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The G-Trailer (Gトレーラー Ji Torērā) is a 2001 Mercedes-Benz Actros police truck. It was Kamen Rider G3's mobile command base that was operated by Sumiko Ozawa and Takahiro Omuro. The G-Trailer is upgraded into its "New Type" (新型 Shingata) version, which sports a blue cab and new equipment to maintain the G3-X system.


The G-Trailer has the following parts:[1]

  • Trailer Cockpit (トレーラーコクピット Torērā Kokupitto) - The cockpit. It can seat 3 people, 1 driver and 2 passengers.
  • G3 System Locker (G3システムロッカー G3 Shisutemu Rokkā) - Space to store and charge Kamen Rider G3 and Kamen Rider G3-X batteries.
  • Guard Chaser Hanger (ガードチェイサーハンガー Gādo Cheisā Hangā) - Place to maintain the Guard Chaser's tires.
  • Rear Hatch (後部ハッチ Kōbu Hatchi) - Area to deploy the Guard Chaser.
  • Special Alloy Body (特殊合金ボディー Tokushu Gōkin Bodī) - Made of duralumin alloy, it is strong enough to repel missiles.
  • Maintenance Space (メンテナンススペース Mentenansu Supēsu) - Area to quickly repair Kamen Rider G3 and Kamen Rider G3-X suits.
  • Backup Crew Monitor (バックアップクルーモニター Bakkuappu Kurū Monitā) - The images transferred from the HDVC of Kamen Rider G3 and Kamen Rider G3-X are displayed during battle. The data is then analyzed to give accurate battle data.
  • Tubeless Tire (チューブレスタイヤ Chūburesu Taiya) - Tubeless tires made of special reinforced rubber. It has a feature so it will never puncture.



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