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Icon-ghost.png This article is about a/an group of foot soldiers in Kamen Rider Ghost.

The Gamma Assault (眼魔アサルト Ganma Asaruto) are Gamma that are born from Gamma Eyecons that have crossed over from a ritual, initially composed of a Primal Body (素体 Moto-tai). Gamma Assaults who remain in their Primal Bodies do not possess unique abilities of their own, but they are able to possess people, though not the ones that they are targeting into releasing a Parka Ghost, as the Parka Ghosts must be released by genuine human emotions, not emotions influenced by a Gamma.

To become stronger and become unique in form, a Gamma Assault absorbs a object around them, usually after they are summoned into the human world. Said object transforms into their own equivalent of a Parka Ghost which bonds with the Gamma to achieve a unique "Empowered Gamma" form, not unlike the Kamen Riders.

Upon being defeated by a Kamen Rider, a empowered Gamma Assault is forcibly returned to its Primal Body state as its Parka Ghost is jettisoned upon mortal damage before both are subsequently destroyed, with the Ganma further reverting into its Gamma Eyecon form that then explodes, with the jettisoned Parka Ghost returning to the object the deceased Gamma Assault had bonded with.


Never Evolved


Powers and Abilities

A Gamma's primary ability is to turn themselves invisible and intangible to the public. Those whom wield an Eyecon, or use either Shiranui spray or the Kumo Lantern's light are capable of witnessing them.
Gamma can infuse themselves with ordinary objects, converting said object into a Parka Ghost, to achieve a unique evolved form. Should the Gamma be defeated, the object will be restored to its original form as the Gamma is destroyed.
Gamma Assaults can possess any humans they desire except for the ones that they are trying to sacrifice to summon a Parka Ghost, taking control of their actions.


Assault Eyecon

Sounds for a hypothetical Assault Gamma Eyecon are programmed into the Proto Mega Ulorder.

Concept Art

Gamma Assault concept art

Gamma Assault was designed by Kazuhiko Shimamoto (島本 和彦 Shimamoto Kazuhiko).

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