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―Rider Gashat insertion announcement[src]

"Let's game! Metcha game! Mutcha game! What's your name? I'm a Kamen Rider!"
Level 1 Transformation announcement[src]

"Let's Ride! Metcha Ride! Mutcha Ride! What's your Ride? I'm a Legend Rider!"
Level 1 Transformation announcement (Legend Rider variant)[src]

―Lever opening announcement[src]

"Level Up! (phrase)"
Level 2 Transformation announcement[src]

"A Gatcha! (phrase)"
Level 3/Level 4/Level 5/Level X transformation announcement[src]

"Double Gashat!"
Mighty Brothers XX Rider Gashat insertion announcement[src]

"Dual Gashat!"
Gashat Gear Dual and Gashat Gear Dual β insertion announcement[src]

"Maximum Gashat!"
Maximum Mighty X Rider Gashat insertion announcement[src]

"Muteki Gashat!"
Hyper Muteki Rider Gashat insertion announcement[src]

―Lever closing announcement[src]

―Gashat removal announcement[src]

"Game Over!"
―Game Over announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Gamer Driver (変身ベルト ゲーマドライバー, Henshin Beruto Gēma Doraibā) is a transformation belt for the Ex-Aid Riders.


The Gamer Driver consists of the following parts:

  • GD Hyper Module (GDハイパーモジュール, GD Haipā Mojūru), a V-shaped silver data materializer installed on the top of the driver. It can materialize suits and weapons in the game area based on the data recorded on the Rider Gashat. The inside is black-boxed. Only developers can understand the basis of the system.
  • Actuation Lever (アクチュエーションレバー, Akuchuēshon Rebā), the pink lever used when level up is executed. By pulling the lever, it will activate the reinforcement program written on the Rider Gashat installed. The ability of Rider will increase and new equipment will be materialized. Also, Rider can cancel the transformation by removing Gashat after closing the level.
  • High Flash Indicator (ハイフラッシュインジケータ, Hai Furasshu Injikēta), a light emitting panel installed on the centre of the driver. The graphic of the installed Rider Gashat will be displayed. Also, it has the function to act as command menu and can project image into air when attacking.
  • Main Gashat Slot (メインガシャットスロット, Mein Gashatto Surotto), the slot for Rider Gashat used in transformation or level up process. It can instantaneously read the data of the inserted Gashat, and automatically execute transformation programs. The Gashat used for transformation is inserted in the slot closer to the centre of the driver while the other slot is used for leveling up.
  • GD Updater (GDアップデーター, GD Appudētā), a black data communication device installed next to the Main Gashat Slot on the driver. In order to improve the performance of the driver, it has a function to automatically transfer battle data to the data server of the development company. Also, correction patches that solve system problems will be automatically downloaded and installed.
  • Outer Guard Case (アウターガードケース, Autā Gādo Kēsu), the exterior parts to protect the internal function of the gamer driver. Lightweight and high strength materials that are easy to mold and use are used, and the surface layer is coated with a coating agent which enhances water resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance. Also, a cooler unit is installed to prevent thermal runaway.
  • Fitting Bind (フィッティングバインド, Fittingu Baindo), the belt part of the driver. The length of the belt is automatically adjusted according to the body shape of the Rider. Also, using the bioenergetic energy absorbed from the Rider, energy is generated to operate each system of the driver.
  • Vital Connector (バイタルコネクター, Baitaru Konekutā), a black device connecting two ends of the belt on the back, also monitors the health condition of the Rider. It can determine whether the wearer is a conforming person, and activates various functions of the driver only when the wearer is recognized as a conforming person. It also has the function of measuring the physical data of the wearer and automatically adjusting the size of the suit.



Nico unsuccessfully using the Gamer Driver and the Bang Bang Shooting Gashat

Before someone can properly use the Gamer Driver, they must become a candidate by undergoing a compatibility surgery, which introduces a small sample of the Bugster Virus to their body to induce antibody production. This (presumably) allows them to handle the side effects of usage, which would otherwise be dangerous. Because Gamer Drivers are meant to protect humans from the Bugster outbreak, Bugsters cannot use Gamer Drivers, unless they somehow manage to obtain human DNA. When a Rider gets a game over, the body of the Gamer Driver user will disintegrate into data. This compability could be rendered invalid, although Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99 is the only one who can do so.

