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Hiiro activates his Game Area using his Taddle Quest Rider Gashat.

Game Areas (ゲームエリア Gēmu Eria) are digital fields generated by a Rider Gashat upon activation. When activated, a colored pixelated wave of energy envelops a wide radius around where the user is standing and randomly generates containers on the field that could contain Energy Items for the Rider to use in battle. Game Areas can be further enhanced by another Rider entering a Game Area and activating their Gamer Driver to generate their own field.

How this affects the field depends on which Kamen Rider is present (ex: having Brave and Ex-Aid on the same field creates blocks and treasure chests in the Game Area). It is unknown at this time if there are any negative side effects to creating a Game Area or if any effects or consequences of using it while the Gamer Driver is damaged are present. When the Dangerous Zombie Gashat is activated, its Game Area causes microbe Bugsters to evolve immediately rather than lay dormant in a human host. Genm can also manipulate a Game Area with his Critical Dead finisher, as he can generate energy constructs of "zombies" to attack a Rider and then detonate them to destroy the target.

A Game Area can be rewritten by using the Stage Select function on the Kimewaza Slot Holder, teleporting all participants into another battlefield.

Taddle Quest's Game Area shutting down due to Hiiro not inserting his Gashat into the Gamer Driver after a few minutes.

A Game Area can also deactivate if the Gashat generating it is not inserted into a Gamer Driver after a certain period of time.Take Off Against the Direction of the Wind!

Using Legend Rider Gashats in a Game Area generates objects related to the Rider it is based on. For example, the Full Throttle Drive Gashat creates a digital data copy of the Tridoron which attacks an enemy by ramming them during transformation or it can be summoned to execute a Critical Strike variant of Drive's signature Speedrop Kick.

Wave colors


  • The Game Area and its placing of items randomly may be a reference to randomly generated areas/levels found in modern video games.
  • A Rider's secondary Gashat used for accessing Level 3 also will not summon Energy Item containers despite releasing the same digital wave, instead only summoning the Support Robot needed for the Rider's upgrade.
    • This may indicate that they were specifically designed by Genm Corp. for use as upgrade Gashats not capable of transforming a Rider if used alone, or their Energy Item containers simply aren't spawned if activated by a Rider already using another Gashat.

Different SHAKARIKI GA.png

  • In Ghost episode 50, the color of Shakariki Sports Gashat's Game Area is purple, rather than its normal green color.


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