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Future Roidmudes and "evil" Krim Steinbelt

The Futuristic Roidmudes (未来型ロイミュード Mirai-gata Roimyūdo) are the mass-produced army of Plain Roidmudes commanded by Paradox Roidmude in the year 2035. They are distinct from the original 108 Roidmudes in that they have no unique numbers and are instead all classed as "---". In present, they're created by Future Shift Cars when possessed machines.Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future

Surprise Future

In the future

Endless Roidmudes are seen in "Eiji Tomari's" holographic depiction of the future which is viewed by Shinnosuke. The depiction features a ruined city overrun with Roidmudes where the evil Krim Steinbelt, standing in front of hundreds of his Roidmude servants with Kamen Rider Dark Drive by his side, overlooking humans being subjugated by his Roidmudes, both in Plain and Giant forms, as his message to humanity is broadcast.

Kamen Rider Drive: Movie Roadshow Commemoration! 1 Minute Stories

The following events seen in Kamen Rider Drive: Movie Roadshow Commemoration! 1 Minute Stories are evidently a fabrication following the revelation in Surprise Future that "Eiji Tomari" is actually Paradox, having defeated the real Eiji before going back in time.

A trio of Roidmudes catch up with Eiji Tomari who is trying to record a warning message to the people of 2015, forcing him out of his hiding place. As numerous Roidmudes attack the military, a video message from Krim Steinbelt is broadcast. Krim reveals that the Drive System was by no means heroic; merely a pawn in allowing him to achieve his true ambition. As the Krim Steinbelt of 2035 and Dark Drive stand alongside the Roidmudes, the Krim in the video announces to the world, "Good luck." What Is The Real Intention of Krim Steinbelt?

Further Roidmudes arrive in an attempt to stop Eiji from traveling to 2015 through the Time Road but are held off by him using the Door-Ju, succeeding in traveling back in time as Dark Drive moves to pursue him in the NEXTridoron. Who Will Open The Road of Time?

In the present

Following his arrival in the present day of August 5th, 2015, Dark Drive sends forth a trio of his futuristic Shift Cars which proceeded to combine with vehicles which matches their respective themes, spawning a total of four Roidmude drivers in the process. All four are ultimately destroyed alongside their vehicles by a different Kamen Rider each, resulting in the future Shift Cars being destroyed as well.



Roidmude Actor gag
  • When the advanced Cobra Type Future Roidmude summoning a cannon, his move is from a gag of his voice actor, a Japanese comedian.

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