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Icon-saber.png This article is about a transformation device in Kamen Rider Saber.

"(Wonder Ride Book name)! Sou Tou Bundan! Ichi no te, shuriken! Ni no te, nitouryuu! Fuusouken Hayate! Hayate no maki, Kouga fuuton no souken ga shinsoku no ninjutsu de teki o utsu!

Translation: (Wonder Ride Book name)! Divide the two swords! One hand, shuriken! Two hands, two swords style, Fuusouken Hayate! Hayate Scroll! The twin swords of the Kouga path of wind defeat the enemy with godly speed ninjutsu! (◯◯!双刀分断! 壱の手、手裏剣! 弐の手、二刀流、風双剣翠風! 翠風の巻! 甲賀風道の双剣が神速の忍術で敵を討つ!)
―Transformation announcement[src]

―Nitouryu mode change announcement[src]

―Ittouryu/Shuriken mode change announcement[src]

"(Wonder Ride Book name)! Ninnin! Hayate Sokudoku Geki! Ninnin!

Translation: (Wonder Ride Book name)! Ninnin! Hayate Reading Strike! Ninnin! (◯◯! ニンニン! 翠風速読撃! ニンニン!)
―Finisher when a Wonder Ride Book is scanned one time[src]

"(Wonder Ride Book name)! Nin Ninnin! Hayate Sokudoku Geki! Nin Ninnin!

Translation: (Wonder Ride Book name)! Ninnin! Hayate Reading Strike! Nin Ninnin! (◯◯! ニンニンニン! 翠風速読撃! ニンニンニン!)
―Finisher when a Wonder Ride Book is scanned two times[src]

"(Wonder Ride Book name)! Nin Ninninīn! Hayate Sokudoku Geki! Nin Ninninīn!

Translation: (Wonder Ride Book name)! Ninnin Ninīn! Hayate Reading Strike! Nin Ninninīn! (◯◯! ニンニンニニーン! 翠風速読撃! ニンニンニニーン!)
―Finisher when a Wonder Ride Book is scanned three times[src]

The Transformation Holy Sword Fuusouken Hayate (変身聖剣 風双剣翠風フウソウケンハヤテ, Henshin Seiken Fūsōken Hayate, lit. "Wind Twin Sword Green Wind")[1] is the transformation device and personal weapon of Kamen Rider Kenzan.


The Fuusouken Hayate is composed of the following parts:

  • Counter Hilt (カウンターヒルト, Kauntā Hiruto): The handles. They possess a mechanism similar to a flywheel and have the role of increasing rotation speed when the Fuusouken Hayate is in Shuriken Mode.
  • Hayate Trigger (ハヤテトリガー, Hayate Torigā): The trigger. When triggered, the Dogouken Gekido reads its user's intentions and initializes Rider Finishers, generating and controlling intense wind to enable the Fuusouken Hayate to fly.
  • Fuusouken Hayate Emblem (風双剣翠風エンブレム, Fūsōken Hayate Enburemu): The connector point on the secondary blade. It is decorated with Kenzan's emblem. It can create a holy wind (聖なる風, seinaru kaze) that can dispel evil spirits and carry the breath of purity; in other words it is the source of the Fuusouken Hayate's wind.
  • Hayate Shelf (ハヤテシェルフ, Hayate Sherufu): The area of the Fuusouken Hayate where a Wonder Ride Book is placed in. In addition to drawing power from the Wonder Ride Book and transmitting it to the Seiken, it also brings various abilities to the "Sword Robe" (Kenzan's bodysuit).
  • Fuunzin (風雲刃, Fūunjin, lit. "Storm Blade"): The dull-colored blades. They have been sharpened by holy wind over several years, and they have the ability to become sharper and rotate even faster the more they cut through the air. In Ittouryu Mode, the two Fuunzin blades overlap to form an aerodynamic Ninjato-like blade.
  • Jinpuzin (ジンプウジン, Jinpujin, lit. "Gust Blade"): The blades on the ends of the Fuusouken Hayate's Counter Hilts. They add destructive power to the Fuusouken Hayate's Shuriken Mode while it spins.
  • Hayate Soul (ハヤテソウル, Hayate Souru): The blade's bodies. They are blades that can carry wisdom. They can read and contain the lore of a Wonder Ride Book inserted into the Hayate Shelf and/or the Shingan Reader to initiate transformation and/or attacks. While the primary blade's Hayate Soul is yellow-green in color, the second blade's Hayate Soul is a dark green (contrasting the secondary blade's light green color).
  • Shingan Reader (シンガンリーダー, Shingan Rīdā, lit. "Mind's Eye Reader"): The reading device located atop the Hayate Shelf. By pressing the special speed-reading metal fitting Spireader located on the back cover of a Wonder Ride Book against it, the Fuusouken Hayate can read the book's lore. As a result, it becomes possible to temporarily hold all the power of the Wonder Ride Book's lore in the Seiken for finishing attacks. Additionally, attack power can be stacked when a Wonder Ride Book is pressed against it several times.