If a normal human tries to use a Gashat while wearing the Driver, the Game Start screen will glitch and stop working, and if they have been infected with a latent Bugster virus, the infection will immediately reactivate. If a normal human tries to use a Proto Gashat while wearing the Driver, it will cause haematemesis.


  • By inserting an active Rider Gashat into the right Gashat Slot, the user is able to transform into a Level 1 Kamen Rider.
  • By opening the Actuation Lever to reveal the High Flash Indicator projecting a transformation screen into the air in front of the Rider, a Level 1 Rider is able to level up to Level 2 by passing though the screen.
    • By quickly opening the Actuation Lever right after inserting the Rider Gashat into his Game Driver, the user will skip the Level 1 and directly transform into a Level 2 Kamen Rider.
  • By closing the Actuation Lever, a Level 2 Rider can revert to Level 1.
  • By closing the Actuation Lever after activating another Rider Gashat, a Level 2 Rider will not revert to Level 1, and the user will be able to insert the Gashat into the left Gashat Slot and reopen the Actuation Lever to level up to Level 3 by passing through the pair of projected transformation screens.
    • By inserting a second Gashat in the left Gashat Slot while in Level 1 and opening the Actuation Lever for the first time, the user is immediately taken to Level 3.
    • The same procedures for Level 3 are used to access Level 4 - Level 5 if the second Gashat is either Level 4's Ju Ju Burger and Night of Safari, or Level 5's Drago Knight Hunter Z.
    • If the Gashat takes up both slots, the Rider will open the Actuation Lever to transform into the respective form. Examples of this are Mighty Brothers XX's Level X, the Gashat Gear Dual β's Level 50, Maximum Mighty X's Level 99, and the Gashat Gear Dual's Level 99. To perform a Critical Finisher, the Rider must close and re-open the Actuation Lever.
      • Mighty Brothers XX is unique in that the user can transform into Level XX by closing the Actuation Lever, then opening it again. However, it is unknown how the Level XX Rider is able to revert back to Level X, as re-closing and re-opening the Actuation Lever while in Level XX will trigger a Critical Strike.
        • If the user wants to use Critical Strike while in Level X, the user must re-open the Actuation Lever Twice.
      • The Gashat Gear Dual's Level 99 has three finishers: Critical Combo, Smash, and Bomber. To perform the Critical Bomber, the user simply closes the Actuation Lever and reopening it. To perform Critical Combo or Critical Smash, the user must first turn the dial on the Gashat Gear Dual to the corresponding side before closing and reopening the Actuation Lever.
  • By closing the Actuation Lever and removing the Rider Gashat(s), a Level 2 or above Rider's transformation will be canceled. Similarly, a Level 1 Rider can also cancel their transformation by removing the Gashat. Alternatively, the Level 1 Rider can choose to perform a Critical Strike instead. [The Last Smile]
  • When a Rider's Rider Gauge is critically low, the Gamer Driver's protection function will automatically eject the inserting Gashat to cancel the transformation and preserve their life. This function, however, can be prevented by the Rider themselves, or by the Deadly Jammer of Zombie Gamer. This function appears to be exclusive to human Riders, due to the fact that Parado and Kuroto as Bugsters were not de-transformed automatically, no matter how low their Gauges were.

Playable Games

The Gamer Driver has a list of playable games corresponding to the Rider Gashats. When a game's victory condition is fulfilled, typically by defeating the Bugster born from that game's data, a projection from the belt states "Game Clear!" over the corresponding image of the Gashat (the Gashat itself needs not be the one used to defeat its corresponding Bugster). The Game Clear count is independent from the Rider who cleared it, as when a Rider clears a Game, other Riders' previously cleared Games are also shown as Clear. The only exception was a production error in episode 3, where after Snipe cleared Bang Bang Shooting, none of the other games were labeled as cleared. The overall "Game Clear" count was also kept track of through a screen in Kuroto Dan's office at Genm Corp.

