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GG-02 Salamander (GG-02 サラマンダー Ji Ji Zero Tsū Saramandā) is one of Kamen Rider G3's weapons. It is a grenade launcher module that could be attached to the barrel of the GM-01 Scorpion. Supposedly, a single shot would be able to destroy an "Unidentified Lifeform". It is usually stored on the Guard Chaser's front right section when not in used.


The GG-02 Salamander has the following parts:[1]

  • 02 Muzzle (02マズル 02 Mazuru) - The muzzle. An electromagnetic rifling system is installed inside to improve accuracy.
  • Setting Dial (セッティングダイヤル Settingu Daiyaru) - The adjustment dial of the electromagnetic rifling system.
  • Grenade Magazine (グレネードマガジン Gurenēdo Magajin) - A built-in magazine. There are 3 grenade bullets built-in.
  • Fore Grip (フォアグリップ Foa Gurippu) - The silver pump handle. The Fore Grip acts as a pump to chamber the grenade bullets.



As G3, Makoto Hikawa first wielded the GG-02 Salamander during his battle against the Jaguar Lords. After combining with the GM-01, G3 was able to land a hit on Pantheras Albus, leaving the Lord open to be destroyed by Agito's Rider Kick. G3 temporarily lost his weapon when Agito attacked him for a brief period. Blue Storm

Following an upgrade, the combination was used against the Tortoise Lord Testudo Terrestris, successfully destroying the "Unknown" albeit with a delayed reaction to the attack. Puzzle Decoding

Coming to Agito's assistance against the Snake Lord Anguis Femineus, G3, wielding the Scorpion-Salamander, landed two hits on the Unknown. Sorrowful Monstrous Fist

As used by Toru Hojo, the GG Launcher seemingly terminated the Octopus Lord Mollipes Octipes as it was reduced to sludge. The Two G3s However, the Lord survived and soon enough reformed with immunity against G3, necessitating the power of Agito to finally destroy it. Silver Points and Lines

Following his upgrade to G3-X, Hikawa used the Salamander to ward Scarabaeus Fortis away from G3 Mild. Kamen Rider Agito Special: A New Transformation

Hikawa later used the Salamander to destroy the Jackal Lord Skelos Falx. Kamen Rider Agito: Three Great Riders


In 2019, Shoichi Tsugami used the GG-02 to shoot Another Agito as he came to Kamen Rider Zi-O's aid against the Another Agito horde. 2001: Unknown Memory



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