The Fuusouken Hayate has three modes: Ittouryu Mode (一刀流モード, Ittōryū Mōdo, lit "One Sword Mode"), Nitouryu Mode (二刀流モード, Nitōryū Mōdo, lit "Two Sword Mode") and Shuriken Mode (手裏剣モード, Shuriken Mōdo, lit "Throwing Star Mode").


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To transform, the user plugs a Wonder Ride Book into the slot on the side of the sword before converting it to its Nitouryu Mode or, alternatively, pulling the trigger. The user then performs a diagonal 'X' slash that takes the form of a shuriken, before a cyclone from the Wonder Ride Book circles him and forms the armor, with the slashes forming the visor, completing the transformation.

A possible variation of this transformation sequence includes the user appearing in a library surrounded by whirlwind and leaves. As the user converting the Fuusouken into its Nitouryu mode, a lime-green energy shuriken appears from the book projection behind the user as the user performs a diagonal 'X' slash that takes the form of a turquoise shuriken. The lime green shuriken and several Japanese Kanji then form the armor and the turquoise shuriken forms the visor, thus completing the transformation.

By removing the inserted book and repeating the process with a different one, Kenzan can enhance their armor without cancelling their transformation.


Main article: Finisher (Saber)

To activate a finisher, the user scans another book in the slot on the other side of the sword before pulling the trigger. The scanning can be done up to three times.


  • Shippuu Kenbu: Ichiren (疾風剣舞 一連, Shippū Kenbu Ichiren, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: One Sequence")

  • Kenzan summons the apparitions of 3 Little Pig Brothers that start building 3 separate brick walls to surround the enemy while Kenzan runs around the walls to confuse the said enemy. Kenzan then delivers a surprise attack to the enemy after hiding behind one of those walls.

Kenzan charges the Fuusouken Hayate with lime green energy, then delivers a green and yellow horizontal slash to the enemy.

Kenzan charges the Fuusouken Hayate with electricity, then delivers an electric slash that generates the Tri Cerberus God Beast.

  • Shippuu Kenbu: Itton (疾風剣舞 一豚, Shippū Kenbu Itton, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: One Pig")

  • Kenzan splits into 3 clones with 3 different shields before unleasing a barrage of slashes and kicks on enemy.

  • Shippu Kenbu: Niren (疾風剣舞 二連, Shippū Kenbu Niren, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: Two Sequence")

This finisher has three variations.

  • Kenzan is surrounded by green wind before he transforms into a pair of green energy shuriken which attack the enemy. He then appears behind the opponent while charging the Fuusouken Hayate with green energy and delivers deliver a final X-shaped energy slash with both blades.
  • Kenzan leaps into the air and performs a flying kick.
  • Kenzan performs a series of light and dark green energy slashes.

