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The G-Series (Generation) is a series of Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department projects, primarily consisting of Kamen Rider systems created to fight the Unidentified Lifeforms (Gurongi) and then the Unknown (The Lords). The G-Series' design was initially based on Unidentified Life Form #4 (Kamen Rider Kuuga), while Kamen Rider G4 was based on Kamen Rider Agito.


World of Agito


  • GM-01 Scorpion: A modular magnum pistol, stored on the right hip, hand-carried in use. Compatible with the GG-02 Salamander module attachment and GX-05 Cerberus
    • GM-01 R4 - A modified version of the Kamen Rider G3's GM-01 Scorpion; a modular magnum pistol, stored on the right hip, hand-carried in use.
  • GG-02 Salamander: A grenade launcher module that could be attached to the barrel of the GM-01 Scorpion.
  • GS-03 Destroyer: A high-frequency sword, mounted on left arm when in use.
  • GA-04 Anthares: A wire-anchor hook, mounted on left arm when in use.
  • GX-05 Cerberus: A multi-mode Gatling gun, hand-carried in use; modular attachment include GM-01 “Scorpion” and tracker scope; exclusive only to the G3-X
  • GK-06 Unicorn: An electromagnetic combat knife, stored left arm, hand-carried in use.
  • "Gigant" - A shoulder-mounted missile launcher, mounted over the right shoulder when in use. Used as a finisher.
  • Guard Chaser: G3's motorcycle that was served as the successor to the TryChaser series of motorcycles, which stores his primary weapons, based upon the designs of Kuuga's TryGouram/BeatGouram bikes.
    • Guard Acceler: An electromagnetic jutte, stored on the left leg, hand-carried or inserted into Guard Chaser throttle port in use
    • Road Chaser: The motorcycle that G3 Mild uses. It's the intermediate between the Beat Chaser and the Guard Chaser.
  • G-Trailer: G3's base of operations which was operated by Ozawa and Omuro.



  • The Generation 2 and G5 Unit are the only G-Series systems with no known Kamen Rider suit accompanying it.

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