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For his new host in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending, see Johnny Makishima.

"Gamedeus is an almighty god that is even more powerful than every game combined. When all game clear tokens are collected, Gamedeus will descend upon this world."
Kuroto Dan explains about the Kamen Rider Chronicle's final boss to Emu and the others[src]

"All you creatures living! I shall destroy all life!"
―Gamedeus' proclamation[src]

Gamedeus (ゲムデウス Gemudeusu) was the thirteenth and final boss Bugster of Kamen Rider Chronicle. As per the rules of the game, the Ride-Player who has defeated and claimed the Gashatrophies of the thirteen Bugster bosses will be able to challenge Gamedeus as the final boss of the game.

Character History


Silhouette of Gamedeus

While acting as navigator for a group of human Ride-Players, Poppy revealed the existence of the game's final boss, describing it as the final challenge to be faced by the Ride-Player who manages to defeat the twelve familiar Bugsters and claim their Gashatrophies. Start the New Game!

Entrusted to beat Kamen Rider Chronicle by Emu, Nico Saiba realized that she would have to defeat Parado before facing the final boss, encouraging Taiga Hanaya to accompany her in confronting him. Strongest VS Strongest!

According to Kuroto Dan, Gamedeus is the ultimate Bugster, transcending the power of any and all games. The only way to defeat Gamedeus is to obtain the power of Kamen Rider Cronus.

As theorized by Parado, since Cronus is the only one who can stop Gamedeus, Gamedeus would also have the power to stop Cronus as well, though Kuroto himself had assumed that Cronus could not be defeated via conventional means. With that in mind, Parado and Graphite went into the game world of Kamen Rider Chronicle to collect Gamedeus' virus data from the silver-colored Bugster Union form of Gamedeus. In an attempt to replicate the virus data, Graphite injected the virus into himself, but the power proved too much for him to handle. As Parado and Graphite faced Cronus yet again, Graphite transmitted the virus into Cronus' Buggle Driver II, which rendered the Pause ability useless. However, Lazer Turbo made his appearance and neutralized the virus within the driver. Accomplished Rebirth!

Graphite grew visibly ill as the Gamedeus virus multiplied within his body. He accepted his pain, however, as the price it would take to defeat Cronus and take back Kamen Rider Chronicle. Rescue the Partner! Indeed, Graphite was able to use the Gamedeus virus to successfully block Cronus' ability to pause in their next engagement, however, Cronus retained the advantage by seizing control of all Energy Items. Period with Tears Goodbye Me!

When Cronus' Reset erased Hyper Muteki, Graphite, whose condition did not comprove due to time rewinding, was left as the only obstacle to him. Seeking to prevent the advent of Gamedeus, Cronus initiated Pause before Graphite could finished in battle only for Graphite to turn on Cronus in defense of the Kamen Riders, branding Cronus' move a dishonorable interruption. The resulting Restart led to Graphite being finished by Ride-Player Nico, granting her the last remaining Gashatrophy, Drago Knight Hunter Z. Seeing the assembly of Gashatrophies bringing forth Gamedeus, Cronus attempted to initiate Reset only to be thwarted by the new Energy Item Save developed by Kuroto Dan. With that, Gamedeus finally made his appearance. Reset Game!

Gamedeus Advent

Once released, Gamedeus, acting on Masamune's changes to his behavior programming, proceeded to unleash his disease all over the population. Fortunately, Lazer Turbo and Genm were able to create a vaccine for Gamedeus's virus, which was successful, only for Cronus to barge in, destroy Gamedeus' physical body and uses his Gashacon Bugvisor II to suck up the data and inject his data right into his systems. It results with Masamune completely assimilating Gamedeus, becoming a Bugster. God Arrives! But the sacrifice by Poppy to fortify the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat's anti-virus which Parado uses to force Gamedeus out of Masamune's body, grabbing the monster so the antivirus can destroy them both and end the Bugster threat for good.The Last Smile

True Ending

Around the time that Gamedeus appeared, Masamune's former business partner Johnny Makishima stole the Gashacon Bugvisor of Graphite. Reset Game! As the Bugvisor contained fragments of Gamedeus' data, Johnny uses it to become a stronger form of Gamedeus. Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending

Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

In an event witnessed by Sento Kiryu, Gamedeus was among numerous monsters whom engaged the first 18 Heisei Riders before being wiped out by the Vortex Time Break of Kamen Rider Zi-O BuildArmor. Kamen Rider Build: Be The One

Kamen Rider Zi-O

2019: Apocalypse

Five Last Bosses summoned.png

Gamedeus is one of 5 last bosses summoned by Another Decade to aid him against Sougo Tokiwa. He is defeated by Sougo as Ohma Zi-O, likely with Kamen Rider Cronus' power.2019: Apocalypse

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul

Gamedeus Muteki

Gamedeus as Gamedeus Muteki is a playable character in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.



