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"Gan Gun Hand!"
―DX toy activation announcement[src]

"Nande Yanen!?"
―Mode change announcement for Rod Mode[src]

"Dai Kaigan!"
―Eye Contact announcement[src]

"Gan Gan Miro!"
―Standby announcement[src]

"Omega (attack)!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

"Sin Dai Kaigan! (Dramatic music) (Deadly Sin) (attack)!"
―Deadly Sin-based finisher announcement via Sinspecter Eyecon[src]

The Gupa Handgun Gan Gun Hand (グーパー拳銃 ガンガンハンド Gūpā Kenjū Gan Gan Hando, lit. "Eye Gun Hand") is a club-like multiform weapon with a hand-like feature around the muzzle wielded by Kamen Rider Specter.

Necrom later receives his equivalent to the Gan Gun Hand, known as the Gan Gun Catcher. Learn! All the Ways!


The Gan Gun Hand is composed of the following parts:

  • Crush Fingers (クラッシュフィンガーズ Kurasshu Fingāzu) - The crushing device shaped like a hand at the front end of the Gan Gun Hand. It can send out super-high level vibrations through its fingers, allowing increased crushing power. A connector is built into the 'palm', allowing the user to 'Shake Hands' (シェイクハンド Sheiku Hando) by connecting a Ghost Gadget onto it, shifting modes.
  • Quantum Wrist (クァンタムリスト Ku~antamu Risuto) - The white 'wrist' unit mounted on the front end of the Gan Gun Hand, it is a shield unit that is composed of the super durable alloy Quantum Solid (クァンタムソリッド Ku~antamu Soriddo) metal alloy. It wraps the entire weapon within a defensive energy shield, and rigidity is drastically raised by tightly connecting each part.
  • Fore End Compressor (フォアエンドコンプレッサー Foa Endo Konpuressā) - The orange sliding unit located at the bottom of the Gan Gun Hand. By sliding it forwards, the Crush Fingers close, shifting the weapon into Gun Mode. By sliding it backwards, the Crush Fingers open, shifting the weapon to Rod Mode. Additionally, it compresses energy bullets generated at the grip and increases its explosive power during firing and landing.
  • Artery Chamber (アーテリーチャンバー Āterī Chanbā) - The silver piping located around the rear end of the Gan Gun Hand, it supplies energy for deathblows. It sends energy received by the Energy Eye Crest to various parts of the weapon, and shifts attitude of deathblows at the right times.
  • Energy Eye Crest (エナジーアイクレスト Enajī Ai Kuresuto) - The portion of the handle that has been imprinted with the Ghost logo. By holding it over the Ghost Driver's Glint Eye, Eye Contact (アイコンタクト Ai Kontakuto) is initiated, transferring energy from the Glint Eye to the Energy Eye Crest. Afterwards, the energy is fed into the weapon via the Artery Chamber, allowing the Rider to deal finishing deathblows.
  • Gan Gun Trigger (ガンガントリガー Gan Gan Torigā) - The trigger of the Gan Gun Hand. It is used to deal deathblows and shoot out of the Gan Gun Hand's gun mode.
  • Decider Grip (ディサイダーグリップ Disaidā Gurippu) - The grip of the Gan Gun Saber. It stabilises the weapon's behaviour during time of attack by shifting the weapon's gravity according to the user's movements, increasing accuracy of attacks as a result. Additionally, an energy bullet generating device is built into the Decider Grip, and can generate an astounding amount of energy bullets at high speed.
  • Forefinger Muzzle (フォアフィンガーマズル Foafingā Mazuru) - The muzzle of the Gan Gun Hand located, at the front end. It has a built-in output adjustment device, adjusting the electromagnetic force to control the speed and power of the fired bullet. It is also possible to shoot out gas bullets (ガス弾 Gasu-dan), dragon breath bullets (ドラゴンブレス弾 Doragon Buresu-dan) or light bullets (照明弾 Shōmei-dan) by adjusting the settings.



The Gan Gun Hand was briefly stolen by Alain, who used it against Specter and Ghost in his human form. Superb View! The Earth's Dawn! He appropriated it a second time after transforming into Kamen Rider Necrom. Perfect! The White Kamen Rider!

In Grateful Damashii, Ghost wielded the Gan Gun Hand in Sickle Mode after summoning Tutankhamun to return the children who were once adults back to their original adult forms. Reminiscence! Secret of the Mind!

Necrom was briefly lent the Gan Gun Hand by Deep Specter. Opposition! Father & Daughter!

Assuming Tenka Touitsu Damashii, Kamen Rider Ghost wielded the Gan Gun Hand alongside Necrom's Gan Gun Catcher to defeat the Hatena Bugster. Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider


Similar to Kamen Rider Ghost's Gan Gun Saber, the Gan Gun Hand has two basic modes along with an additional mode it can access by combining with a specific Ghost Gadget. Each mode is compatible with a different Damashii form that Specter assumes. This allows Makoto to defend himself before transformation or use it to remove obstacles or objects. Amazing! The Gamma's World! Should the weapon be destroyed, Makoto can simply summon it again from the Ghost Driver.

