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Ganma Hole ep 2

A large Gamma Hole opening up in the sky.

A Gamma Hole (眼魔ホール Gamma Hōru, lit. "Eye Devil Hole") is a supernatural dimensional phenomenon where a tear in space opens causing the evil Gamma spirits to enter the mortal world.

A similar dark portal was encountered by Shinnosuke Tomari in a dream during his near-death experience. Warned by Kamen Rider Ghost to avoid the portal, Shinnosuke was subsequently attacked by three spirits of deceased Roidmudes (Freeze, Sword, and Thief) that had emerged through it. He was saved by Ghost, who directed him to a bright light which allowed Shinnosuke to return to the real world before destroying the Roidmude spirits. Who Will You Entrust the Future to, My Friend?


The objective of the Gamma is to create Gamma Holes, transfer the power of the Eyecons into the hole to open it, and bring more of their kind into the mortal realm, as other methods can only bring one or two at a time.

The only way to seal large Gamma Holes is for Ghost to use his Ghost Driver's power to execute an Oomedama attack on the hole before it fully opens.

It seems that throughout the first arc of the show, the Gamma have been planning to create a massive portal above Tokyo using a pattern of Gamma Holes aligned across the city and then wait for the 15 Ghost Eyecons to be collected. Once done and they are all taken from the Kamen Riders, they will use the combined power of them to open the gate and let their kind and their leader into the human world.

Ganma that made a Gamma Hole

  • Denki Gamma (Manipulated a scientist to generate a Gamma Hole; tried to open said hole as a Giant Gamma; collapsed by Ghost while the Iguana Ghostriker kept Giant Denki busy)
  • Unknown Gamma (Means Unknown; somehow absorbed Makoto Fukami and his sister into it.)
  • Da Vinci Gamma (Means unknown; successfully opens up portal as a large Gamma; summoned forth not only Gamma, but also Giant Roidmudes; it is unknown how it is stopped.)
  • Unknown Gamma (Means Unknown; absorbed Takeru Tenkuji and Shinnosuke Tomari and sent them back in time by ten years)
  • Planet Gamma (Hacked in a satellite computer system; tried to extract human souls; collapsed by Sachinoshin Tamura and Nagamasa Tamura.)



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