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Gaku Sano (佐野 岳 Sano Gaku) is a Japanese actor who portrayed the mainstream Kouta Kazuraba, the titular Kamen Rider of Kamen Rider Gaim. [1]

He sings the theme song for his character's Kachidoki Arms and Kiwami Arms.

He reprised his role as Kamen Rider Gaim in video games after Gaims series run, and recently, in Kamen Rider Zi-O.

He celebrated his 22nd birthday while filming for Gaim's thirty-third episode. [2]

In 2019, he reunited with co-star Mahiro Takasugi in the film Cho Shonen Tanteidan NEO: Beginning.


As a young child, Sano's parents encouraged him to get into the showbiz. In November 2011, while Sano was still in college, he won the Junon Super Boy Contest.

It wasn't until 2012 until he made his first stage debut in February. In the same year, he landed many various roles in films and TV dramas.

After Kamen Rider Gaim, Sano landed a role in a live-action adaption of the manga series Hell Teacher Nube, with Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerIcon-crosswiki star Kazuki Shimizu and Kamen Rider Fourze star Ryo Yoshizawa.

After Kamen Rider Gaim: Final Stage stageshow, a cast talk show was held. During that scene, Gaku Sano broke into tears after receiving a gift, which was a Team Gaim T-Shirt signed by casts of Kamen Rider Gaim.[3]

Personal Life

Young Gaku Sano and Kuuga

A young Gaku Sano with Kuuga.

  • Sano had once stated that he watched Kamen Rider Kuuga and hoped to inspire a new generation of boys with his portrayal of Gaim.[4][5]
  • Sano has a twin brother named Kei Sano, who lives in Canada. Kei was previously rumored to portray Kamen Rider Jam, which was proven false.


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