  • Rod Mode (ロッドモード Roddo Mōdo): The default mode, primarily used in Specter Damashii. When used in Edison Damashii, the Gan Gun Hand can elongate to grab the opponent and send painful electric shocks.
  • Gun Mode (銃モード Jū Mōdo): To utilize this mode, Specter must slide the weapon's orange tab forward to close its "fingers" into a clenching fist-like shape which reveals a gun barrel. In terms of Specter's forms, Nobunaga Damashii has the most compatibility with this mode. While used in Edison Damashii, the Gan Gun Hand can shoot electricity.

  • Sickle Mode (鎌モード Kama Mōdo): To utilize this mode, Specter must attach the Cobra Keitai to the weapon's "palm" before sliding its orange tab forward to close its "fingers" into a gripping fist-like shape. In terms of Specter's forms, Tutankhamun Damashii has the most compatibility with this mode, though Specter Damashii has also used it briefly.


The Gan Gun Hand's many different named Omega Drive finishing attacks are activated when Specter initiates an Eye Contact (アイコンタクト Ai Kontakuto) by scanning the Energy Eye Crest (エナジーアイクレスト Enajī Ai Kuresuto) on its hilt with the Ghost Eyecon currently placed in his Ghost Driver. Additionally, after scanning the Energy Eye Crest on the Gan Gun Hand's hilt with the Ghost Eyecon currently placed within his Ghost Driver, Specter pulls and pushes the lever of the Ghost Driver to enhance the Gan Gun Hand's finisher.

  • Omega Smash (オメガスマッシュ Omega Sumasshu): In Rod Mode, Specter creates a large energy projection of the Crush Fingers (クラッシュフィンガーズ Kurasshu Fingāzu) and strikes the targets with it. First seen in Kamen Rider Ghost: Game de Kaigan!!.
  • Omega Fang (オメガファング Omega Fangu): In Sickle Mode, Specter creates a large projection of the Eye of Providence behind the enemy before striking them with an energized slash from his weapon that knocks said enemy into the projection. Afterwards, he pulls the trigger to cause the Eye of Providence to disintegrate and ultimately destroy the enemy trapped within. Against giant or multiple enemies, Omega Fang can also be utilized simply as an energized slash. The Omega Fang can temporarily trap a strong enemy like Gamma Ultima if it cannot destroy target.
    • In Episode 11, Specter uses this finisher in his normal form to take out Gundari.
  • Omega Spark (オメガスパーク Omega Supāku): In Gun Mode, Specter creates two temporary rows of copies of his weapon to target and fire a barrage of shots at the enemy alongside the original, with the copies vanishing after they've all fired off a single shot.
    • When Specter uses this finisher in his Necrom Specter form, he charges green energy from the Gan Gun Hand and fires at the enemy. This finisher was stopped by Necrom when Kanon shielded Ghost to protect him in episode 19 but he used it on Ghost in episode 20.
  • An alternate version of the finishers above is the deadly-powered finishers of Sinspecter, done by pulling and pushing the Ghost Driver once. The resulting finisher may vary depending on the Gan Gun Hand's mode.
    • Envy Slap (エンヴィースラップ En'vu~ī Surappu): Using the Gan Gun Hand in Rod Mode, Specter performs a more powerful version of the Omega Smash, which could use to slap the target.
    • Lust Bullet (ラストバレット Rasuto Baretto): Using the Gan Gun Hand in Gun Mode, Specter performs a more powerful version of the Omega Spark, firing multiple homing shots at the foe.
    • Sloth Grave (スロウスグレイブ Surousu Gureibu): Using the Gan Gun Hand in Sickle Mode, Specter charges energy to the Cobra Keitai for a more powerful version of the Omega Fang, Specter creates a dark blue pyramid and vacuums the enemy.


The Gan Gun Hand Rod Mode is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Behind the scenes

The Gan Gun Hand made its on-screen debut in episode 5 of Kamen Rider Ghost.


  • Like Gan Gun Saber, the Gan Gun in Gan Gun Hand is based on the word Gan Gan (ガンガン), which is an onomatopoeia of pounding or banging on something.
  • Both of the Gan Gun Hand's alternate modes hold meaning to their respective Damashii forms.
    • Gun Mode: Represents a Tanegashima rifle. This mode being paired with Nobunaga Damashii references how the real-life Oda Nobunaga had revolutionized musket tactics in Japan during his active years.
    • Sickle Mode: Has references to death, as the young Pharaoh Tutankhamen was believed to have died from Sickle-cell disease. The sickle weapon in question also resembles a scythe, a tool used in popular media by the Grim Reaper to collect souls, which was also popularized in the Reaper Legion concept in Ghost's immediate predecessor.
  • "Guupaa" is a children's game which is essentially a variant of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
    • Much like the game, each mode has the hand in a position to match each choice: Gun Mode/Rock, Rod Mode/Paper, and Sickle Mode/Scissors.
  • In the toyline, due to a design flaw with the Gan Gun Hand's namesake feature, it cannot be combined with the Condor Denwor and the Bat Clock. Despite the fact the Kumo Lantern is compatible with Gan Gun Hand, the resulting sounds and finisher announcement remains the same as Sickle Mode.
  • When the Gan Gun Hand is switched from Gun Mode to Rod Mode, one can hear a digitalized and distorted robotic voice saying "Nande yanen!?" (なんでやねん!? lit. "What the hell!?" in Kansai dialect). This is due to the motion of the hand opening bearing resemblance to the action of slapping the back of one's hand on another's torso, commonly used for comedic retorts in Japan.



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