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GS-03 Destroyer (GS-03 デストロイヤー Ji Esu Zero Surī) is one of Kamen Rider G3's weapon. A large high-frequency sword stored in the left rear section of the Guard Chaser when not in use and mounted on left arm when in use.


The Destroyer's blade section is affected by ultra-high-frequency waves, allowing it to vibrate at extremely high speeds and cut through materials such as steel frames. Along with that is an incorporated freezing unit to cool down heat from the vibration device and a pair of microbatteries, allowing for up to 30 minutes of continuous usage.

This equipment has the following parts:[1]

  • Ultra-high Frequency Blade (超高周波ブレード Chō Kōshūha Burēdo) - Made of grade 10 Duranium alloy. It vibrates at 2 million revolutions per minute and generates super high frequency.
  • Vibrator Mount (バイブレーターマウント Baiburētā Maunto) - Vibration is sent to the blade, and 70% of the reaction is absorbed and released.
  • Super Vibration Coil (超振動コイル Chō Shindō Koiru) - Transmit vibration waves to the blade.
  • Freezing Unit (フリージングユニット Furījingu Yunitto) - Cools the Ultra-high Frequency Blade and Super Vibration Coil that generate high heat. In order to protect the hand from heat, coolant is also sent to the knuckle part via the freezer pipe.
  • Knuckle Guard (ナックルガード Nakkuru Gādo) - It protects the fist of Kamen Rider G3 and Kamen Rider G3-X. There is a gripon the inside, and it can instantly deploy the blade.
  • Vibration Absorber Pad (振動吸収材パッド Shindō Kyūshū-zai Paddo) - Along with the vibrator mount, it blocks most vibrations.
  • Monitoring Harness (モニタリングハーネス Monitaringu Hānesu) - In addition to the usage status of the blade, information on the target is transmitted to Kamen Rider G3/Kamen Rider G3-X.
  • Micro Battery (マイクロバッテリー Maikuro Batterī) - It can store up to two car batteries and can withstand continuous use for about 30 minutes.
  • Electro Engine (エレクトロエンジン Erekutoro Enjin) - The electricity sent from the Micro Battery is converted into vibration waves and sent to the Super Vibration Coil.
  • Holding Lock Bolt (ホールディングロックボルト Hōrudingu Rokku Boruto) - Securely locks the joint at the bottom when folded. In addition, it is folded into two at the hinge and stored.



As G3, Makoto Hikawa first wielded the GS-03 Destroyer in his fight against the Jaguar Lord Pantheras Albus. However, G3 was unable to land a hit on the "Unknown" and found himself outmatched further when Pantheras Tristis joined the fray. Blue Storm

Wielding the GS-03 and GM-01 in his right and left hands respectively, G3 successfully warded off Leiurus Acutia. The Strongest Kick

In an attempt to assist Agito, G3 used the GS-03 and GM-01 against Gills but was ultimately defeated with Gills tearing apart his suit. Fateful Showdown

As G3-X, Hikawa used the GS-03 against Stellio Sinistra, who used its Dragon King's Trident to strike it from his person. The True Form…


In 2019, a member of the G3 Team took the GS-03 from their Guard Chaser bike to use in the fight against the Another Agito horde. 2001: Awaken, that Agito!



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