Bugster Virus bacterium.

The Bugsters originate as the microscopic Bugster Virus (バグスターウイルス Bagusutā Uirusu), a result of humans being contaminated by the Bugster, thus developing the condition known as the Game Illness (ゲーム病 Gēmu-byō). His viruses are unique, since they're white colored instead of orange, and they can even infect other Bugsters. These viruses can cause extreme pain and white flames on most Bugsters who contain this virus. They can also suppress certain abilities of Kamen Rider Cronus such as the Pause function when infected into Cronus' Buggle Driver II.

Powers and Abilities
Pause Immunity
Any Bugster infected with this virus is immune to Cronus' Pause ability, similar to Hyper Muteki.
Level 0 Gashats
Bugsters who are in the Game Areas created from Level 0 Gashats will have certain abilities restricted. In Gamedeus' case, its cultivation is suppressed by erasing its virus. Even if the virus is in any Gashacon Bugvisors, it can still be erased by touching the visor. However, this is only true for a small amount of its sample, as even Level 0 Riders were unable to disable the infectivity of a larger amount of the virus.
Bugster's Natural Resistance
Although the Gamedeus Virus can infect even other Bugsters, their natural physiology allows them to gradually develop a resistance, and even an immunity, to its infection. This immunity was, in turn, used to create the Doctor Mighty XX Gashat, which acts like a vaccine to the ultimate Game Disease.

Gamedeus' Bugster Union form.

Powers and Abilities
Virus Cultivation: In its Bugster Union form, Bugster Viruses containing Gamedeus' data is generated on its body.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 34



  • Height: 232.9 cm[1]
  • Weight: 123.4 kg[1]

Gamedeus is the most powerful Bugster enemy in the series, as even the co-operation of Ex-Aid Hyper Muteki and Para-DX Level 99 had a hard time fighting him, while previously the same combination was able to defeat Cronus easily. His health is 50 times of a normal Rider Gauge.

Powers and Abilities
Godlike Powers
As the final boss of Kamen Rider Chronicle, Gamedeus possess the greatest power of all Bugsters.
Worldwide Pandemic
Like the Pac-Man Virus, Gamedeus's virus can affect multiple people at the same time, even Bugsters.
Pause Immunity
It can be assumed that Gamedeus himself is immune to Cronus' Pause ability, similar to Hyper Muteki.
Bugsters Power Channeling
He can briefly manifest an image of a Bugster's head on his chest, and then use a technique unique to that Bugster:
By channeling to Kaiden Bugster's power, he can skillfully slash his opponents.
Magic Attacks
By channeling to Aranbura Bugster's power, he can unleash a powerful ice attack upon his opponents. It is the enhanced version of Aranbura's The Legendary Magic (伝説の魔法 Densetsu no Mahō).
Transcendent Secret Technique: Explosive Crimson Dragon Sword (超絶奥義:紅蓮爆竜剣 Chō-zetsu Ōgi Guren Bakuryū Ken)
By channeling to Guren Graphite's power, he can perform a stronger version of Guren Graphite's signature move.

Gamedeus' original stats on Masamune Dan's monitor

Kamen Rider Cronus
As the symbol that was designated to go against Gamedeus. Cronus is one of the few riders who logically can defeat Gamedeus.
The key ability exclusively for Cronus to defeat Gamedeus. It can stop the flow of time around Cronus. It is also used to prevent any defeated Bugsters from being revived.
Doctor Mighty XX Gashat
This Gashat is specifically designed to neutralize Gamedeus's powers, as it acts like a vaccine against Gamedeus virus. It didn't only cure all infected patients of the virus, but also weakened Gamedeus significantly.
  • Deuslasher
  • Deus Rampart

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 41-42, 44, Zi-O Episode 49

Super Gamedeus

Super Gamedeus

  • Height: 18.1 m[2]
  • Weight: 80.8 tons[2]

Gamedeus evolves into this form after emerging from Gamedeus Cronus. Its power rivals that of Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer and his health is 999 times that of a normal Rider Gauge.

