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Another Agito with GM-01

Another Agito wielding GM-01

GM-01 Scorpion (GM-01 スコーピオン Ji Emu Zero Wan Sukōpion) is one of Kamen Rider G3's weapons. A hand-carried modular magnum pistol stored on the right hip, GM-01 Scorpion is also compatible with GG-02 Salamander Grenade Launcher Module Attachment. It has a capacity of 72 bullets and can shoot precisely with the electromagnetic rifling system.


The GM-01 Scorpion has the following parts:[1]

  • 01 Muzzle (01マズル 01 Mazuru) - The muzzle. The electromagnetic rifling system enables high precision shooting despite its short barrel.
  • CCD Target Scope (CCDターゲットスコープ CCD Tāgetto Sukōpu) - The scope. It sends the captured video to Kamen Rider G3/Kamen Rider G3-X's helmet and the G-Trailer. It can instantly measure the distance between the target and the gun.
  • Standard Magazine (スタンダードマガジン Sutandādo Magajin) - Located within the rear silver part. 72 special bullets are loaded inside and are fired using special liquefied gas and electromagnetic force.
  • Magnet Grip (マグネットグリップ Magunetto Gurippu) - The grip. The gun adheres to the palm of Kamen Rider G3/Kamen Rider G3-X with an electromagnetic force, preventing it from falling off.
  • Magazine Release Lever (マガジンリリースレバー Magajin Rirīsu Rebā) - A special lever used to eject the magazine.


As G3, Makoto Hikawa first wielded the GM-01 Scorpion against the Jaguar Lord Pantheras Luteus. However, its firepower proved ineffective. He temporarily lost the weapon after being struck by the Lord before Agito's arrival. The Warrior's Awakening

In his second battle with the Jaguar Lords, Makoto combined the GM-01 with the GG-02 Salamander, which was able to land a hit on Pantheras Albus, leaving the Lord open to be destroyed by Agito's Rider Kick. G3 temporarily lost his weapon when Agito attacked him for a brief period. Blue Storm

As part of repairs to the G3 System, GM-01's bullets were given a "power-up". Combined with GG-02 Salamander, it was used against the Tortoise Lord Testudo Terrestris, successfully destroying the "Unknown" albeit with a delayed reaction to the attack. Puzzle Decoding

Coming to Agito's assistance against the Snake Lord Anguis Femineus, G3, wielding the Scorpion-Salamander, landed two hits on the Unknown.

In his test as the new user of the G3 System, Toru Hojo used the GM-01 Scorpion to expertly neutralize a series of armed targets, achieving a 100% hit rate. Coming to the aid of a young boy who was attacked Octopus Lord Mollipes Octipes, G3's GM-01 proved effective against the Unknown before the GG Launcher was used to seemingly kill it as it was reduced to sludge. The Two G3s However, the Lord survived and soon enough reformed with immunity against G3, necessitating the power of Agito to finally destroy it. Silver Points and Lines

As G3, Hojo used the GM-01 against the Zebra Lord Equus Noctis but was soon forced to engage the Unknown hand-to-hand when the weapon was struck off his person. Soon after, Hikawa, arriving at the scene, used the gun to ward off Equus Dies who was attacking Agito. The Past Tied Together Though the act of wielding the GM-01 out of the G3 suit caused Hikawa to pass out with a sprained arm, it did lead to the police department reinstating him as the G3 System's user. The Crash in the Lake!

Coming to Mana Kazaya's aid as G3, Hikawa used the GM-01 against Leiurus Acutia. G3 followed this up by equipping the GS-03 Destroyer, switching the gun to his left hand, and successfully warding off the Unknown. The Strongest Kick

Defending Hojo and his capture team against Gills, G3 used the GM-01 to wound him into retreat. Capture Tactics!

G3 used the GM-01 against Hydrozoa Ignio but was soon overpowered by the Unknown's lightning strikes. The New Boss

In an attempt to assist Agito, G3 used the GM-01 and GS-03 against Gills but was ultimately defeated with Gills tearing apart his suit. Later, Hikawa, donning a virtual suit for the incomplete G3-X, wielded the GM-01 Scorpion against a simulated Tortoise Lord. Fateful Showdown

Engaging the Stingray Lord Potamotrigon Cucullus as G3-X, Shouichi Tsugami used the GM-01 against it before the gun was quickly struck from his grasp. Later, having returned as G3-X, Hikawa used the GM-01 against Potamotrigon Cassis. Another Clash!

Joining Agito's fight against Crustata Palleo, G3-X used the GM-01 but its firepower had little effect on the Unknown. Hidden Power

Assisting Gills, G3-X used the GM-01 to ward off Cetos Orcinus. Summoning Souls to Meet

As Agito fought Piscis Arapaima, Hikawa attached the GM-01 to form GX-05's Rocket Mode, launching a missile that destroyed the Unknown as it was struck by Agito's mid-air kick. A Numerical Mystery?!

Confronting Scarabaeus Fortis, Hikawa found the Unknown resistant to both GM-01 and GX-05 Gatling Mode before seemingly destroying it with GX-05 Rocket Mode. However, it was later determined that it had survived. Hikawa later used the GG-02 to ward the Unknown away from G3 Mild. Kamen Rider Agito Special: A New Transformation

Engaging a single Formica Pedes, Hikawa attempted to use the GM-01 only to have it struck from his person. Three months later, Hikawa used the GM-01 to take out numerous Ant Lords while fighting with Agito and Gills. When the G4 System attempted to act on its own accord following the death of Shiro Mizuki, Hikawa took it down with a single shot from the GM-01. Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4

Intercepting Stellio Sinistra as it pursued Koji Majima, G3-X struck it with GM-01's gunfire and again when it attempted to pin him down. The True Form…

In his rematch against Stellio Sinistra, G3-X used the GM-01 to wear the Unknown down before terminating it with the GX-05. Later, the GM-01 was briefly taken from Hikawa, as G3-X, by Another Agito, who was able to somehow override its safety protection system, proceeding to use it to attack both G3-X and Agito. Gills' Howl After destroying a car that had been launched at him, he was disarmed by Exceed Gills. United Front!

Facing the revived El of the Water, G3-X formed GX-05 Rocket Mode to launch a missile only for the El Lord to direct it to hit Gills. Light and Darkness

Temporarily assuming the G3 System, Takahiro Omuro used the GX-05 Gatling Mode to ward off Agito, acting in defense of an Unknown. Footsteps of Destruction

During the final battle against the El Lords, Hikawa used Cerberus' Rocket Mode to strike El of the Wind with a missile, enabling Gills to slay the Unknown with his Exceed Heel Claw. AGITΩ


In 2019, the G3 Team all wield a GM-01. In tests, they used them to shoot down spherical projectiles. Soon after, they used them to defend themselves when they came under attack by Another Agito and its horde. 2001: Awaken, that Agito! 2001: Unknown Memory


The GM-01 Scorpion is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


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