Other Kamen Riders are capable of clearing games, as shown by Wizard defeating the Doral Bugster, Gaim beating the Giril Bugster, Drive besting the Robol Bugster and Ghost destroying the Hatena Bugstar. [Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legend Rider]

After the 10 games were cleared, however, "Game Clear!" is still announced upon the defeat of a Bugster, though without the projected list of game titles. This now simply indicates that a battle has been won, and no longer relates to the Gashats being used, as there is no longer a connection between the Gashat involved and the Bugster defeated (excepting Ju Ju Burger and Burgermon). As such, the specific Gashat games themselves no longer seem to be "cleared" by defeating a Bugster with them, as it wasn't that game's data the Bugster was born from.

Stage Select

When one presses the button on the Kimewaza Slot Holder, without any Gashat inserted in it, the gamer can choose one location from an offered list. This completely rewrites the Game Area, literally teleporting all participants to another battlefield, even pulling in people not present at the location where the function is triggered from. This could be used to expand the fighting area, as well as to protect the original location from being damaged. Clearing a game will return the players to their original location, and being blasted out of a transformation with enough power can "eject" individual players. Some locations include:

  • A modern, bright city.
  • A racetrack.
  • A dark city at night.
  • A blue sky.
  • A beach.
  • A lake surrounded by trees.
  • A millitary shooting area.
  • A scrapyard.
  • A forest.
  • A dried lake.
  • A town square.
  • A hangar.
  • An underground parking area.

Selectable Characters

After inserting a Rider Gashat, Riders select their armor from a spinning array of ten profile images, below ordered in counterclockwise as seen from above.

  • Ex-Aid's Action Gamer Level 1
  • Brave's Quest Gamer Level 1
  • Snipe's Shooting Gamer Level 1
  • Lazer Bike Gamer Level 1
    • Also used to access Lazer Turbo's Bike Gamer Level 0.
  • Ex-Aid's Action Gamer Level 1 (Proto), unused
    • It is not sure which is the corresponding Gashat to this form, as both Proto Mighty Action X and its Origin version gives access to other forms.
  • Brave's Quest Gamer Level 1 (Proto), unused
  • Snipe's Shooting Gamer Level 1 (Proto), unused
  • Lazer's Bike Gamer Level 1 (Proto), unused
  • Purple generic silhouette with question mark
    • When Genm uses the Proto Mighty Action X Gashat, the profile changed to Genm's Action Gamer Level 1, and moved to the place between Lazer Level 1 and the grayed Ex-Aid image.
      • This profile may reveal on other players' Gamer Driver for unknown reason.
  • White generic silhouette with question mark
    • When Ex-Aid uses the Mighty Brothers XX Gashat, the profile changed to Ex-Aid's Double Action Gamer Level X.
      • After being revealed, it appears in all Riders' available profiles.
    • When Ex-Aid uses the Kaigan Ghost Gashat, the profile changed to Ex-Aid's Ghost Gamer Level 1.
    • When Genm uses the Magic The Wizard Gashat, the profile changed to Genm's Wizard Gamer Level 1 (but showing Wizard himself instead of a Level 1 form).

Dan's prototype Gamer Driver can only show the four prototype characters, but also with a unique selectable character:

  • Genm's Action Gamer Level 0
    • Also used to access Genm's Zombie Action Gamer Level X-0.

Kimewaza Slot

Main article: Kimewaza Slot Holder

By inserting a Rider Gashat into the Kimewaza Slot (it doesn't have to be the Gashat used for the transformation), a Rider can trigger a Critical Strike finisher based on that Gashat, after pressing the button next to the slot twice.

Of note, Genm inserting the Shakariki Sports Gashat into the Kimewaza Slot without pressing the button summoned the Sports Gamer bicycle in his initial debut.


The Gamer Drivers, along with the Rider Gashats, were created by Kuroto Dan, CEO of Genm Corp. as a countermeasure to the Bugsters after the occurrence of Zero Day.