Powers and Abilities
The cultivation of Bugster Virus in its body is accelerated to the point that damaged parts are quickly regenerated.
Bugster Summoning
Super Gamedeus is able to summon any of Kamen Rider Chronicle's component Bugsters.
Game Area
Super Gamedeus can generate a massive Game Area the size of a town. Because the inside of the Game Area is filled with Gamedeus' Bugster Virus, those within it are at an increased risk of being infected. In addition, the Game Disease of those infected will progress at an increased rate.
  • Deus Fabunil: Super Gamedeus' telescopic arms, from which it is able to shoot energy projectiles.
  • Deuslasher: A gigantic version of the Deuslasher forms part of Super Gamedeus' lower body, which it can still use to attack enemies.

Appearances:: Ex-Aid Episode 43-44

Main article: Johnny Makishima

Gamedeus Machina

Gamedeus Machina

  • Height: 232.9 cm[3]
  • Weight: 123.4 kg[3]

Appearances: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending

Super Gamedeus Machina

Super Gamedeus Machina

  • Height: 18.1 m[4]
  • Weight: 80.8 tons[4]

Appearances: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid: True Ending

Gamedeus Muteki

Gamedeus Muteki

Gamedeus Muteki (ゲムデウス ムテキ Gemudeusu Muteki) is a silver and black-colored form based on Ex-Aid's Muteki Gamer (ムテキゲーマー Muteki Gēmā), created by Gamedeus with the Muteki antibody.

Muteki Gamer is composed of the following parts:

  • EX Head-MTK (EXヘッド-MTK EX Heddo-MTK) - The helmet.
    • Hologram Eye Light (ホログラムアイライト Horoguramu Ai Raito) - The 'eyes'. It can emit light for night battles and can also capture images comparable to a high- speed camera. It can also observe all microscopic Bugster Virus within an area instantaneously.
    • Vertex Goggles (ヴァーテックスゴーグル Vu~ātekkusu Gōguru) - The goggles. It protects the visual sensors from shocks and dirt and is coated with a blast and dust-resistant coating, ensuring clear visibility while raising defense.
    • Hyper Ride Blade (ハイパーライドブレード Haipā Raido Burēdo) - A giant golden blade sticking out the top of the helmet. It can stop an opponent's special functions and interfere with their battle systems, affecting their attack and defense power.
    • React Crystal (リアクトクリスタル Riakuto Kurisutaru) - The light blue star mounted on the Hyper Ride Blade. It is a searching device that can capture and identify motions and set tracking markers automatically. The radar on the internal monitor shows the positions of enemies, the health of allies, energy items, etc.
    • Hyper Ride Hair (ハイパーライドヘアー Haipā Raido Heā) - The dreadlocks. Each 'hair strand' is actually a long retractable telescopic blade. They're extremely strong, and can physically pick up other Riders and throw them. Moreover, it can release glowing Sparking Glitter (スパーキングリッター Supākingurittā) particles which can cover and reinforce the entire body, momentarily doubling Muteki Gamer's punching and kicking power.
    • Sender Ears (センダーイヤー Sendā Iyā) - The hearing sensors. It filters surrounding noise so Ex-Aid only hears the necessary sounds. There is also a communication function for private conversations with specific parties.
    • Air Fresh Guard (エアフレッシュガード Ea Furesshu Gādo) - The mouthplate. An intake system within the it filters out harmful substances in the air. It also regulates the suit's temperature by using outside air, and allow for underwater breathing thanks to compressed air stored inside.
  • EX Muteki Armor (EXムテキアーマー EX Muteki Āmā) - The chest armor. During deathblows, the EX Muteki Armor makes the entire body completely invincible, preventing any damage whatsoever during the execution of finishing techniques.
  • Sparking Shoulders (スパーキングショルダー Supākingu Shorudā) - The shoulder armor. It is a special field generator unit and can expand a blocking field across a Game Area to prevent enemies from executing special attacks. However, this ability does not seem to affect other Rider's abilities to execute their finishers and is most likely intended for anti-Bugster operations. The Sparking Shoulders can also create spatiotemporal distortions to allow Ex-Aid to short-warp within a Game Area.
  • Muteki Gear Suit (ムテキギアスーツ Muteki Gia Sūtsu) - The golden bodysuit. By assisting and strengthening the wearer's movements, tremendous physical abilities can be brought out. Adjustments have been made based on past combat data, and the reaction speed has been increased to match Ex-Aid's skill.
  • EX Complete Arms (EXコンプリートアーム EX Konpurīto Āmu) - The arms. It's attack performance has been enhanced to its limits, allowing Ex-Aid to continually execute powerful high-speed attacks that are almost invisible. Its ability is so high that it's basic performance is comparable to a normal Rider utilising energy items.
  • Victory Fight Gloves (ヴィクトリーファイトグローブ Vu~ikutorī Faito Gurōbu) - The reinforced hands. Any Gashacon weapon held in the hands will have their power and performance increased up to 10 times thanks to data communication. They are equipped with a function that automatically adjusts attacks, allowing Ex-Aid to arbitrarily execute a multi-punch attack.
  • UltiMech Guard (アルティメックガード Arutimekku Gādo) - Star-shaped guard parts located on the arms and legs. Absorbs impact and recoil of attacks and minimize the pressure of impact on the user. It also directs surplus Sparking Glitter particles made by the Hyper Muteki Gashat into the Hyper Ride Hair for storage, preventing self-destruction of the user's body due to particle overflow.
  • EX Complete Legs (EXコンプリートレッグ EX Konpurīto Reggu) - The legs. It's attack performance has been enhanced to its limits, allowing Ex-Aid to continually execute powerful high-speed attacks that are almost invisible. Its ability is so high that it's basic performance is comparable to a normal Rider utilising energy items.
  • Victory Fight Shoes (ヴィクトリーファイトシューズ Vu~ikutorī Faito Shūzu) - The feet. They enable acrobatic movement such as gliding jumps, time the fall rate of jumps and other manoeuvres thanks to air injection technology. They are equipped with a function that automatically adjusts attacks, allowing Ex-Aid to arbitrarily execute a multi-kick attack.

