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Red alert WARNING: This manga contains scenes of blood, graphic violence, body horror, mutilation and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised!

Futo Detective (風都探偵 Fūto Tantei) is a manga adaptation and sequel of the 2009 series Kamen Rider W published in Weekly Big Comic Spirits.


Small happiness, great misfortune, the town where wind always blows... Futo. Shotaro Hidari and Philip work together in Narumi Detective Agency, solving various cases and bringing happiness to the people of this "windy city".

Masterpiece story of Kamen Rider W continues... in the form of manga!


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Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Double
Philip & Shotaro Hidari
Kamen Rider Accel Ryu Terui
Kamen Rider Skull Sokichi Narumi


The Futo Irregulars


Futo Police Department

Dopant Users

Aurora Dopant Yukiji Bando
Scream Dopant Kazuha
Brachiosaurus Dopant ?
Road Dopant Sabu
Toadstool Dopant Chuuta Tsubosaki
Cockroach Dopant Cockroach Dopant
Caracal Dopant Mayu Chono
Meganeura Dopant Mutsuo Mihara
Alcohol Dopant Kiku KagaminoKanna Kubokura
Kanna Kubokura ► Koyomi ZaizenKei Arito ► Kiku Kagamino
Puzzle Dopant Paul Tojo


  • The Dopants in this manga are designed by Katsuya Terada and supervised by Hideaki Tsukada.
  • In keeping with the tone of being a sequel to the show, each chapter is labeled with a letter detailing a plot point of the story and something involving the client of the case or character like the television episodes of the series.
    • In a variance to set the labeling apart from the main show, the manga's chapter titles have a lower case letter rather than a capital.
  • At Japan World Heroes, Renn Kiriyama stated at a Q&A Panel he received a copy of the first chapter as a gift. He was shocked the manga had a nude girl in it and humorously stated he wished the TV show did that.[1]
  • Big Comic Weekly Issue 44

    Renn and Masaki together again.

    In Issue 44 of the Weekly Big Comic Spirits magazine published in October 2017, Masaki Suda and Renn Kiriyama had a "reunion" in which they were featured on the front cover and took photos of themselves as their characters as they would look circa 2017. The special issue also featured interviews from Hideaki Tsukada and series head writer Riku Sanjo.[2]

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