When Bugsters began attacking Japan, several riders with Gamer Drivers appeared to fight them.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
Kuroto Dan
Kamen Rider Genm
Pre-series (1st)

Strongest VS Strongest! (2nd)

The inventor of the Gamer Drivers, Kuroto Dan used one himself to further his own agenda by interfering in the battles between the Kamen Riders and the Bugsters. Shortly after dropping his facade to the Kamen Riders, Dan retired his Gamer Driver in favor of the Buggle Driver, having used the data from his death to revive and complete the Dangerous Zombie Gashat.

His Gamer Driver would later be used by Parado to transform into Para-DX Perfect Knock Out Level 99.

He also has a back-up prototype Gamer Driver, along with the Proto Mighty Action X Origin Gashat, inside a hidden chest in his former hideout. This Driver is is later found by Poppy and is used to resurrect him. He then uses it to transform into Action Gamer Level 0. The driver was later taken with the God Maximum Mighty X gashat after Kuroto's death in the events of Kamen Rider Genm vs. Lazer.

In the events of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: ~Mighty Novel X~, Kuroto has another gamer driver, which later disintegrated along with its user after his defeat.

In the events of Kamen Rider Genms -The Presidents-, Kuroto obtained a new Gamer Driver, Buggle Visor, and his gashats by Ark. The driver would fade alongside him after Gai overcame his stress.

Taiga Hanaya
Kamen Rider Snipe
Comrade Barrel (pre-series, 1st)

Another Prodigy with No Thank You? (2nd)

Kuroto Dan gave Taiga a Gamer Driver and Rider Gashat in 2011, but then his driver was taken by the Ministry of Health due to "medical mistakes" involving his defeat by the hands of a powerful Bugster known as Graphite and the death of the said Bugster's host Saki, leading Taiga quitting CR for their reprimand treatment towards him afterwards.

However, after watching Ex-Aid's first battle, he bought a new one from Genm Corp. again in 2016. It was temporarily stolen by Nico Saiba, along with the Bang Bang Shooting Gashat, before he later got it back.

In Destiny Reboot!, his Rider Gashats and Gamer Driver were temporarily stolen by Masamune Dan.

Kiriya Kujo
Kamen Rider Lazer/Lazer Turbo
An Operation Called Dash! (pre-series) Kujo obtained his Gamer Driver and Rider Gashat in 2013 after blackmailing Kuroto Dan, exchanging them for his silence to the public regarding Zero Day.

Before he was killed by Kuroto in 2016, he gave his Gamer Driver and Bakusou Bike Gashat to Emu.

He possesses a manifestation of a Gamer Driver along with his own Gashats during his various re-appearances in the Game World.

Emu would use Kiriya's Driver when his original one was destroyed by Genm Level X, until Hiiro takes it after betraying CR as part of Cronus' plan to revive and use Kiriya. Kiriya would regain his driver upon his revival to transform into Lazer Turbo.

In Destiny Reboot!, his Rider Gashats and Gamer Driver were temporarily stolen by Masamune Dan.

Hiiro Kagami
Kamen Rider Brave
I'm a Kamen Rider! (pre-series) Hiiro had already been in possession of a Gamer Driver for an unknown period of time of up to five years after the death of his girlfriend, Saki Momose, during Zero Day as seen in Episode 1.

In Destiny Reboot!, his Gamer Driver was temporarily stolen by Masamune Dan, along with his Rider Gashats.

Emu Hojo
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
I'm a Kamen Rider!


Christmas Special: Targeting the Silver X mas!(2nd; regained by Kujo)

A Gamer Driver is given from Kyotaro Hinata to Asuna Karino, originally meant for the "genius gamer" simply known as "M".

Later it was taken by Emu Hojo, who was revealed to be M.

His Gamer Driver was destroyed by Genm Level X in 2017, though he later used Kiriya's Driver as a replacement in To The Max, Dead or Alive!.

Yet again, Kiriya's Driver was taken by Hiiro after he betrays CR, as part of Cronus' plan to revive and use Kiriya. Emu would then re-use his originally destroyed Gamer Driver after Kuroto repaired it.