Gamedeus Muteki's unnamed sword

This form wields a unnamed sword resembles Deuslasher.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Final Stage



Behind the Scenes


Gamedeus is voiced by Masashi Sugawara (菅原 正志 Sugawara Masashi). His suit actor is Eitoku (永徳), who is also the suit actor for Kamen Rider Snipe. As G-Masamune, he is portrayed by Hiroyuki Takami (貴水 博之 Takami Hiroyuki).

Gamedeus was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara.


  • Gamedeus comes from the words Game and Deus, Deus is a Latin word which means God. So a literal translation of Gamedeus's name would be "Game God".

Concept Art

Gamedeus was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保 Shinohara Tamotsu).


  • Gamedeus' ability to channel the power of other Bugsters mirrors that of the Phantom Ogre.
  • Being designed as a final boss, Gamedeus' design pays homage to previous Heisei Last Monsters, but he was not the Last Monster. The final villain in the series was Cronus, who was using the former's arsenal.
    • Like certain Last Monsters, Gamedeus possess fanged teeth, shoulder heads and wings, while Machina shares a red color scheme.
      • Gamedeus has dinosaur heads on it's shoulders, in a similar manner to the Kyouryu Greeed's pterosaur heads.
    • Gamedeus Machina possessed red wings on its back as the Bat Fangire does.
    • Gamedeus Machina has a red mantle similar to Lord Baron's.
    • Gamedeus Machina has a golden horn akin to Great Eyezer.
    • Gamedeus is known for it's worldwide-level infection,along with Kamen Rider Amazon Neo.
    • Like certain Last Monsters, Gamedeus has his own Human or Rider-alter ego.
    • Like Para-DX Level 99 and similar to Daguva and Ultimate Kuuga, Gamedeus has some similar traits to Ex-Aid Muteki Gamer. The two have similar looking faces, having a central spike coming from his head that's pointing upwards in a way that resembles the top of the star, along with the ring-like part of his head somewhat resembling some of the other parts of the same star, as well as having golden parts reminiscent of Muteki Gamer's hair and colors.
      • Gamedeus' sword, the Deuslasher, also bears some resemblance to the Gashacon Key Slasher, furthering his resemblance to Ex-Aid's Muteki Gamer.
  • Uniquely, his giant form is the same shape as his Bugster Union form, albeit on a larger scale.




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