Shippuu Kenbu: Kaiten (疾風剣舞 回転, Shippū Kenbu Kaiten, lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: Spinning")

This finisher has four variations.

  • A green tornado surrounds Kenzan before he throws Fuusouken Hayate at the enemy. The weapon then multiplies into several green-energy shurikens to attack the said enemy. While the enemy gets distracted by the shuriken projections, Kenzan then perform a spinning downward slash to finish the enemy off, surrounded by a light-green cyclone.
  • Kenzan delivers a light-green cyclone to the enemy.
  • Kenzan throws Fuusouken Hayate at the enemy, the weapon then transform into a green-energy shurikens to attack the said enemy several times.
  • Green wind flows into the emblem at the center of Fuusouken Hayate before Kenzan swings it, launching a large green energy shuriken at the enemy

Shippuu Kenbu: Kuruton (疾風剣舞 来豚, Shippū Kenbu Kuruton, lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: Pig Coming"): Kenzan throws Fuusouken Hayate in its Shuriken mode, which deflects an enemy's attack before spawning two green energy copies of itself. The two copies then fly into the enemy while spinning like saws.

  • Shippuu Kenbu: Santon (疾風剣舞 三豚, Shippū Kenbu Santon, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: Three Pig"): Kenzan splits into three clones, with one wielding the Fuusouken in its Ittouryu Mode, another wielding it in its Nitouryu Mode, and the third wielding it in its Shuriken Mode. The three clones charge their weapons with green energy. The clone wielding the Shuriken Mode jumps into the air and spins while surrounded by green wind, launching energy shurikens in all directions. AT the same time, the other two clones run through a crowd while slashing before jumping up and launching green energy slashes.

  • Jackun-to-Domanenoki (In Fuusouken Hayate Nitouryu Mode): Kenzan charges the Fuusouken Hayate with lime green energy, then delivers a green vine-like tornado to the enemy.


Shippuu Kenbu: Niren + Shutoku Issen: Kenzan charges Fuusouken Hayate with lime green energy while Blades charges Suiseiken Nagare with water current. Kenzan then delivers a wind-enhanced cross slash and Blades delivers a water-enhanced donward slash.

Unnamed slashes: Buster, Kenzan and Slash charges their weapons, then Buster delivers a slash surrounded by musical notes, Kenzan delivers a green vine-like tornado, while Slash launches a pile of bricks covered in pink energy to the enemy.

Bakuen Gurenzan + Hydro Vortex + Dai Sendan + Shipuu Kenbu: Niren: Saber, Blades, Buster and Kenzan charges their weapons, then Saber delivers a slash surrounded by flame, Blades delivers a slash surrounded by water bubble, Buster perform a donward slash surrounded by rocks and green bean-like projectiles, while Kenzan performed a slash covered in green energy to the enemy.

Wonder Ride Book

Wonder World Story of Fuusouken Hayate Wonder Ride Book (ワンダーワールド物語風双剣翠風ワンダーライドブック, Wandā Wārudo Monogatari Fūsōken Hayate Wandā Raido Bukku) is based on Fuusouken Hayate.[2]

Behind The Scenes


The Fuusouken Hayate is voiced by Akio Otsuka (大塚 明夫, Ōtsuka Akio), who has voiced various characters in Super Sentai, including Hades God DagonIcon-crosswiki.png in Mahou Sentai MagirangerIcon-crosswiki.png and Champ/Oushi BlackIcon-crosswiki.png in Uchu Sentai KyurangerIcon-crosswiki.png. The vocal section is provided by singer Eizo Sakamoto (坂本 英三, Sakamoto Eizou).[3]


  • The Fuusouken Hayate is the second weapon after the Zikan Despear to have three modes.
    • Additionally, it is the first weapon in Kamen Rider Saber to have more than one form.
  • After one of the swords was sealed, Ren simply pulls the trigger to transform rather than separating the two swords and only uses the Fuusouken Hayate in its Ittouryu Mode.




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