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"Kaijō shimasu (解除シマス lit. "Releasing safety")"
―Activation announcement.[src]

"Bango ga chigaimasu (番号ガ違イマス lit. "This passcode is incorrect")"
―Incorrect passcode entry.[src]

GX-05 Cerberus (GX-05 ケルベロス Gi Ekkusu Zero Faibu Keruberosu) is Kamen Rider G3-X most powerful weapon. It has two modes: Attache Mode (アタッシュモード Atasshu Modō) where it could fold up for easier transport and has a briefcase handle for carrying it. In this form it can also be stored behind the Guard Chaser's seat. After unlocking the Attache Mode, it will become Vulcan Mode (バルカンモード Barukan Modō), a Gatling-gun like weapon.

Modular attachments include the GM-01 Scorpion and its tracker scope, which enabled it to be loaded with a GX Bullet (GX弾 Ji Ekkusu Dan) (stored at the back of the weapon's stock), and function as a rocket launcher. This form is called GX-Launcher (GX ランチャー Ji Ekkusu Ranchā).


The GX-05 Kerberos has the following parts:

Attache Mode

  • Attache Mode Release Switch (アタッシュモード解除スイッチ Atasshu Mōdo Kaijo Suitchi) - A panel of buttons to convert the weapon from Attache Mode to Vulcan Mode with the code 1-3-2.
  • GX Electromagnetic Lock (GX電磁ロック GX Denji Rokku) - A lock to keep the weapon in it's Attache Mode.

Vulcan Mode

Vulcan Mode

  • Gatling Muzzle (ガトリングマズル Gatoringu Mazuru) - The super-electromagnetic rifling system allows the gun to fire 30 shots per second.
  • GX Energy Magazine (GXエネルギーマガジン GX Enerugī Magajin) - A magazine filled with 120 special bullets made of a super hard metal.
  • Magnet Grip (マグネットグリップ Magunetto Gurippu) - A powerful electromagnet that sticks to the palm of Kamen Rider G3-X.
  • Repeater (リピーター Ripītā) - By pulling the slide forward, special bullets are loaded into the gun.


  • GX Bullet (GX弾 GX-dan) - A rocket used by the GX-Launcher. It can defeat the Unknown with a power of about 30 tons.
  • CCD Target Scope (CCDターゲットスコープ CCD tāgetto Sukōpu) - In addition to instantly sending captured video to Kamen Rider G3-X and the G-Trailer with a scope attached to the GM-01 Scorpion, it also calculates the range of weapons and damage dealt towards the Unknown.
  • GX Ammunition Release Switch (GX弾弾装解除スイッチ GX-dan Dansō Kaijo Suitchi) - By pressing the switch, the GX Bullet stored in the stock is removed.
  • Safety Lever (セーフティーレバー Sēfutī Rebā) - Safety device for fixing the trigger.
  • GM-01 Fixing Bolt (GM-01固定ボルト GM-01 Kotei Boruto) - When using the GX-Launcher, the GM-01 Scorpion is fixed onto the weapon to act as a foregrip to mitigate the impact associated with the launch of the GX Bullet.


In his initial unauthorized deployment as G3-X, Makoto Hikawa used the GX-05 Kerberos to destroy the Bee Lord Apis Mellitus. Losing control, G3-X immediately turned the GX-05 against Agito but soon halted as Hikawa passed out. The Qualified Person

Temporarily wielding the G3-X system, Shoichi Tsugami used the GX-05 to destroy Potamotrigon Cucullus. Later, having returned as G3-X, Hikawa used the GX-05 to destroy Potamotrigon Cassis. Another Clash!

As Agito fought Piscis Arapaima, Hikawa found that he had forgotten the GX-05's passcode; he was only able to activate it after three attempts. While the Cerberus' Gatling Mode proved ineffective against this particular Unknown, GX-05 was able to destroy it with a rocket as the Unknown was struck by Agito's mid-air kick. A Numerical Mystery?!

Confronting Scarabaeus Fortis, Hikawa found the Unknown resistance to GX-05's Gatling Mode before seemingly destroying it with Rocket Mode. However, it was later determined that it had survived. Kamen Rider Agito Special: A New Transformation

Engaging a single Formica Pedes, Hikawa attempted to use the GX-05 first but it was struck from his person. Eventually, after overpowering the Ant Lord, Hikawa used Gatling Mode to destroy it. Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4

In Gatling Mode, the GX-05 was later used to destroy Stellio Sinistra in combination with the GA-04 Antoures Gills' Howl and Skelos Glaucus while riding the Machine Tornador with Agito. United Front!

Facing the revived El of the Water, G3-X formed GX-05 Rocket Mode to launch a missile only for the El Lord to direct it to hit Gills. Light and Darkness

Guided by Toru Hojo, a visually impaired Hikawa was able to use the GX-05 Gatling Mode to destroy Volucris Falco. Soon after, in a confrontation against the OverLord, Hikawa used Gatling Mode against the OverLord's barrier, allowing Shouichi to strike him with his bare fist. Warriors, Those Bonds

Temporarily assuming the G3-X System, Hojo used the GX-05 Gatling Mode to ward off Agito, acting in defense of an Unknown. Footsteps of Destruction

Confronting the surviving El Lords Ground and Wind, Hikawa used Gatling Mode to prevent them from killing Shouichi. During the final battle, Hikawa used Cerberus' Rocket Mode to strike El of the Wind with a missile, enabling Gills to slay the Unknown with his Exceed Heel Claw. AGITΩ

World of Agito

In the A.R. World of Agito, Takahiro Furuya was drafted to use the G3-X suit after the disappearance of its original user, Shoichi Ashikawa. As G3-X, he dealt with the Gurongi Me-Bajisu-Ba who was fighting the police, using the Cerberus' Gatling mode to blast the monster to bits, as witnessed on the TV news in the Hikari Studio when it arrived in the World of Agito. Though he successfully neutralized the Gurongi he faced, the use of the G3-X suit gave him a great deal of physical stress and the resulting collateral damage resulted in criticism of SAUL from the media. Reunion: Project Agito The armor was temporarily passed to Yusuke Onodera, who used the Cerberus' rocket mode to destroy a pack of Formica Pedes. Later, Yusuke wielded the Cerberus' Gatling mode while riding the Agito Tornador with Decade against Taurus Ballista, who was ultimately destroyed by Agito's Final Attack Ride. Awakening: Tornado of Souls



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