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Futo Tower is the prominent landmark of Futo City.

Futo (風都市 Fūto-shi) is the main setting for Kamen Rider W. It is an ecologically friendly city with the windmills providing power for the windy city and the people live in harmony. Its mascot is an anthropomorphic pinwheel named Futo-kun created from Kirihiko Sonozaki's submitted entry for the Image Mascot of Futo Contest.

However, the rest of the Sonozaki Family sell Gaia Memories to corrupt people who use them to become Dopants to proceed in humanity's evolution. The Dopants commit crimes with the police powerless to stop them.

Futo, as well as Zawame, was the site of the battle between the 15 Heisei Riders and 15 Showa Riders. Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider Taisen feat. Super Sentai

As shown in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle, during a fight with Kamen Rider Lupin at an amusement park, Futo Tower can be seen in the distance. This means in-universe, Futo is geographically located just a few miles outside of Tokyo. This is finally confirmed in Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Chaser which shows that Tokyo and Futo are merely separated by a rivulet. However, because of the city limits, neither Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department nor the Futo Police Department cannot interfere with each others' cases. (Roidmudes and Dopants).



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