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"Congratulations on completing your training, gentlemen. However, we of the G5 Unit must prepare for yet unknown enemies. We must forever remain diligent. Keep the example of Makoto Hikawa and Sumiko Ozawa's devotion near your hearts, gentlemen; Sumiko Ozawa has since left the police, Makoto Hikawa has returned to investigative duties. However, I am certain that they are both placing their faith in all of you. Do not betray this trust they have given you."
Takahiro Omuro addressing the G5 Unit[src]

G5 Unit (G5ユニット Jī Faibu Yunitto) are the latest entry in the G-Series, a thirty-man unit established by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department following the elimination of the Unknown, which saw the retiring of the G3 Unit and the G3-X System. However, while immediately succeeding G3, the Unit is officially named G5 in recognition of the G4 System, a potential successor to G3-X which had been shutdown.

Ultimately, the G5 Unit had completed their training in early 2003, one year following the fall of the Unknown. Their leader is Takahiro Omuro, once a member of the former G3 Unit. While G3-X user Makoto Hikawa returned to investigative duties and creator Sumiko Ozawa resigned from the police to become a professor at London, Omuro used their example as an inspiration for his subordinates. In commemoration of their achievement, Omuro invited the entire Unit out for yakiniku. AGITΩ


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