcements have grammar mistakes.
    • It may also be a reference to bad game localizations that use Engrish.
  • On the instruction for Gashat Gear Dual β ,instead of reading Shootdown Their it reads Shotdown their.
  • When used in Gamer Driver, Gashat Gear Dual β allows the user to transform into either Brave Fantasy Gamer or Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50, with one finisher for each form, while the Gashat Gear Dual only has one form, with three different finishers.
    • The Gashat Gear Dual in the Gamer Driver also provides a new weapon, the Gashacon Parabragun, while the Gashat Gear Dual β does not.
      • The lack of weapons for the Gashat can be overlooked due to Taddle Fantasy and Bang Bang Simulations being based on games that provided their own weapons.
  • Although called a "slash", the initial version of Taddle Fantasy's finisher, Taddle Critical Slash, is actually a straightforward kick attack, though this was due to the fact that Hiiro had the Gashacon Sword taken from him at the time.
  • The setup for the Taddle Critical Slash is similar to Kamen Rider Chalice's Spinning Dance in that it involves the Riders levitating while spinning.
  • The Gashat Gear Dual β can be used in a style similar to the first Gashat Gear Dual[1], but it is unknown if it was intended to be used in this way before Hiiro stole it.
  • When the DX Gashat Gear Dual β is inserted into the DX Gamer Driver without choosing a game first, no specific transformation announcement is played.[2]
  • Unique among the dual-slot Gashats, it uses the data of the respective game's to simultaneously create a Gamer and supply the Rider with their Level 2 form, then combine them.
    • The only other Gashats that implement this process are the single-slot Taddle Legacy and Mighty Creator VRX.
      • Knock Out Fighter 2 is an exception, as the base forms appear altered(Ex-Aid) or include a Gamer Driver(Para-DX).
    • A strange aesthetic is that the additional armor on the respective Rider's head for Level 50 is swapped from Level 3, with Snipe gaining a hat-shaped covering and Brave having his cover his face like a mask, instead of the inverse.


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