Whenever Ex-Aid assumes Level XX, his Gamer Driver is duplicated, with both being equally functional.

Kamen Rider Para-DX
(Perfect Knock Out Gamer Level 99)
We're Me!?

Parado takes Kuroto's Gamer Driver for his own use, with him being able to use it after he gained Emu's human genes from Ex-Aid's reprogramming ability.

When taking on the role of Level XX R, he uses Emu's duplicated Driver. In multiple occasions, he is shown to be able to use the duplicated Driver to transform into Para-DX from Level XX R.

Kagenari Nagumo
Kamen Rider Fuma
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending In a business meeting between Machina Vision and Masamune Dan, they ask Masamune for a Gamer Driver in exchange of their cooperation with worldwide distribution of Kamen Rider Chronicle. Though Masamune's acquisition of one for Machina Vision was undone when he used Reset to repair his Kamen Rider Chronicle Master Gashat, Machina Vision would later hack into Genm Corp.'s servers and steal data on the Gamer Driver and Gashats, allowing them to create one for Kagenari.

His driver was later used by Kiyonaga Hojo in the events of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: ~Mighty Novel X~.

Black Parado
Kamen Rider Another Para-DX
Kamen Rider Para-DX with Poppy Black Parado obtained a Gamer Driver through unknown means. The Gamer Driver along with its user was absorbed into the Gahacon Bugvisor II that Black Parado had.
Kiyonaga Hojo
Kamen Rider Genm
Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: ~Mighty Novel X~ Originally, the driver belonged to Kagenari, which was later used by Kiyonaga Hojo in the events of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: ~Mighty Novel X~. The driver along with its user was later absorbed and eliminated by Kuroto II's Gashacon Bugvisor II.

Kamen Rider


  • To reflect the video game motif, a Rider's initial transformation shows their "profile thumbnail image" being selected from an array of every Rider, initially including grayed-out spaces of yet unseen Riders referencing characters in a game yet to be unlocked.
  • Gamer Driver creator Kazuo Funaki wanted to "evoke a sense of nostalgia" for older gamers and fans of Kamen Rider by modeling the driver after consoles and cartridges from the 8 and 16-bit era of video games. He also wanted to evoke "fun" as games back in the 1980s were more like toys and he feels that modern games "have somehow lost their sense of fun" as they began catering to older gamers in the disc game era.[2]
  • Following the Sengoku Driver, the Gamer Driver is the second main Neo-Heisei Rider Belt that does not contain the name of its series' protagonist, and the first to not contain any character's name, "Sengoku" coming from that belt's inventor, Professor Ryoma.
    • Unlike the Sengoku Driver, the Gamer Driver has no modifications to raise stats outside of utilizing more powerful Gashats. The Gashats themselves can be used in a different Driver if their compatibility with said Driver is more ideal or used separately from a Driver.
  • The High Flash Indicator of the Gamer Driver resembles the Fourze Driver's own Status Monitor.
  • The functionality is similar to the Zecters from Kamen Rider Kabuto in many ways.
    • The first form given after using the Driver is a deformed version of the Rider's primary fighting form.
    • The lever can be flipped to the opposite side to change from the deformed version to the primary fighting form.
  • Since one who becomes a Kamen Rider must undergo a compatibility surgery, this reference might be inspired by the Showa Riders, especially Kamen Rider 1.
    • Emu is an exception since he was the original contractor of the virus prototype. Surviving the infection allowed his body to naturally produce antibodies to the virus and gave him compatibility with the Gamer Driver without said surgery.
    • Also, given the fact that it needs the human users to be injected with a sample of a Bugster Virus harkens to the Rider Belts (except SB-333B Delta Driver) of Kamen Rider 555, which requires human users to have Orphnoch DNA to their genetic makeup.
      • Coincidentally, both the main user for the Faiz Belt and Ex-Aid do not need artificial augmentation to use their transformation devices as their genetic makeup naturally possesses the necessary element, with Takumi already an Orphnoch and Emu's virus sample embedded into his DNA.
  • Dual-type Rider Gashats and Legendary Riders Rider Gashats are the only Gashats to have different insertion sound.



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