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"Gashacon Key Slasher!"
―Gashacon Key Slasher's summon announcement[src]

―Blade Mode's change announcement[src]

―Gun Mode's change announcement[src]

―Axe Mode's change announcement[src]

"Gashat!/Double Gashat!/Dual Gashat!/Muteki Gashat! Kimewaza! (Gashat name) Critical Finish!"
―Gashacon Key Slasher's finisher activation announcement[src]

"Kaishin no Ippatsu!"
―Gashacon Key Slasher's announcement after finisher[src]

―Rider Gashat deactivation announcement[src]

The Double Loading Gashacon Key Slasher (ダブル装填 ガシャコンキースラッシャー, Daburu Sōten Gashakon Kī Surasshā, lit. "Special Key Slasher") is the personal Gashacon Weapon of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer Level X/X, Maximum Gamer Level 99, and Muteki Gamer. It is also used by Kamen Rider Genm God Maximum Gamer Level Billion.



When Kamen Rider Chronicle commenced, the Gashacon Key Slasher was temporarily wielded by a Ride-Player who had stolen the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat from Ex-Aid. It was returned when the Ride-Player was eliminated by Kamen Rider Para-DX. Start the New Game!


The Gashacon Key Slasher has three basic modes: Blade Mode (ブレードモード, Burēdo Mōdo), Axe Mode (アックスモード, Akkusu Mōdo), and Gun Mode (ガンモード, Gan Mōdo), which Ex-Aid Level XX R and L can switch between by pressing the corresponding mode buttons. However unlike other Gashacon Weapons, the Key Slasher only has its one basic form, merely switching its functionality but not its appearance, save an energy projection blade for Axe Mode.

  • Blade Mode: Press the azure mode button to use the Key Slasher's blade as a sword. This is the weapon's default mode, though the button is still often pressed before entering battle.
  • Axe Mode: Press the orange mode button to project an orange energy ax blade from the front of the Key Slasher's hilt.
  • Gun Mode: Press the yellow mode button to use the Key Slasher's blade as the barrel of a laser rifle.

Special Attack

To activate an attack, Ex-Aid Level XX R / L must press the button of the mode this weapon is in, press 1-3 buttons with the same color in the grid, and then press the mode button again.

  • Blade Key Slash:
  • Axe Key Slash:
  • Gun Key Blast:


By inserting a Dual Gashat or two Rider Gashats (one Level 1&2 Gashat and one Level 3/4/5 Gashat) into the double slot over the back of the Key Slasher's handle, a Rider can trigger a Critical Finish. Using two Gashats will combine them into one finisher using the second word from their names (e.g. Action Robots).

  • Mighty Brothers Critical Finish (マイティブラザーズクリティカルフィニッシュ, Maiti Burazāsu Kuritikaru Finisshu)
    • Blade: Ex-Aid Level XX R creates another Gashacon Key Slasher for Level XX L to use, and they both attack at the same time, creating an orange and azure energy X cross slash at the enemy.
    • Ax: Ex-Aid Level XX R creates another Gashacon Key Slasher for Level XX L to use, and they both attack at the same time, creating a double downward orange energy slash at the enemy.

  • Maximum Mighty Critical Finish (マキシマムマイティクリティカルフィニッシュ, Makishimamu Maiti Kuritikaru Finisshu) Because of the Gashat used, any of these attacks can be used to cause Reprogramming, briefly trapping the target in a ball of pink energy after being hit but dealing no damage directly.
    • Blade: Ex-Aid charges the weapon with fiery energy, before delivering a powerful red energy slash at the enemy.
    • Gun: Ex-Aid surrounds himself with yellow energy before shooting the same enemy at the opponent. The shot then traps the enemy in a pink sphere before they disintegrate. Any survivors of this attack are reprogrammed.

  • Doctor Mighty Critical Finish (ドクターマイティクリティカルフィニッシュ, Dokutā Maiti Kuritikaru Finisshu) Because of the Gashat used, any of these attacks can be used to cure the Gamedeus virus in the target.

  • Maximum Mighty Critical Finish (マキシマムマイティクリティカルフィニッシュ, Makishimamu Maiti Kuritikaru Finishhu): Ex-Aid and Genm repeatedly slash their enemy with their respective weapons (Ex-Aid's Gashacon Key Slasher in Blade Mode and Genm's Gashacon Breaker in Blade Mode) before performing a high and low Rider Kick combination to swap places and continue slashing, ending with a powerful slash from both sides.

  • Action Robots Critical Finish (アクションロボッツクリティカルフィニッシュ, Akushon Robottsu Kuritikaru Finisshu)
    • Gun: Ex-Aid Level XX L or R fires a series of yellow/magenta/red energy blasts.

Unlike any other Gashat, Ex-Aid's Hyper Muteki weapon finisher is activated by pressing the star button on top of the Gashat while holding the Key Slasher to start the finisher standby before pressing it again to activate the finisher; this is the same process as for his kick attack, which is used if he isn't holding the Key Slasher.

  • Hyper Critical Sparking (ハイパークリティカルスパーキング, Haipā Kuritikaru Supākingu):
    • Blade: Ex-Aid performs a series of powerful slash attacks covered with rainbow energy.


  • The Key Slasher's mode changing announcements are "extended" versions of those from other Gashacon Weapons' similar modes:
  • Its three main forms are possibly a nod to the Kunai Guns from Kamen Rider Kabuto and the DenGasher variants from Kamen Rider Den-O.
    • The Key Slasher's Sword Mode is comparable to the Kunaiguns' Kunai Modes, while its Gun and Axe Modes are comparable to those of theirs. Also, the weapons undergo little major physical change to switch between these modes.
    • However, unlike the DenGashers, the Key Slasher lacks a Rod Mode.
    • This is similar to Genseishin Justiriser's Riser Shirogane's weapon the JustiArms
  • Unlike other Gashacon Weapons (save for the Gashacon Bugvisor), this one has three modes while the other weapons only have two.
  • Its name is a reference to keyboards sometimes used for video games, hence the multiple buttons featured on the weapon.
    • As Mighty Brothers XX is a "fan made" of Mighty Action X, it also refers to how most of dōjin games in real life are mostly made for playing in computer softwares.
  • It is one of two weapons designed to hold a single Dual Gashat or two regular Gashats simultaneously to activate a finisher. The other weapon belongs to Para-DX Perfect Knock Out Gamer Level 99, the Gashacon Parabragun.




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