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Gargoyle (ガーゴイル Gāgoiru) is a Phantom born from within a unnamed worker (作業員 sagyōin) when he gave in to despair.

His Gate target is Naoki Katayama, who is trying to find the truth behind his father's death. This particular Phantom has the ability of petrification, and this ability is not only useful for defensive purposes to withstand attacks, but can also be use to attack enemies with in the form of body slams.

In his first encounter with Wizard, it was thanks to Gargoyle's petrification ability that all of Wizard attacks don't have any effect on him. Wizard then changes to Land Style and use brute strength instead of WizarSwordGun attacks to damage Gargoyle, who then escapes. Gargoyle then found Naoki at the place where his father died, but before he could attack, Kizaki saves Naoki and the two escape. However, Gargoyle stopped them, but Haruto arrives and changes to Flame Dragon. The Dragon Style easily overpowers Gargoyle, and Wizard uses an enlarged WizarSwordGun to successfully attack the Phantom. However, Gargoyle escapes as Wizard uses the Dragon Breath attack on the squad of Ghouls.

Kizaki remembers of his promise and brought Naoki to a harbor, but Gargoyle send Ghouls in to intercept them. Kizaki then fights the Ghouls, but as a result he was mercilessly beaten. At the same time, Haruto battles Phoenix, who wants a rematch with the magician. Kizaki then meets Haruto after he is defeated by Phoenix. After learning the truth, the two rush to Naoki. However, before they arrive, Gargoyle said to Naoki that his father died because of him, sending Naoki into despair.

Haruto changes into Wizard and fights Gargoyle, but because time was running out for Naoki, Wizard changes to Flame Dragon. He then easily overpowered the Phantom, and uses the Dragon Breath when Gargoyle could not escape, killing the Phantom.

In the Hyper Battle DVD Showtime with the Dance Ring, Gargoyle reappears in the manager's Underworld interfering Haruto and Nito's after-performance but is later destroyed by Kamen Rider Wizard and Kamen Rider Beast.


Gargoyle Phantom

  • Gate: A unnamed maintainance worker
  • Episodes: 10-11, Hyper Battle Video
  • Destroyed by: Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon's Dragon Breath (11), Kamen Rider Wizard Beast Mantle & Kamen Rider Beast Wizard Style's Chimera Wizard Tackle & Dragon Beast Torn (HBV)
  • Mythological Basis: Gargoyle
  • Height: 241 cm
  • Weight: 175 kg

Behind the scenes


Concept art of Gargoyle from Uchusen Yearbook 2014.

Gargoyle was designed by Hiroshi Maruyama, who designed all of the Phantoms in Kamen Rider Wizard.

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