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"Nande Yanen!?"
―Mode change announcement for Rod Mode[src]

"Dai Kaigan!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Omega (attack)!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

Necrom and gan gun catcher...

Necrom Sanzo Damashii with his Gan Gun Catcher

The Eyecon Loading Gan Gun Catcher (眼魂装填 ガンガンキャッチャー Aikon Sōten Gan Gan Kyatchā) is a club-like multiform weapon with a hand-like feature around the muzzle wielded by Kamen Rider Necrom. It is a retool of Specter's Gan Gun Hand, repainted to match Necrom's color scheme along with an Eyecon slot attached to the hand portion like the Sunglasseslasher and Deep Slasher, to make up for Necrom lacking a Ghost Driver to initiate an Eye Contact with. As with the Ghost Driver-using Kamen Riders, the Gan Gun Catcher is summoned from Necrom's Driver equivalent, the Mega Ulorder.


The Gan Gun Catcher consists of the following parts:

  • Seize Fingers (シーズフィンガーズ Shīzu Fingāzu) - The 'fingers' at the end of the Gan Gun Catcher. It is a capture/crushing device which can shock a target into submission by transmitting a special energy wave. Additionally, by tapping the surface of an object with all five fingers, the Seize Fingers can vibrate the object to pieces.
  • Quantum Wrist (クァンタムリスト Ku~antamu Risuto) - The black 'wrist' unit mounted on the Gan Gun Catcher's front end. It is composed of the Quantum Liquid (クァンタムリキッド Ku~antamu Rikiddo) liquid metal. The Quantum Wrist wraps the entire weapon in a defensive shield, raising durability during close combat.
  • Fore End Compressor (フォアエンドコンプレッサー Foa Endo Konpuressā) - The green sliding unit located at the bottom of the Gan Gun Catcher. By sliding it forwards, the Seize Fingers close, shifting the weapon into Gun Mode. By sliding it backwards, the Seize Fingers open, shifting the weapon to Rod Mode. Additionally, it compresses energy bullets generated at the grip and increases its explosive power during firing and landing.
  • Artery Chamber (アーテリーチャンバー Āterī Chanbā) - The green piping located around the Gan Gun Catcher's rear end, it supplies energy throughout the whole weapon. Additionally, if an Eyecon is inserted into the Catch Eye Socket, the Artery Chamber takes its energy and distributes it throughout the Gan Gun Catcher, shifting its internal state to ready a deathblow.
  • Energy Eye Crest (エナジーアイクレスト Enajī Ai Kuresuto) - The portion of the handle that has been imprinted with the Ghost logo. Instead of getting energy from a Ghost Driver, the Gan Gun Catcher's Energy Eye Crest draws power from the user's emotions, converting it into energy to raise attack power.
  • Gan Gun Trigger (ガンガントリガー Gan Gan Torigā) - The trigger of the Gan Gun Catcher. It is used to deal deathblows and shoot out of the Gan Gun Catcher's gun mode.
  • Decider Grip (ディサイダーグリップ Disaidā Gurippu) - The grip of the Gan Gun Catcher. It stabilises the weapon's behaviour during time of attack by shifting the weapon's gravity according to the user's movements, increasing accuracy of attacks as a result. Additionally, an energy bullet generating device is built into the Decider Grip, and can generate an astounding amount of energy bullets at high speed.
  • Forefinger Muzzle (フォアフィンガーマズル Foa Fingā Mazuru) - The muzzle. It has a built-in output adjustment device, adjusting the electromagnetic force to control the speed and power of the fired bullet. It is also possible to shoot out gas bullets (ガス弾 Gasu-dan), dragon breath bullets (ドラゴンブレス弾 Doragon Buresu-dan) or light bullets (照明弾 Shōmei-dan) by adjusting the settings.
  • Catch Eye Socket (キャッチアイソケット Kyatchi Ai Soketto) - An Eyecon slot mounted onto the Quantum Wrist and the main difference between the Gan Gun Catcher and the Gan Gun Hand. Due to a the Mega Ulorder lacking an 'Eye Contact' feature, the Catch Eye Socket is necessary to initiate Eyecon powered deathblows.


  • Kamen Rider Necrom (Ghost Episodes 37-42, The 100 Eyecons and Ghost's Fateful Moment, 43-46, 50, Heisei Generations)
  • Ghost (Heisei Generations)


Assuming Tenka Touitsu Damashii, Kamen Rider Ghost wielded the Gan Gun Catcher alongside Specter's Gan Gun Hand to defeat the Hatena Bugster. Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider


Similar to Kamen Rider Ghost's Gan Gun Saber and Specter's Gan Gun Hand, the Gan Gun Catcher has two basic modes. Each mode is compatible with a different Damashii that Necrom assumes. This allows Alain to defend himself before transformation or use it to remove obstacles or objects. Should the weapon be destroyed, Alain can simply summon it again from the Mega Ulorder.

  • Rod Mode (ロッドモード Roddo Mōdo): The default mode, primarily used in Sanzo Damashii.
  • Gun Mode (銃モード Jū Mōdo): To utilize this mode, Necrom must slide the weapon's green tab forward to close its "fingers" into a clenching fist-like shape which reveals a gun barrel. This can also work as an extra arm to increase throwing strength or to trap an enemy's movement.


The Gan Gun Catcher's many different named Omega Drive finishing attacks are activated when Necrom inserts an Eyecon into the Eyecon slot behind its barrel. This causes the Catcher to shout "Dai Kaigan!" similar to the Ghost Driver, before activating its standby noise, which is a 5-second loop of a guitar rift and bubbling noises, followed by a noise similar to a chord organ playing. A pull of the trigger activates the finisher with an "Omega (suffix)!". Additionally, after inserting an Eyecon into the Eyecon slot behind the Gan Gun Catcher's barrel with the Ghost Eyecon currently placed within his Mega Ulorder, Necrom drops another liquid into the Mega Ulorder to enhance the Gan Gun Catcher's finisher.

  • Omega Crash (オメガクラッシュ Omega Kurasshu): In Rod Mode.
  • Omega Finish (オメガフィニッシュ Omega Finisshu): In Gun Mode, Necrom charges fiery energy from a normal Ghost Eyecon into the Gan Gun Catcher and fires a fiery blast at the enemy.

Behind the Scenes

The Gan Gun Catcher made its on-screen debut in episode 37 of Kamen Rider Ghost.


The voice of Gan Gun Catcher was provided by Peter von Gomm (ピーター・ヴァン・ガム Pītā Van Gamu), who also voices the Mega Ulorder and Proto Mega Ulorder.


  • The "Omega Crash" finisher for the Gan Gun Catcher in Rod Mode is also used in the Gan Gun Saber in the toy-exclusive Scythe Mode.
  • The weapon's name is likely based on how it's main feature of utilizing Eyecons by holding them, while its power is used to launch a projectile, can be compared to playing a game of catch.
  • Like the Gan Gun Hand, this weapon shouts "nande yanen?!" (なんでやねん!? lit. "What the hell!?" in Kansai dialect) when switching from Gun to Rod Mode. The difference is that the Catcher's voice is slightly higher-pitched and digital-sounding compared to the Hand's.



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