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GaGa Armlet (ガガの腕輪, GaGa no Udewa) is a mysterious O-Part of the Incas that was created 120 years ago as one of two keys, along with the GiGi Armlet, that would allow the user of the two to rule the world with Incan super science.

Kamen Rider Amazon

The original Gaga Armlet bears a striking resemblance with its twin counterpart, the GiGi Armlet, with only the snout of the figure facing upward instead. In the last episode, Amazon combined it with his Gigi Armlet and was given a power-up that made him immune to even Zero the Great's lance.

Kamen Rider Decade

AR GaGa Armlet

The GaGa Armlet on Yum Cimil's arm eyed by Diend.

In the A.R. World of Amazon, the GaGa Armlet was gold in color and had a design similarly found in Inca Architecture. It is possessed by the Jyumenki and ruler of Geddon, Yum Cimil who, like the original, seeks the GiGi Armlet possessed by Amazon to possess the complete ancient Incan powers. Amazon, Friend Briefly achieving such power when he is given the GiGi Armlet taken from Amazon by Masahiko, Yum Cimil demonstrates the ability to turn humans into monsters instantly. However, once Masahiko realises his actions, he takes the GiGi Armlet off the Jyumenki and gives it back to Amazon. The Strong, Naked, Strong Guy

Rider Cards

Attack Ride Gaga No Udewa

Final Attack Ride: Amazon

Attack Ride: GaGa no Udewa (アタックライドガガノウデワ Atakku Raido: GaGa no Udewa, Attack Ride: GaGa Armlet): This card arms Decade Complete Form with the GaGa Armlet after Diend steals it from Yum Cimil, attaching to his right arm and giving Decade a portion of the ancient Inca artifact's energy. The Strong, Naked, Strong Guy

Final Attack Ride Amazon

Final Attack Ride: Amazon

Final Attack Ride: Amazon (ファイナルアタックライドアマゾン Fainaru Atakku Raido: Amazon): This card transfers the GaGa Armlet from Decade to Amazon's right arm, and allows Amazon to perform the Super Wild Slash (スーパー大切断 Sūpā Dai Setsudan) attack, used to destroy Yum Cimil. The Strong, Naked, Strong Guy


  • In the original show when Amazon gained the armlet, the "tongue" on the front connected to the one on the GiGi Armlet and stuck outward from there. In Kamen Rider Decade, Amazon simply wears the GaGa Armlet around his other arm.
    • This can be explained as the one from Decade was an A.R version of the original (and the ungainliness of the original).
  • It is unknown if Amazon would survive if he were to have the GaGa Armlet on him while losing his GiGi Armlet.


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